Friday, October 30, 2009

friday mixy things.

there are just too many things, spaces, colors, styles, seasons, tastes and textures i'm drawn to at this very moment, on this fall friday, that i had to mix it up.

this warm red space. here.

robin's egg blue anything. here.

this dress, here.

this thought. i forget where.

this intense color blue, here.

this exact couch. here.

this table. here.

this pink wall and that swirly chair fabric, here.

ah, this space. here.

all of these, here.

pretty covered stones, here.

this warm and wintery bracelet, here.

this fabulously creative initial book case, found here.

what are you drawn to right now? what color? are you missing summer or thoroughly enjoying fall? what are you doing this upcoming weekend?
i am plugging away on beaucoup homework, but am itchy to get in the car and drive. either towards western mass. for some fall foliage eyecandy, or to boston and take in the latest at the museums and eat yummy city food. not sure yet, i'll have to run it by the family. hey, enjoy your friday and your weekend ahead. see you soon...:)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

inspiration from rachel.

are you in need of inspiration today? ooh, i do. i'm up to my ears with reading for classes, midterms and then squeezing in work here and there. i swear if we think too hard about what we do sometimes we wouldn't be able to do it...right? :) but...i could, with the fortunate click of my little fingers, just flip from one of rachel whiting's photographs to the next. over and over. then over again. and never tire of these invitingly soft interiors. oh and there's more...

(all photos copyright and provided by rachel whiting photography)

these are just a few of her interiors, there's exteriors, too :)
"based in london rachel works as a freelance photographer.
with a foundation in landscape photography work honed as
a student on the editorial photography degree course at
brighton university, rachel graduated in 2001 with BA (Hons).
since graduating she has spent the past few years working
in the photographic industry specialising in the areas of
interiors and still-life, whilst maintaining a pesonal interest
in landscape photography.
her photographic work is constructed with an inherent aesthetic
of simplicity, shape, color and form evident throughout all of
her images."
so...glide along today, through the many wonderfully hypnotic rachel whiting photos for your boost, your calm, your inspiring, your awakening, your breathe moment that you might need today. i sure am! enjoy!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

viva terra and their accessories.

before i changed the direction of my shop towards chocolate only, i had the idea of a wine/coffee bar, offering only treats and of course the wine and coffee. viva terra was a catalog i perused often for their accessories. slate chalk board serving platters, where you can plunk chunks of cheese down, write in chalk the descriptions of what's being served, things like that. i love things like that.

i've always loved these quartz candle holders. they must sparkle beyond words with dimly lit spaces and gobs of these sprinkled around a dining table or around a sitting area. love.

reincarnated indian beer bottle candleholders. shiny and unique. a large cluster of them on a dining table would be a fun centerpiece for a fall dinner.

recycled jewel-toned vessels. wonderfully soft matted fall colors, but the bright jewel tones add pizzaz.

recycled earthstone balloon ball vases. i am drawn to these earthy fall colors at the moment. plus i love the sheen of the glass.

perching bird bark rings. rustic charm addition.

vibrant collage pouf.

pillows from scrap sari wraps. great color additions.

take a gander over to viva terra, these little beauties i've featured are only a tiny portion of their great finds. interesting entertaining accessories and ideas. who knows, if i ever progress towards that wine/coffee parlour, i'll be back to flipping through their pages again and putting together spaces in my head. so fun! enjoy :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

catchy walls.

happy tuesday to you! i'm functioning today on a major lack of sleep and i found these wall papers and treatments fun to admire on this grey day (in my area we are expecting rain). i am always intrigued by the sort of "unexpectedness" (is that a word?) of wall treatments. how they can surprise a space, transform it from rather dull to fun and flirty instantly. and what's better, you can change them any time you want. how can anyone go wrong then right?

"fashion" by ferm living.

"feather" from ferm living.

"squares" from ferm living.

just...another way.

"rush hour" from ferm living.

found at ferm living!

"light bulb" wall stickers from ferm living.

enjoy these tempting scenes and enjoy your day however relaxing or busy. gobs of school work this week but super fun and inspiring. my son is also in his high school drama club and they have been putting on a haunted house, of which i am actually scared to go. no...seriously, they do such a great job that i actually get scared going in. so i'm there tonight, tired and scared, i hope i sleep tonight after it all :) enjoy!

Monday, October 26, 2009

decorating with antlers?

i realize the antler craze has gone in and out of popularity in the decorating world. real? fake? quirky? sculptural? or painted? so many versions and then again, do we actually like them? really?...do you?
2 images below via country living.

resin antlers by jennifer khoshbin at her etsy site here.

image via domino magazine.

image via house and home.

2 images below via house beautiful.

then there's the quirky cardboard version from urban outfitters.

images below via we love domino.

i have to say (and as a vegetarian) that i would only be drawn to all of the fabulous resin and fake ones out there for my own personal decorating that is, and strangely (as a vegetarian) i am drawn to them. why? i don't really know, i can't put my finger on it. but i think it's the sculptural quality of them, the actual design that i'm drawn to most, does that make sense?
what is your antler answer? could you hang a pair, no matter how cleverly, in your home, anywhere? or do they bother you in some way? what if they were fake? just curious. i guess what i'm saying is i find them sort of funky and cool, when put in the right spot, or at the right height, or the right size. so much matters. enjoy this sunny monday everyone! (at least where i am :)