Monday, September 12, 2022

have a fantastic week!


happy lead into fall, how are you feeling? i've been feeling very reflective, moving slow, sometimes frustrated by how much i'm not getting done in a day, especially when i've planned a very productive day full of creativity and progress on projects. hey, i'm sure you've all been there. but instead of beating myself up, i'm embracing the days and the process, what is meant to be accomplished will be. 

i hope that you start out the week embracing what you don't know is going to happen. sometimes the best moments emerge and changed paths are all that more interesting. 

and if you are interested, some fun finds from around the world wide web: 

so much lighting goodness here. but these swinging wall sconces are a dream.
just bought these sandals in gold. because, gold. 
seriously love these pop pop tables.

i'm not usually a pink person but i like this. 

speaking of colorful, this shirt makes me happy.

i love a good scarf. this one is fun. 

i have a scarab necklace in sky blue stone, this one in gold is tempting. 

more yum, could eat these all. day. long.

haha, why every woman should own a pair of overalls. "overalls empower us to get work done." love that!


Sunday, July 17, 2022

happy summer!


for some reason i can't explain really, i'm enjoying this summer more than in years past. slowing down a little, letting beach days dictate when to pack up and go home, or not. making sure i swim more because swimming in the ocean is rather life changing each and every time you do it. you just feel good climbing out, like something magical has washed over you. that, is the best feeling.

looking forward to a trip here soon, sunset schooner rides, slow summer lunches and ocean views to my hearts content. 

i hope that you are enjoying the heck out of whatever makes summer summer for you. and some fun finds from the world wide web:

i could eat this all day long. she has more summer goodness here. 

just splurged on this marion bedspread, in french blue. reminds me of my mothers from the 60's i wore out from so much use year after year. 

a pretty lounge chair. 

in LOVE with this kitchen.

this flippy mini dress. (and on sale!) this one's pretty too.

pillow love. also just bought this one and this one. verrrrrrrrrrrry into pattern and color right now.

lamp love.


etsy love.

we are obsessing about having a yard with room for a pool. i like this look. this one too. 

who doesn't need rose tinted sunglasses?

would be pretty piled with bright fruit.

this coffee table. or if you're looking for color in your space, this one does the trick.

i would live in this dress.

just bought this one piece swimsuit and love it. 

these stoneware colanders. and a pretty ceramic pendant. another pretty pendant. 

now i want to buy her cookbook.

when i go to vintage/thrift clothing stores, i always look for cool belts. this one i'd pick up.

i certainly don't need a rattan cactus in my house but i now i want one. 

vacation inspiration. 

our new neighborhood is having its first block party since covid. thinking of bringing this for dessert.

a gorgeous tableware line.

yes to this couch. ok this one too. 

so sweet this summer nightdress.

fun tile options. 


Sunday, May 29, 2022

happy long weekend!


here's to hoping you are enjoying the heck out of your long weekend! i will admit, like many of us, i'm in a sort of reflective mode as of late. jarring events in this country force an introspection, to arrange and work through feelings, anger, confusion, you name it. 

i hope that you are processing ok. that you are finding beauty around you. for me that's staying outside as much as i can. taking in everything in and around me that i am thankful for and more. so you'll find me listening to the chirping birds that wake me up every morning. reading curled up on the deck, embracing the warmth of the sun and the weight that it feels like it lifts while dave brubeck on shuffle plays in the background. sipping red wine slowly. and floating in my silly inflatable pool. because why not. 

and some fun finds from around the world wide web: 

just bought this summer bag. ( came just as it looked on line and so fun!)

so much goodness in these spaces, those warm brown nut colors throughout, gah, so good!

rug love. more. 

levis love.


loving this ventana glass display cabinet in classic black. this vintage cabinet is also stunning. 

this burl wood side table is special. and the pattern/texture it offers a space. 

i just really want this armchair. 

still mad for this ice blue fireplace frame. 

this brass sconce.

ha ha

wow lighting. 

a beautiful sofa. 

a dream coffee table. 

his stunning glass works. that pink prominent piece speaks to me (and i'm not really a pink person)

would be interesting in an entry way.

i started following her on instagram. her floral arrangements are captivating and perfection in so many ways. 

the sweetest summer cottage. 


hair goals. 


Sunday, April 24, 2022

happy weekend!


here's to hoping you are enjoying the heck out of your weekend! i've been sleeping late, eating huge breakfasts and moving slow. going to paint today, some scenes from photos i took of the chatham coastline. will see how they turn out!

i hope you are doing whatever makes you happy this sunday. and some fun finds from around the world wide web:

 one of the most amazing artists i've seen.

i have a tiny lawn, so just ordered this for fun this summer. and might grab this for my deck.

a pretty necklace.

this amazing stool.

beautiful coasters. ooh these too.

funky mugs.

yum. and would pair visually with this drink.

really like these planters. ok these too.

a wine glass shaped cookie cutter? yes please!

etsy love. more. ok one more.

a stunning wall sconce. and a wow pendant.

a pretty spring blouse.

her photographs.

a pretty floating cane headboard. 

just ordered this book. i'll report back how i like it!

everything beautifully textural here.

vacation dreaming.

loving this ripple mirror.

wish i could afford this dreamer couch. i'd get it in orange velvet.

these colorful wine glasses. these are sweet too.

i need this boat mirror. and this hook door knocker. ok this light too.

a wow chair.

this seating line is gorgeous.

wow lighting.


Saturday, April 2, 2022

happy weekend!


happy weekend! hope you are doing everything you want to this weekend! you'll find me spring cleaning the house, sleeping in and eating pizza at my favorite spot, because pizza 😁 i'm also transitioning into a new position at work, so preparing for that change which feels like a very right move. (don't you love that feeling when you can find it!?). 

i hope that you are in a good place too! and some fun finds from around the world wide web:

this beautiful lamp.

and love the simplicity of this side table.

all the gauzy curtains, all the archways. in love with these spaces.

like these summer sandals (not the price though!)


a cool sofa on sale. ok and this one in leather i really like.

i just bought this dress and really like it.

pretty marble bowls. this one is pretty too. 

these platonic sconces are wow.

vintage love. this too. 

this two piece for summer.

this denim shirt.

really like the mix of black and white meets color in this space.

a wow mirror. 

to celebrate women's history month.

this paper plant would be a pretty gift. these pressed flower cookies too.

i'm always trying to brighten up my desk. these note pads are fun.

this napkin set in orange.

loving this outdoor lounge set.

a pretty tank top.

a wow club chair.

gorgeous wallpaper.


Saturday, March 12, 2022

have a cozy weekend!


hoping you are all having a cozy weekend. with the winter weather and the news, i'm more than ever drawn to curling up at home, lighting more candles than i should and surrounding myself with protective spaces, spaces that warm my mind mostly. if that makes sense. 

what are you up to this weekend? i've been writing, feeling a few hours of oil painting coming on and have some of my favorite ipa's (trying this new one this weekend too)  in the fridge. i hope that wherever you are and whatever you are doing this weekend you are feeling safe and cozy warm. and some fun finds from around the world wide web if you want: 

this mirror.

lots of pillow love going on here.

a beautiful dining table.

been very into reading these journals lately.

these taps are perfection.


vintage love. more vintage love.

lamp love. more. wait one more.

this beach chair.

a fun card.

i like this rugby polo dress, can dress it up or down.

made to order clothing. i really like this jumpsuit. 

i need these pants.


in love with these shoes.

every. single. inch. of this hotel is fantastic. (that rooftop pool!)

these pillar candle holders. 

i'd love to try this front door garland idea for next christmas. 

listening to this group on repeat on spotify lately. 

these marble and travertine side tables are simply stunning.

wishing for this radassa woven bench seat. 

thinking of my artist friend in the ukraine right now. 


Sunday, February 6, 2022

happy winter weekend!


popping on to say i hope you are enjoying the heck out of your winter weekend. i'm lunching it with friends, sleeping in, writing, sipping wine and just going slow. feels good. 

and some fun finds from around the world wide web if yer interested:

this steel firepit.

that red in the bathroom is making me crazy in love with it.

vintage painting love. 

i'm not a faux flower person, but this makes me happy. especially during a snowy winter. 

hilarious! i definitely need this app. 

i love a good frittata. 

how fun are her stitched tablecloths?

etsy love. more etsy love. 

a stunning headpiece.  these swan earrings are pretty stunning too!


want this dress. also making me want bangs again. 

this is pretty in ochre too. 

these sconces. wow. 

and i kind of like how old fashioned this wall light looks.

hands down the prettiest desk accessories. current favorite.

if i had the space (and the money!).

pretty little soap dishes.

i want these howdy socks for my cowboy boots. these are fun too. 

really like these outdoor chairs. wish they were available. this chaise is pretty too.

i'm in the market for a much comfier sofa. so many to choose from here. 

an interesting side table. this one too. 

loving the textural element this coffee table adds. 

this dress popped onto my instagram recently. how pretty.


Wednesday, December 22, 2021

happy holidays! happy new year!



hi there, how are you doing? i write this post while building antibodies from my recent vaccine booster, yay! ha! seriously though...we are in strange times whilst we attempt to celebrate the holidays. and i know you know. and don't get me wrong, i sure am trying, and i am sure you are too. 

so! what i'm doing is staying away from the news best i can. i have acoustic guitar christmas music on repeat, i'm peloton-ing myself silly, staring at the extra christmas lights i added to the house this year and yeah, breathing in all of the positive vibes that i can. i hope you are hanging in there. i hope you are able to put some of the crazy on your peripheral and dive head first into everything else that makes you happy, everything else that calms you and gives you hope. it's there if you squint your eyes, trust me i see it! go ahead, squint your eyes. do you see it now? see, i told you. happy holidays, happy new year!🌲

and some fun finds from around the world wide web, if you're interested:

i want to put away these landscape coasters for next summer. 

so many gorgeous home/kitchen pieces here. 

what do 12 people passionate about food do during a pandemic in milan? create a stay home cooking book. can't wait to explore this e-book. 

in my search for a unique outdoor fire chiminea, this one may be an option. 

if i were renovating a house and wanted something unique around an indoor fireplace, this would be it.

this boucle sofa might be nearby. wait, or maybe this one. 

love her pillows (and everything else), especially this one. it reminds me of my grandmother. it's a long story. 

love everything about this home.

this chair, for texture.


Sunday, November 21, 2021

happy thanksgiving week!


happy thanksgiving week ahead friends! what are you up to? we are laying low, small gathering, my son will be near me so that will be all i need. i see in this week's forecast longer than normal beach walks, sipping this beer a time or two, writing, painting, all things peaceful and calm. 

i hope that your holiday is everything you want it to be. and some fun things from the world wide web:

these lamps. 

thanksgiving yum. more yum.

could spend ALOT of time in this space. 

this floating fireplace.

pretty candle holders for your thanksgiving table or any time table.

these turkey napkin rings remind me of my childhood and fun place settings at the table. this is fun too.

a pretty little jacket in sky blue.

the prettiest holiday sandal.


for the love of plaid.

a fun gift to get outdoors. i'd add these in too. 

yes! i need this xmas ornament. this is fun too!

for your rattan loving friend, a fun gift idea.

the warm scent of a cabin in the woods? yes please. gosh these are pretty too!

a pretty table top diy.

fun fact about me: i've always wanted to learn how to make cheese.

thinking of summer already. just ordered this fun one piece.

i like this rug. and this coffee table. 

a wow chair.

a wow chandelier from my favorite, roll & hill.

this prism wall shelf.

this magic stone coffee table. 

belt love.


wishing this dress wasn't $600.00. gorgeous.

vintage lighting love.

Saturday, October 30, 2021

stormy weekend views

(images: me)

happy weekend! i hope you are cozy, relaxed and embracing the changing of the seasons. in my part of the world we went from warm bonus days in october to stormy seas, driving winds and a swift reminder that the atlantic ocean is indeed in charge. i love that.

these images were from a storm just a few days ago, one that is lingering still. one that has the atlantic still rearing its amazingly beautiful waves. these images are just down the street from me. my view whenever i want it. i feel lucky. i wanted to share. enjoy!

Sunday, October 3, 2021

have a fantastic weekend!


how is your weekend going along? i'm outdoors as much as possible these days, soaking up the warm fall sun, watching the beach grass change from green to that fiery orange which is my favorite color just about. changing the beers in the fridge from light and summery to big flavorful IPA's from local brewers. 

i will miss summer like you read about, but i'm ready for the change. for comfy sweaters and my leather boots. for long walks on the beach without almost seeing anyone in sight. i'm hoping you are enjoying your weekend and the weather and all of the things that make you happy. 

and for fun, some fun finds from around the world wide web:

a great shoulder bag. and this gorgeous one if i had money to burn. 

this intimates line looks so comfortable. 

loving this layered look.

wow what she does with fall leaves.

this wall sconce. and this ceiling light.

i just bought this book. loving it so far!! have you read it?

etsy love.

clog love. these are fun too! and ok one more.

a pretty black ruffled blouse. and on sale. and drooling over this one. 

and this mid-vintage blouse in denim is perfection. ok one more. 

this armchair in that brown velvet. yes please. 

ok this chair, that couch. mic drop. 

these table lamps. 

this storage shelf unit. those sliding shutter doors. 

imagine if this could be your work desk? this one's pretty neat too. 

her new broken symmetry line of rugs is to die for. 


a cool coffee table. 

pretty jute doormats. 

been wanting a few new fall belts. really liking this, this, this and this one. 

a relaxed linen sofa.

a wow dress. 


Sunday, August 22, 2021

happy stormy sunday


happy stormy sunday in my part of the world. we are so far, successfully dodging what was forecasted as a hurricane. we are experiencing fairly high winds off and on heavy then light rain and beautiful rolling ocean waves and all of that is making me slow down today and appreciate the power of nature and the beauty of where i live. 

what are you up to this sunday? i slept in late (much needed after a super busy work week), i'm working on a writing project and planning a late afternoon low tide boogie boarding session at the beach down the street. cannot wait. i hope that you too are enjoying this day in your own unique way. and some fun finds from around the world wide web:

how pretty is this tulip dress? (and on sale!)

i have a tiny yard, i so want to try this. 

looking forward to the good together house's on line store.

i have a definite pizza problem, might have to purchase one of these. 

pillow love.

summer sandal pretty and on sale!

a beautiful outdoor furniture line. 

this artist. i'm particularly drawn to this piece. 


gorgeous and scary all at the same time. 

a fun soapdish.

how lovely is her dress?

love this. 

her embroidery is inspiring me. 

this textural bar cart, so perfect for summer. 

how stunning are these pearl double drop earrings?

fun for the upcoming fall weather. 

loving boucle furniture these days? me too! she has a great list. 

vintage love. ok one more. 

this is still so fun. 

this ruffled sweatshirt. 

and if money was no object, i just might live in these dresses. for life!

tiered tart plant trays


Sunday, July 11, 2021

Happy Sunday!


happy sunday! hoping you are having a relaxing weekend! i tried a new to me restaurant that now has me thinking about their food, so delish (i'd forgotten how good a brilliantly made margarita is), slept in, ordered this book, cause joan didion is truly amazing, and painting at the beach this weekend (inspired by him and see his process here). what are you up to? anything fun? 

i hope that you are enjoying the heck out of your weekend. and some fun finds around the world wide web:

fun corkscrews.

sectional love. and their leather chair too!

a fun tiger rug.

table top color pop.

the perfect size outdoor table.

this terracotta lampshade.

a pretty one piece bathing suit.

loving these flushmount rattan light fixtures

speaking of rattan...

a simple sidetable.

the cutest clutch.

colorful etsy love.

this made me smile.

a tropical summer outfit.

her cakes!

this eyelet blouse.

a pretty puzzle.

i don't usually go for an exposed bulb, but these pendants are changing my mind.

old fashioned yum. 

for the mushroom lover.

super fun aprons.


Sunday, May 30, 2021

have a lovely long weekend.


here wishing you a lovely long weekend! what are you up to? anything fun? i just wallpapered the little dining room of my house by the sea (this is the pattern) and it's so, SO fabulous in person. so spending the weekend hanging back up a few paintings, cleaning the house (it's raining cats and dogs this weekend) and sipping some IPA's. not bad, not bad at all. 

and i'm not back to work until wednesday, then headed to maine for the weekend with friends next week, golfing a round by the ocean (i've never golfed but watch it on t.v. ALL the time, will see how i do!) and eating our weight in food and wine. feels good to make plans, travel, see so many people without masks, a beautiful summer is on the horizon. 

and some fun finds from around the world wide web (lots of great lighting finds in this post):

 this room, the color palette, is just perfection. and can we talk about this bathroom too?

ok this parasol pendant shade? might have to pull the trigger on this for my living room. and maybe this one for the bedroom.  

this lamp. this one too. 


this arched vase. 

etsy love.

a stunning halter jumpsuit.

these high rise white jeans for summer. 

very pretty pottery.

a wow chair. 

this kelly wearstler leather club chair is pretty wow too. and this console in white wash ash. 

these ceramic globe lamps. 

pillow love. liking this one for a color pop too. 

a gorgeous vintage basket. 

this terracotta candle holder. 

still love watching him dance. 

these look comfy.

a cool coffee table.

one of my favorite lighting companies has launched a furniture line. 

this linen shirt (those gold dots)

also pretty in white. and great price.