Friday, June 27, 2014

happy summer weekend!

i'm soooo looking forward to this summer weekend...

i plan on doing next to nothing. there has been an amazing warm breeze during the day, flowing through my second story apartment windows. at night the air is cool & soothing. all of that combined makes me want to be still and sort of be in the summer moment. i love that!

i hope that you are looking forward to doing whatever makes you happy this weekend...enjoy!

p.s. on my summer wardrobe wish list, this very cool gauzy summer dress!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

do it. ( #1)

this is a fun (and super easy) do it yourself project...
it's the kind of project where you are smiling afterwards and you're not sure if it's because it was so super easy or because it's pretty darn cool. i mean...hot pink? right.

i bought a set of these candle sticks at ikea. they are 3 different heights and hold the same size candle, all in clear glass. and if you give me clear glass, well, it's like a white canvas...i'm going to do something to it! here's how i did it...

what you'll need: clear glass candle sticks, painters tape (which removes easily from surfaces), spray paint (i chose a bright hot pink color for drama and fun!) and a plastic bag to cover the tops while you are spraying.

here goes:

1. pick up a set of clear glass candlesticks, or one single stick if you'd rather.

2. i taped off the stems (also at different heights) and at a very non-perfect angle so i could end with a dipped in paint effect.

3. then i topped each candlestick with a plastic bag so that when i sprayed them, only the base, from the blue tape down would receive the paint.

4. i sprayed the base of each candlestick twice, allowing about 1/2 hour to dry in between. i wanted the color to be opaque and rich, not light. though if you are going for a lighter look, leave it at one coat.

5. after they are good and dry (i think i let them sit about 2 hours) pull the bag and the tape off slowly. and voila! you have the look of dipped paint candlesticks!

i'm talking super easy on this one friends. have you tried any cool new projects at home lately? if so i'd love to hear! enjoy...

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


i've had the itch to get away, for a while now. and for some reason, even though i live in a resort area, where people travel from all around the world to come to my neck of the woods as their vacation destination, i want to get away in the middle of all of it...

especially after reading cup of jo's fire island post today. sometimes you don't even have to go far to change it up. sometimes a trip over a bridge, a short boat ride to another island, a quick road trip, all seems invigorating and refreshing. good for the mind and soul. don't you think?

so...my mind is in the planning stages. for now, here are a few campy, summery, beachy interiors that have my attention. places to rest, to fall asleep early, to just be quiet in. enjoy!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

maryam nassir zadeh.

if i could go shopping anywhere in new york today, maryam nassir zadeh would be one of my first stops...
their style embodies vintage vogue, rich in texture, pattern & color yet with an edgy vibe. i love that! maryam nassir zadeh is one to watch. i'll be following them season by season, dress by shoes by jewelry...enjoy!

Monday, June 23, 2014

monday & lone flag.

timeless and trendless, i am loving this company, lone flag. have a look...
with its rustic, southern, cowboy vibe, this line by lone flag brings me right straight back to my time spent in tennessee with my dad. from the smoke soap (that smells like nighttime campfires by the way!) to the crackled leather coasters, to the "manready mercantile whiskey glasses" which are described on lone flag's site as "a great glass for a great man" (see what i mean), to the spool industrial light, all offer touches of raw yet warm masculinity & scents of the earth.

this line has me itching to book a road trip, heading south, to where the campfires blaze and the cowboys roam. enjoy!

Friday, June 20, 2014

happy summer weekend!

happy friday friends!

if i could slip into anything, (and i do mean anything!) today, it would be this hat, a bathing suit & this tropical print blazer. hands down!

what are you up to this weekend? anything fun? i'm spending time with my son (hoping to get to a thrift shop we like alot), soaking up some sun, eating thai food and sleeping in then sitting on the deck in the sun sipping coffee. summer stuff! i hope that your weekend is amazing! enjoy...

Thursday, June 19, 2014

blandine bardeau.

these are just so fun for summer...
blandine bardeau is offering up some highly colored & extra layered jewelry for summer. i'd go super simple pairing one of blandine bardeau's chunky bracelets or necklaces with a white t-shirt & cut off jean shorts. bam! fun summer style. enjoy!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


this series of painted lemons by karen o'neil is juicy painted goodness...
this painting style is one of my favorites as well, painterly, energetic, you can see and feel the brush strokes. she is not afraid to lay down paint, sometimes alot of it, and go! lovely. enjoy!

graypants textural lighting.

i've posted about graypants and their super unusual, uber textural lighting before. but here are a few new favs...
and how about this custom chandelier above, made for airbnb headquarters? it's made from 25 thousand ping pong balls (each attached by hand!). their custom projects and work are unreal. you have to check them out here.

don't you just love super cool companies like graypants? me too! enjoy...

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

plug along with this.

plug along with this chet faker groove and this cooler than cool animation this afternoon...


to give you an energy boost! enjoy...

getting down to business.

i like this company, caimi brevetti. they design and produce furniture for the office, for places like airports and malls and well, anywhere that you are sitting down to do business...
but what i love about "getting down to business lines" like this, is that you don't have to create boring, sterile environments around all of that productivity going on. design it fresh, help it to be inspirational, promoting creativity, a positive flow of ideas and energy. adding color, line, interesting fabrics and somewhat non-traditional business surroundings.

and why not? we spend so much time in our getting down to business environments. let's make our time being there, just a little bit more comfortable, and a little fun! enjoy...