Sunday, June 9, 2019

oh hey, hi!

hey it's been a while! hoping you are enjoying the heck out of your weekend!
i have been busssssssssy at work, it's that time of year at harvard. also changing jobs, so lots going on the past month! i may write a more personal post about that soon. i experienced sensations about job stuff/change that i didn't think i would. ok, enough about that for now.

my son is with me this weekend so we are off to the beach today to lay like a lump and watch the waves. that's it! and some fun finds from around the world wide web:

these pretties for the kitchen. and this pillow in pale pink.

veeeeeery into earthy sunset colors right now, so these sheets might be my next splurge. plus this furniture line, i could go crazy.

camping this summer? take along this suitcase grill.


this commencement speech is perfection.

these freshwater pearl drop earrings are gorgeous.

i'm currently reading this. have you heard him speak to oprah here? reminders we all need to hear.

and just picked up this book. can't wait. read more about the author here.

get married in a national park, amazing idea.

these pillow chairs are super fun for summer.

this floor lamp is a statement piece.

the most beautiful console i've ever seen.

a very wow kitchen table set.

a pretty kitchen backsplash.

loving this one piece swimsuit.

what? i want my office to feel like a vacation too!

are we forgetting how to cook our own food?

if you are in the mood for a chunky sandal, these are super pretty (but um, that price).

an oozy boozy gorgeous commercial interior.

such precious things here, my favorite is the noah the whale rattle.

omg these ice cream cones! i seriously want one!