Saturday, May 4, 2019

have a fun weekend!

hey hey it's the weekend! what are you up to? anything fun?
i'm off for a few days, soaking up some quiet time before a busy month of work ramps up. it's been grey and rainy for quite a while, usually this doesn't zap my energy but for some reason, it is. so to combat that i've been getting in some runs for energy, heading out to places that inspire me. might visit this, this weekend. and in between that trying to just relax!

i hope that your weekend is everything that you want it to be! and it's friday saturday so some fun finds from around the world wide web:

ooh, this wallpaper for a children's room. this one is neat too.

loving this flatware set (and it's on sale!).

shelving a different way.

just fun.

moon quilts, i want one of each.

pulling at my plant loving heartstrings for sure.

pure love for this sconce.

into this panton wire series (that last photo, the floating nightstand is a total yes!).

in the market for some unique vintage finds? head here.

for cinco de mayo, yum.

take a hike.

i love a good (gorgeous) bowl. everything here is gorgeous though, even her dinner napkins.

i've never been on the high waisted jeans bandwagon, but these i really like.

not sure if you want a one or two piece swimsuit this summer? this is a good happy medium, and on sale!

this rick top for summer. the gold lurex version is oooooh! 😍

these coffee tables.

& i could wear this all summer long.

i take a lot of photos on the train, but this one though is so great!