Thursday, June 30, 2016

summer totes & clutches

i'm loving the summer totes & clutches offered up by the los angeles-based clare v...
for day or night, these were a few of my favorites! enjoy...

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

commercial spaces to love

designing for commercial spaces is admittedly my favorite. researching unusual materials & architects and the ways in which you can get slightly more daring and inventive when designing commercial spaces. there is something wildly freeing about commercial space design (at least to me!). the australian-based on line design publication yellowtrace is a go-to source for commercial design inspiration...
(1&2, 3&4, 5&6, 7&8, 9&10, 11&12)
i've selected a few recent favorites, commercial spaces from inside australia and from other select locations around the world. what has drawn me in particular to these spaces is the use of texture, of creating texture, or exposing existing raw texture or the addition of unexpected materials. then of course there is the selection of out of the ordinary product (lighting, seating etc. ) and color palette choices.

these are spaces i could spend time in today. lots of time. enjoy!

colonel lights

the french design site colonel is offering up some super fun, ice-cream color inspired lighting options with tons of texture and line...
these were a few of my favorites but to see other styles, color combinations, head here. oh, and colonel offers up tons of furniture options too. in LOVE with this camp chair. enjoy!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

new pillow love: coussin germain

if you are like me and like love to change out pillows, ahem, often, then you'll have fun perusing some of what the french site coussin germain offers up...
(that bear!) i just think they're fun. enjoy!

some seating

i'm seeing some sensational product lines this week and much of what new york-based matter offers up for new or diverse selections never disappoints...
i've posted about matter in the past, i'm a regular visitor to what's new! founder and creative director jamie gray established matter in 2003 and represents a variety of talented and refined international designers and designs. matter states that it offers "not just a place to buy beautiful things, but also a platform for an ongoing conversation about design by the design community and the public alike."

and i've featured some seating today that has captured my design loving attention. but there is SO much more to matter. go see, be wowed, get creative in designing your residential and commercial spaces. make them amazing with designs like this. enjoy!

Monday, June 27, 2016

wow outdoor lighting

on a recent run outdoors, i noticed a pretty amazing home with a large tent being set up out in the backyard, obviously there is about to be a large gathering/party and most likely alot of fun had by all. i hope that once homeowners go to such lengths to entertain, that they keep unusual or exquisite outdoor lighting in mind as well...
(1&2, 3&4, 5&6, 7&8, 9&10)

there are so many amazing outdoor lighting options, to shy away from ordinary string lights is just fun. lighting that is unexpected, that doesn't appear to fit or belong outdoors is fun. so why not get downright creative with outdoor lighting options? wow your guests, right?! these are a few favorite, recent finds. in case you are planning something just as cool. enjoy!