Monday, October 31, 2016


pure inspiration today, of how these spaces, large and small are styled, via her new tribe's pinterest "arranged" board...

lindsey adelman studio: dramatic lighting

i recently discovered the beautifully crafted, very dramatic lighting by brooklyn-based lindsey adelman. according to lindsey, her work manifests itself through pure experimentation and evolves into unique vessels incorporating many unusual materials. these were only a few of my favorites and i thought i'd show you them individually and then in an environment via lindsey's site. have a listen and a look...

it's taking a little more these days to really blow me away when it comes to lighting, to stop me, to force me to consider every inch of wow lighting, from the artist, the materials used, the details of the process of making and then the final outcome.

lindsey adelman contributes to something new, original & provocative in the world of designer lighting...and i LOVE that...enjoy!

Sunday, October 30, 2016

sunday & the head and the heart

i've been listening to the head and the heart for some time, today i'm dancing around the house to this...

dance with me ;)...enjoy!

Friday, October 28, 2016

have a spectacular weekend

hey, hey, it's friday!
do you have exciting plans for the weekend or laying low? i'd love to hear! i have had quiet plans lately, sleeping in, lounging around the house in slippers more ;) but in between rest, i wonder how this would be to try & taste? and i really feel like exploring off somewhere in seek of a new coffee spot and having been craving good croissants. so.

enjoy your weekend, wherever you go, whatever you do!

and it's friday, so some fun finds from around the world wide web:

"nasty", a feminist history. love this.

loving this shawl coat in grey. pretty open and belted.

this would be cute to carve.

a cool do-it-yourself project.

and on halloween, how about making this super spooky cocktail?

really wanting this flat mount ceiling light.

pure love for these chairs.

describe yourself in two words.

i wish this wasn't sold out.

this too. (i'd put it away for next summer).

simple circles earrings.

the ultimate veggie sandwich, this looks so good!

pretty wallpaper. also, see it here in her home. (oh, and i want her sweater too)

i also love how she took this mobile ship and hung it here.

a cute aloha light.

for holiday hair.

just ordered this black velvet bow choker.

a pretty plant hanger, in white.

my next coffee table art book.

a fun for kids halloween treat.

fun masks for halloween, etsy style.

and lady gaga! just. so. AWESOME.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

artist feature: misato suzuki

los angeles based artist misato suzuki has grabbed my attention today. misato combines a "delicate, abstract style", integrating recongnizable & organic forms utilizing unusual mediums such as walnut ink and coffee into her canvas creating a unique sense of "depth and color" to her work...
they are pleasing to the eye, full of soft action & dreamy wonder with flashes of feminine energy. i just really like these. enjoy!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

vessel love

i'm spending this morning contemplating transplanting every succulent, palm & plant into any or all of these sweet white and gold vessels offered up over on bloomingville...
pretty right? enjoy!

feeling these for fall

when i imagine fall and fall wardrobes, i can't wait for layering a bit, and that includes jewelry. i stumbled upon california-based midland shop of "well chosen goods" (love that!) through jesse chamberlain's instagram site and was instantly drawn to their very desert inspired jewelry line...
thin gold chokers, dainty turquoise everywhere, chunky wood and fringed leather, there were so many pieces i wanted to grab and run with. just saying...enjoy!