Tuesday, March 31, 2015

simply steven alan.

some simple things i'm loving today from steven alan's site...
we know the steven alan name for fashion, but his small line of home accessories is just as sweet. just saying...enjoy!

chit chat. by rizz.

"strangers are searching together for the best balance. the ice breaks, the atmosphere improves and the waiting is less boring." the company is rizz, the seating is called chit chat, and the description? just so great...
you'll notice that the way the seating is placed, that it moves, ever so slightly, it swings as rizz likes to say. and the trees in the middle do to, ever so slightly move. how fun are these for commercial spaces either individually or in clusters, groups, like people, chit chatting. hence the name.

rizz is based out of the netherlands but sells all over the world, including the u.s. oh, and they have a surprisingly innovative and short video (here) describing how rizz evolved into itself and is worth a listen. i just think that the entire concept is sweet, fun, and inventive. communal tables are turning up all over the place, in cafes, restaurants, etc. why not get people chit chatting like this? on these seats? enjoy!

Monday, March 30, 2015

pattern pairing.

inspired today by these color combinations and patterns...
it's funny how on different days, at different times of year, particular color palette or pattern combinations draw you in. either in the world of fashion or interior design. sometimes it just does it for ya. enjoy!

p.s. oh, and some new music under my likes & listens tab. you know...to get your week going!

monday & candy striped pillows.

loving today these candy striped pillows offered up by baba souk...
a fun way to start the week! enjoy...

Friday, March 27, 2015

have a super weekend!

it's friday, how was your week?
this week has flown by again, super busy, but i'll take it! in between the hustle i've been sneaking pages of this book (want to lock myself in the house this weekend and turn off the phone to finish it, it's that good!). and i'm toying with throwing out every single towel i own and replacing them. (i bought all white some time ago and let's face it, they don't stay white over time, no matter what you do.) so that's on my agenda this weekend, to freshen up the linen closet.

it's been raining, but i'll take that too as the rain is beating down the last of the remaining snow in my part of the world (what. a. crazy. long. winter.). so i'm hoping to get out for a couple of long runs. i'm also still bopping around the internet planning the next trip i want to take, can't decide on local (as in stay in this country) or go adventurous and expand my horizons. my son and i will have both graduated college this year, so there's reason to celebrate with a trip!

i hope that your weekend is adventurous, exciting, relaxing or just anything that you imagine it to be. enjoy!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

garance dore.

outfit inspiration today, courtesy of garance dore...
i've talked about my love for the style and sheer presence of french illustrator garance dore and her on point stance on fashion (remember this video?), but her on line shop will drive you into a fashion craving frenzy.

garance's fashion-sense fan base is global at this point. she is approachable, her "relaxed eloquence" with regard to art, design, and fashion sucks you in. every time. you can't stop reading, looking, listening. she's that interesting, and in so many ways. for TONS of inspiration, have a look at garances' site, her hand-picked fashion and accessory on line shop, (it's where i selected this put-together outfit for today, that i seriously wish i was wearing to work!), and her pardon my french series of videos.

i visit garance's sites often, you probably will too. enjoy!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

boutique homes. small hotels.

there are more and more unique vacation rental options popping up these days. boutique homes is one of them...
and don't get me wrong, there are still GREAT hotels out there, and you don't have to twist my arm twice to stay in one. let me tell ya! but...the days of clicking away through travel sites for hotels as your only option for a vacation stay are over.

lately i've been itchy to travel and stay somewhere that feels more like a home. or at least like someone else's home. with an outdoor sitting area or intimate pool. gardens or private balconies or patios. somewhat similar to airnb, i stumbled upon this site the other day, boutique homes, where, at your leisure, you can literally just scroll through places, spaces, and countries, sneaking peeks into homes, large or small that you might like to stay. boutique homes calls it "temporary housing for chic nomads." awesome.

the images above are from areas such as portugal, italy, and france. and there's more. LOTS MORE. and let me tell you, the prices? not even close to crazy. they are definitely within range of good to crazy good.

what's fun and what i love about sites like this are the possibilities...with so many people opening up their homes, you have so many more locations to spend quiet time, you can spread out over larger geographical areas, areas where hotels just can't occupy. i love that. are you dreaming now? me too. enjoy!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

electric feathers.

i LOVE this new-to-me line, electric feathers. their spring 2015 line is chock full of sporty, sexy, goodness...

electric feathers is featured nicely on style.com. they write that designer leana zuniga's "keen eye for materials, which range from course raw silks to pricey hemps look and feel light years away from head shop threads=unfussy luxury across the board." boom. enjoy!

Monday, March 23, 2015

we never met.

we never met "a series of conversations we never had. short stories created for random strangers whose faces we never get to see," is one of my favorite instagrams that i'm following lately.

He sold suits. He sold gold. Looking for a new challenge, he has now found himself selling the future.

A photo posted by We Never Met (@wenevermet) on

if you are looking for a clever new instagram to follow, this is one of those. random people, selected and photographed from behind. and guesses as to their story. super fun! enjoy!

some spring things.

some spring things that i'm simply loving lately...
from fun spring fashion, to pretty little fixtures of fancy, to spring sky artwork, to four leaf clover tattoos, what?! loving all of these fun spring (and great gift ideas by the way!) things today. enjoy!

ejing zhang.

these "moonrise jewels" designed by ejing zhang are just perfectly dreamy today...
ejing is a graduate of the new york fashion institute of technology, the chelsea college of art and design & the university of the arts london, concentrating in textile design and stitch specialsim. ejing also received her graduate degree from the royal college of art, london concentrating in mixed media textiles.

i tell you all of this because it's important and interesting to see how an artist takes and education and what they do with it, where they land, and what they create. this particular moonrise line is handmade and fashioned out of threads, wood, and resin. ejing has a keen eye for pattern, for taking textures, color palettes, and line, all found in nature and reconstructing all of that into something else. into moonrise jewels. enjoy!