Tuesday, September 30, 2008

simply red.

from left: double old-fashioned glass from lars bolander . chinese fortune sticks from apartment 48 . fingerprint tumbler by lbk studio. single arm curls candleholder by bluefish home . lismore crimson hock wineglass by waterford . william yeoward crystal's lulu rose liqueur decanter. 88-1 wineglass and bowl by nasonmoretti from seguso viro.

kiki coral chandelier by moth design .

chameleon fine lighting's pieced mirror sconce. edison optic glass sphere lamp by arteriors home. demilune console by førssberg. bird cage pillar holder by anthropologie .

silvergate wallpaper by farrow & ball .

vienna painter lantern from lars bolander . armani/casa's andalucia box. ostrich egg from tierra collection by eduardo garza . mogador table by dransfield and ross.

flambeau lamp by la murrina .

massant , both from lars bolander . mandala room screen by arteriors home .

bryce & co.'s livingston cashmere throw. dimitri cashmere cushion by frette . chinese-style table from apartment 48.

whilst perusing the october issue of elle decor, i spotted a great feature about adding the element and color of red to a setting. i have to say i think about red now and then but their article put red into another perspective. for some reason they made it look bold and soft at the same time. do you have to add red in small increments or just plunge it right in to any ol' environment. gets me thinking that's all. red. handle with care? what are your thoughts? if you click on the link to the elle decor article it will take you to a slide show featuring all of these beautifully red products with direct links to the appropriate designers or companies. have fun, some of these companies are to die for.

Monday, September 29, 2008

ditte hammerstrom

this is ditte's creation of a light-up blanket, can you imagine?

"Even if the influence of traditional scandinavian furniture design on her work is unmistakable, ditte hammerstrøm's design is far removed from dry nordic functionalism." as quoted from nora schmidt at architonic, you too will hopefully be captivated by ditte's simply out of this world design. i see her pieces as modern as something out of the jetson's t.v. show to simplistically beautiful scandinavian design and then all of that thrown together with a slight twist...if you know what i mean? a fuzzy line between art and design. between funk and functionality. just so fun to ogle. the texture of her fabrics caught my eye, i love the fact that she leaves her pieces somewhat wrinkly and bumpy. love that.
schmidt goes on to explain "since graduating from the danish design school in copenhagen she has, together with a number of other young designers, presented designs which more or less experimentally explore new directions beyond the modernistic danish classics – not easy in a country with such rich design traditions." ditte is a must peek for an intriguing new website and new artist. so i'll place her under 2 categories today, fab furniture and art, art and more art!

Friday, September 26, 2008

viesso. custom. green. furniture.

viesso furniture is not only green, but custom. special. designed by you and for you using local recycled or natural products including their choices of wood, fabrics,fillings and stains. very cool. very green. and yours in 3 weeks, yes, 3 weeks. the number 3 pops up again while reading about the moment of inspiration and beginning of viesso with 3 founders, varied talented backgrounds and a passion for design and the environment together. "after analyzing the available technology and options for furniture materials, we seized an opportunity to create this new way to shop for furniture. in addition, these products were to be built locally and with the fastest lead time possible. we started selling original viesso products out of our apartments in 2005, opened a showroom a few months later, and have worked continually to manifest the initial idea ever since." so goes their philosophy, so goes their furniture and so goes you to their website to check them and their fabulous company out.

*so here's what's going on in my life with design and career right now and i wanted to share...i'm relocating my chocolate shop to a new space. this space is currently being used as an office for the developer of the complex. so i will be (as quickly as possible) transforming the space to suit my own design and style. i'd love to keep you all posted on the before, during and after transformation. i'll be posting the before shots next week on my blog to give you an idea of what i'm working with. i welcome any and all suggestions too! happy weekend. i'll be sipping red wine tonight in the rain. perfect.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


tucked into the wall, this eye catching fire display is by rais, denmark

these fume-less free hanging portable fire balls are from cocoon and you can view them at top3 design, australia. they carry a line of them.

from sweden this exquisite display fireplace. the company is called attika.

this stove is from rais, a company in denmark with unusual designs.

ruegg from switzerland. wall mounted and hung as a piece of art would be. perfect.

more from rais, denmark.

another view of the hanging fire pits from top3, australia

ok, so i woke up cold this morning, and i was torn between finding it refreshing and being annoyed. because it only re-enforces the fact that summer is floating away right in front of us. fall is in the air here in massachusetts but in a country or two far away, they are making some fabulous stoves and creating beautiful fireplaces and i wanted to warm you all up this morning with glimpses of some unusual and mesmerizing flickering scenes. i panicked at seeing summer end what seemed earlier than of course i needed it to but fall and all that it offers is to be enjoyed. the air is refreshing, clean and starts to slow us down a little. we are in for rain this weekend here and i'll be wishing i was in front of one of these fires. so grab your cup of coffee this morning, sit back and enjoy the fire!

p.s. i have a big project i'm working on and will fill everyone in tomorrow! it will a great way to end the week and you'll see that it will be a great before and after project, perfect for my blog.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

pillow love from feel more human.

more pillow obsession from a great company called feel more human. i first noticed their products in a magazine called atomic ranch. i know...cool name...and loved the feel more human concept and site. they feature a line of eco-friendly products, great refreshing design ideas, clean lines and shapes, soothing colors and when you visit, click on the "about" link and read the beginning of feel more human, how it originated, it will make us all want to drop everything and do something we really feel enlightened and inspired to do. sometimes you just have to do it. (not to steal a logo from another company of course) but seriously, sometimes it's that simple. feel more human has much more than pillows for show and for sale but i couldn't decide which one to feature along with other products of theirs so i just stopped at pillows. they have a plenitude. so go over for a visit and feel more human.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

design with aluminum.

itbox furniture system. these come in a range of eleven different sizes and seven different colors that can be freely combined to suit home or office!

easy chair theselius by kallemo. leather seat, wooden framework and finished in polished aluminum. gorgeous!

crude aluminum sheet side tables by lehni

tris light by martinelli luce, italy. satin blown glass, screens in silver lacquered aluminum.

topiary collection by richard schultz. you must check his website out. fabulous outdoor collection.

zero-in low table by established and sons, london. a metal bodied glass topped table.

aluna sideboard from nut & grat

haiku wardrobe also by lehni. large, roomy and lightweight.

"part" tables by b&b italia. aluminum folded as if it were origami. treated with a soft-touch paint helps give shape to the "part" table.

"s7" by schoenbuch, germany. with cool elegance these "floating boards" are dominated by right angles, lengths and purely geometrical in design.

paraflex screen by seledue. very cool room divider for home or office, you can attach mirrors like shown, shelves, rods to hang clothes, the list is endless.

sorry for the late post but it's been a crazy couple of days, picked up a new car, school, work and life, well you all know...anyway as you may or may not realize at this point i absolutely love texture in design and i do love the relationship between metal and other fabrics and materials such as wood, paint, etc. i happened upon a bunch of companies that produce some fabulous products using aluminum and thought i'd share. each piece will have a link to their company if you'd like to research further. i love the polished, brushed smooth appearance and coolness of aluminum and other metals for that matter. powder-coated, painted or left raw and to it's own devices aluminum accents any piece it accompanies, gives it weight, line and design. great companies to eyeball!