Tuesday, January 31, 2012

the power of color

this mid~day tuesday, i'm absolutely craving big bursts of color. color against color, color against voids of color, such as here, with this very white and grey backdrop. pretty pops of color. that's what is making me smile this tuesday afternoon.

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how is your mid~day friends? i've been out for a run, reading, catching up on course work. but, i need to get out, for a coffee break, for a birthday shopping for my son break. i'm off! enjoy the rest of your day....

fambuena. a romance of space, shape & light

this tuesday, i wanted to share with you a really fabulous lighting source, fambuena. the first thing that struck me while perusing their product line was the way in which their lights appear dressed, for a party. from the look of an old fashioned hoop skirt, to a 1920's flapper dress to fancy hair up~do's, fambuena's shades evoke a flashy, flirty, party atmosphere to me. just so really fun!

it's exciting to see (or sense) things like that in objects such as lighting or furniture. one single fambuena light, or a cluster, whatever you feel is needed for your space, whether it's residential or commercial, these lights add flair, they add drama, they add alot of fun to the space. i love that!

i woke to milky skies today, snow seems on the horizon although i think it's supposed to miss my part of the world today. i'll take advantage by indulging in another mild air run today. i hope your tuesday is starting off with a little flair ;) enjoy...

Monday, January 30, 2012

faceted & fascinating

this mid~day monday inspiration comes via spectacular & faceted lighting. i'm lately loving line, and the shapes which line or lines create. and with lighting those shapes cast light in a unique way, they capture it uniquely and they then exude the light uniquely. these 2 lamps are the perfect example of that...

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i've been behind the computer for a while today, working on course work. i'm heading outside for a run and then back here to read. later i'm hoping to head out for some birthday shopping for my son. is it possible that he will be 19? how did that happen? ;) how is your mid~day shaping up? i'd love to hear ;) enjoy...

muse. deconstructed spaces

happy monday friends! this weekend i stumbled upon this site, muse magazin. have you been to visit it yet? it's really chock full of new inspiration. but what i really noticed and what i really loved was the way the site features rather deconstructed spaces. by that i mean that the spaces appear that things, furniture, artwork, just stuff in general has been removed from the spaces, leaving behind, clean environments, lots of gigantic artwork. it's as if they space has been left, well, just perfect.

sometimes we feel the overwhelming need to just go ahead and fill spaces, every inch, every bit of wall or table space. sometimes i think spaces are perfectly just left alone, to their own devices, to just featuring a fabulous piece you've brought in, a couch, unique chairs, or as in many of these, amazing artworks. sometimes you have to just stop and leave the spaces alone. deconstruct them.

how was your weekend? mine was relaxing and inspiring. i'm ready for the week ahead, for course work, for tons of reading and for getting productive things done and done well! i hope your monday is starting off with a positive glow. enjoy!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

swoon and swoon

this sunday morning, these spaces, the hidden bits of pink & those branch lights. it all is making my heart skip a beat as i sip my coffee...definitely swoon & swoon spaces.

i wanted to also give a blog shout~out as well to transito inicial. check out this blog for real pretty inspiration. seriously pretty. oh...and i love how her profile picture changes, super inventive. happy sunday friends! we are off to a basketball game and pizza party, hopefully i'll get in a run as the temperature is still so perfect for running. in between all of that, i have beaucoup amounts of reading for class. beaucoup! how are you this sunday? i'd love to hear! enjoy...

Saturday, January 28, 2012

saturday views. indoor outdoor

hey, hey for saturdays! in my part of the world the sun is shining and i'm having a sort of super lounging around day. if i could transport myself at the moment, it would be indoors and outdoors, here....

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what is your view like today? are you lounging like me or out and about? i'd love to hear! ok, back to reading on the couch ;) enjoy!

Friday, January 27, 2012

molly m. designs

today's mid~day inspiration comes in the form of a laser cutter. san francisco based molly mcgrath was using a laser cutter to build architectural models. just look at how she's using a laser cutter for jewelry & other pretty things...

this necklace and those coasters are about as sweet as you can get with a laser cutter. don't you think? molly admits being inspired by botanical and geometric forms, perspective & optical illusion. and after perusing her "where to buy" link, i see that molly is selling product right here on cape cod. lucky me. check out her list too and see if you are lucky to have her product near you too ;) enjoy!

iacoli & mcallister. one part exploration

seattle based iacoli & mcallister describes their design process as "one part exploration, one part learning curve, one part affection, one part sheer strife and one part caffeine." so great...

i absolutely love the daring quirkiness of iacoli & mcallister's product. iacoli & mcallister lists their inspiration as: "having a table saw 20 ft. from our desk, the sun, the way things smell, & thunderstorms." they list more fabulous inspiration besides those, just a fun read, you can definitely tell that they love what they are doing. and i love that!

happy friday friends! you've done it, you've (we've) made it to another weekend, and yeah for that ;) what are you up to this weekend? anything fun or amazing? hmmm, i have coursework to keep up with, but around that, i'm planning to enjoy a glass of red wine and stare out at the ocean from one of my favorite sitting areas inside a cape cod inn. seriously amazing views. especially if it's stormy like today, even better. enjoy!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

creased. pigment prints

this mid~day, my mood is perfectly set to these creased archival pigment prints offered up by artist john houck. there is something so perfectly mysterious about them. as if the folds open. to reveal things.

how imaginative is it to create new takes on simple intentions? it is equally amazing to me and always has been, just what texture can do. to anything really. from lighting to furniture to wall treatments, to artwork. texture transforms any direction. the minute texture is applied, similar to color, a new direction is set. i love that!

happy mid~day inspiration. what are you up to? i'm behind the computer working on course work. then i'm hitting the couch soon to read for my two classes. yeah, it's that kind of day! tomorrow i'll run, today i read. ;) enjoy the rest of your day!

matemo tables. emotion meets freshness

i'm drawn this almost friday to the sleek freshness of matemo's designs, and their tables in particular. sexy, sharp, soft, matemo "was born out of the joint creative efforts of product designer yves richartzhagen and fashion designer melissa vitanza. you can definitely see the collaborative effort, of innovative product design meets edgy, sensual fashion. the combination makes for intriguing sensitivities.

my imagination darts this morning from low lit night club corners to a sunny miami penthouse apartment while considering the possibilities for any or all of matemo's tables. topped with glasses of wine or bowls of fruit, they are equally stunning. plus the music playing on their website is almost hypnotic. or am i just sleep deprived from my classes last night? not sure, but either way, i was inclined dance around in my kitchen this morning because of it.

happy almost friday friends! what is on your agenda for today? i'm still attempting to wake up, planning my day, catching up with course work (yes, already!) and running a few errands. i hope your day is starting out as inspring as these tables...enjoy!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

bands of pink

lately i'm drawn to neons and in particular hot pinks. but also soft pinks. my sister bought me a hot pink winter coat as a christmas gift & every now & then when i need a color boost. i reach for that coat. today i'm reaching for hot and soft pink.

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how is your mid~day treating you? i'm about to drive to boston for class later today. my day has included and will include cleaning out the car, making a sandwich to take for dinner later, grabbing another book i need for class, once in boston, and a mocha to keep me going, going, going!...i hope your day is productive, inspiring and positive! enjoy ;)