Monday, March 31, 2014

monday & scotch club lights.

happy monday friends! in the world of lights, i'm typically drawn to pendant lights. to me, there is just something so beautiful about a hanging light. it always appears to present itself differently in different environments. but these "scotch club" ceramic wall and ceiling lights offered up by marset are taking their cue from the 70's, and disco balls, and have me rethinking boring old ceiling lights...
they're exernal ceramic shell is fired 4 times for a particular finish, they exude their warm light past 72 internal gold or white faces. they're available in white, blue, terracotta or black ceramic. it would be hard to choose exterior or interior color here, they are all drop dead gorgeous. rethink your wall or ceiling lights people! enjoy...

Sunday, March 30, 2014

opulent organicism.

these are very cool this sunday...
...these clutches offered up by molten store. molten store was launched in 2011 and considers itself "the premier destination of otherworldly jewelry and curious gifts."

well these clutches are beautifully curious. some made from ash wood and abalone shell. some made with a brass shark's tooth motif and shell or enamel accents. these are statement pieces. you don't find these at the mall my friends, you find them at the molten store. enjoy!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

styling vacation inspiration.

lately, i'm living vicariously through lucy laucht's instagram feed...
the ways with which she styles everything, including vacation inspiration...you want to grab the most pertinent things and run out the door with your bikini top strings dangling behind you...

she also has an awesome blog, here and her pinterest site aint bad either! enjoy...

Friday, March 28, 2014

have a super weekend!

happy friday, happy weekend friends!
so, what are you up to? in my part of the world it's desperately trying to transition into spring. a day here & there of sneaky warm and then a dusting of snow. the trend right now is for it to warm up, so i'll be outside part of the weekend soaking any possible sun up i can find!

i'm also really looking forward to attending this talk monday evening given by andrew bacevich, a professor and author whom i've read extensively for some of my graduate courses. seems like a more than interesting talk. (and this book in particular is extremely well written if you're interested in reading bacevich. )

whatever your plans are, from parties to putting your feet up, i hope that you have a super weekend! enjoy...

fringe bedding.

i'm on the hunt for spring bedding, something unique to anything i've had, yet keeping with the white kick i'm currently on...
this lindi fringe line offered up by anthropologie is calling my name. pops of color, but not overpowering and lots and lots of white. plus the texture and color palette of the fringe tassels are flirty and fun. this might be the new one...enjoy!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

terra incognita.

not everyone's an artist or photographer. not everyone has the time to be, that's where terra incognita and emily johnston come in...
taking photos is the way emily maps her world. emily hopes, that if you are in need of art for your walls, whether your walls are in a residential or commercial space, that, as she says, "these prints will be something of a map for you to hang on your walls too, another chance to slow down a little, and see with new eyes-not to slow down time, but to be in time, that ultimate terra incognita."

good advice to start another busy day. check out so many more amazing shots on emily's site, here. and enjoy!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

study spaces & places.

for some reason, even if i had an amazing desk or work space area in my home, i would still gravitate towards the kitchen or dining room table to get work done.
right now i'm at the end of a graduate degree and beginning my thesis writing stage. i'm researching and pretty much building my paper at this point. i'm sitting at my kitchen table. if i could be at another kitchen/dining table today, these are a few i would enjoy.

where do you go to get organized, get things done, to concentrate or feel that you can spread out? is it because of the furniture, the surrounding light? or do you just feel comfortable there and you're just not quite sure why? i'd love to hear....enjoy!

the future perfect.

it's been a while now since a lighting company has completely blown me a way. until now...
the future perfect has done it. and they have it...if you want unusual, statement pieces, wow pieces, and in some cases, pieces that are truly luxury items. (let's just say my expensive taste is showing itself here, in some of the designs...which, of course, happen to be my favorite!)

in their "about" section, the future perfect states that they set out to "create a showcase for exceptional, decorative arts and design." another thing i love besides ALL that the future perfect offers, is that many of their pieces are designed by established designers and many are also designed by emerging artists (can you say basketball hoop light?). so that means they take chances. and i love that. and i love their product line. ALOT. enjoy!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

the storm...

so we are in a blizzard watch...
(image, mine)

and so what do you do (if you're me), when you know an unexpected for the end of march blizzard watch is on the horizon? you worry about birds and rabbits that already know how to feed themselves (crazy), that's what you do.

after meals, if i have unused bits of breads/muffins etc. i bag them up instead of throwing them away. and after work i take walks. so, on sunday, i took a longer walk with my bags stuffed with leftovers, to the ball of tangled branches that i see a rabbit in, just about every time, and stuffed some corn muffin pieces in there, and finished my walk on the beach near to me, throwing bread chunks to what at first were a few seagulls, that became a flock in like 2 seconds.

i know that they can fend for themselves. i do! but i can't throw perfectly good pieces of bread away, when i can make someone's day. even if they are a rabbit or a seagull. right? enjoy!

seeking spring.

with a blizzard watch on the east coast (whaaaaaat?), i'm more than ever seeking spring...
here is a small snippet, a tiny line-up of some favorite things i'm wishing for as spring (if it ever comes to new england!) approaches...

these rectangular earrings, this bubble tea towel, this stoneware cup line, this sweet pebble bud vase, oh and this spiked sriracha street corn recipe, and these, aka "i would live in these all day long" pantaloons offered up by plumo.

and i have to give a definite blog/site shout out today too, to i heart luxe. i found alot of these goodies via i heart luxe. you could peruse all day long! what spring things are your craving, looking forward to or definitely grabbing as a must have? i'd love to hear! enjoy...

Monday, March 24, 2014

cloudy lights.

this "cloudy" light, designed by mathieu lehanneur and offered up by fabbian utilizes extremely complex steel molds, creating what appear to be floating glass cloud bubbles...
switched on, fabbian states that the light evokes the kind of sunlight you see just after a rain. that's an optimistic light for sure.

they come in either ceiling or suspension versions, these cloudy lights. i lean toward enjoying the ceiling version for some reason. as a suspension version, i think the design is too easy. fixed they are, at least to me, a touch more interesting. enjoy!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

rory gardiner.

today, i'm enjoying the photography of rory gardiner. the ways with which people are placed or situated, interacting and being, in nature, on this planet. people become part of the landscape in sometimes abstract and sometimes natural and passionate ways.
and the color palettes rory captures, the dreamlike eras created, so that you can't quite tell if these people were there, then, or now. super cool. just saying...enjoy!