Sunday, May 29, 2022

happy long weekend!


here's to hoping you are enjoying the heck out of your long weekend! i will admit, like many of us, i'm in a sort of reflective mode as of late. jarring events in this country force an introspection, to arrange and work through feelings, anger, confusion, you name it. 

i hope that you are processing ok. that you are finding beauty around you. for me that's staying outside as much as i can. taking in everything in and around me that i am thankful for and more. so you'll find me listening to the chirping birds that wake me up every morning. reading curled up on the deck, embracing the warmth of the sun and the weight that it feels like it lifts while dave brubeck on shuffle plays in the background. sipping red wine slowly. and floating in my silly inflatable pool. because why not. 

and some fun finds from around the world wide web: 

just bought this summer bag. ( came just as it looked on line and so fun!)

so much goodness in these spaces, those warm brown nut colors throughout, gah, so good!

rug love. more. 

levis love.


loving this ventana glass display cabinet in classic black. this vintage cabinet is also stunning. 

this burl wood side table is special. and the pattern/texture it offers a space. 

i just really want this armchair. 

still mad for this ice blue fireplace frame. 

this brass sconce.

ha ha

wow lighting. 

a beautiful sofa. 

a dream coffee table. 

his stunning glass works. that pink prominent piece speaks to me (and i'm not really a pink person)

would be interesting in an entry way.

i started following her on instagram. her floral arrangements are captivating and perfection in so many ways. 

the sweetest summer cottage. 


hair goals.