Saturday, December 31, 2011

yeah for the new year!!

friends, the new year is upon us, it is now!

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i myself have had very good things happen to me in the past year. i graduated from harvard (and am lucky enough to be almost half way through my master's degree), my son started college, loves it and is doing well,and everyone is super healthy. bonus! i've also met so many new friends and clients throughout the blog world and i'm beyond thankful for that as well! but still, i'm ready for a clean slate to a fresh new year. i have a good feeling about this one friends, i think it's going to be beyond amazing!

what are your plans for tonight? to celebrate? we still haven't decided yet! torn between staying in and lying low or celebrating with friends. wherever you go, whatever you do, happy new year and enjoy!!! i'm throwing you all a big hug and a cheeky kiss, for a healthy, happy new year!

Friday, December 30, 2011

table top terrarium.

how cool is this table top terrarium? so cool that's what!

found over at captain cat's etsy site, here. i'm off for a run. i've been sitting at the computer doing a bunch of work too long today, and need to get out near the bigger trees ;)

hope your mid~day is treating you well! enjoy...

21st twenty first. objets d'arts.

if heading to new york didn't represent enough reasons already, 21st twenty first is another draw to add to your list, if you have room on your next new york trip list that is!

after 15 years in paris, french furniture designer renaud vuaillat moved to new york, to the chelsea artist district. a designer himself, vuaillat also represents the most intriguing and important up and coming artists today. 21st twenty first offers a large variety of pieces if you are in the market for one, unique and individual piece for your residential or commercial space, or more than one piece to begin a great collection. here are some of my favorites...

i really like the lines and exposed, draped cords of this floor lamp, made from oak, copper and fabric by rich brilliant willing. great name. see more here.

this outstanding storage piece is designed by damien hamon. how interesting are the offset drawers and external edges of the entire piece, nevermind how it transforms as the drawers are pulled out. see more of hamon's work, here.

i really like the flowing, connectivity of these pebble tables designed by nada debs, here. these would be interesting in both residential or commercial spaces.

i love adding metal elements into spaces, for the texture. this lively red powder coated aluminum table by gerard bringuier does the trick, here.

amazing lighting construction and star comet mirror by hubert le gall, here.

that's it! i really need to get to new york soon, 21st twenty first just put me over the edge for a must get to new york trip soon ;)

happy friday friends! another fun weekend is in store with the new year approaching. do you have exciting plans or are you laying low, sipping some champagne at home with your feet up? i'd love to hear! we are currently mulling our options, depending on what my son's plans are, we may head to a friends for a low key party. either way, i'm glad to usher in a fresh new year, are you? enjoy!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

jazzy gold.

all of the jazzy gold in this space is drawing me in, making me feel special, making me feel like wearing the ring below and twirling around in a sparkly outfit. that's what it does ;)

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just back from a run and i'm energized to do some reading and writing, simply for pleasure while i'm on break from graduate classes. happiness is, enjoy!

for the love of couture.

yesterday my son and i headed to one of our favorite places, the bookstore. whilst sipping coffee and perusing the pages of fine interior design magazines and books, i kept noticing that apparently yesterday anyway, i was drawn to fine things, very couture things. here are some of my current favorites!

artist emily johnson creates these amazingly ethereal lights out of bone china. the glowing simplicity of these tubes stops me and gets my heart beating...all at the same time. her site shows some amazing installations as well, here.

softly elegant yet with a modern twist, the hints of color throw the white off perfectly in these bodo for nikko plates offered by bodo sperlein.

i was drawn recently to genevieve bennett's bespoke leather wall treatments. luxurious beyond words...in the right space, residential or commercial, this is a conversation piece!

how fun and glam is this surprise surprise light, in the shape of a bow? yes it's a light! find it at rockett st. george.

i love what this shine stool by kaori aoi via innocent blue brings to any space.

i think what really stops me and gets me excited is noticing product and inspiration that comes from a different angle. inspiration that side swipes me and that is not predictable. these designers/artists and companies can do that, offer you to take a step back and think wow, i really can design in a different way. that i should design in a different way. why? because you can.

how about you friends? have you been drawn to anything out of the ordinary as of late? if so, i'd love to hear! how is your morning starting off? i'm off to a more energetic start than yesterday, it's freezing out, but the sun is out too, so that's a great start, enjoy!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

drapery & dots.

i wanted to share this mid~day, drapery & dots that are drawing me in. first this drapery table, by artist nathan yong and found via design milk and sold at sphaus.

and these dreamy, watery dots, by textile artist luli sanchez. she has an amazing array of designs, to get your design juices flowing ;) how is your day going? we are headed to the bookstore for a coffee treat and some, ahem, research. yeah that's it! enjoy!!

hus & hem inspiration.

on this mid~week wednesday, i'm finding sweet design inspiration from hus & hem's fab site. have you visited this site before? i'm really loving it...

i feel like i'm just now getting back into the non~christmas routine! i don't like when feelings of the holiday start to wear off, they're just too relaxing and fun ;) how is your wednesday starting off? i'm excited the sun is out! enjoy this day and if you are in the market for fresh interior ideas and inspiration, check out hus & hem if you haven't already, enjoy...

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

graffiti love.

this mid~day, i'm loving this space. all of it. including the graffiti couch ;)

how is your tuesday going? just went for a run and watched a movie with my son, so feeling good ;) enjoy!

ru edition.

i discovered ru edition's pieces whilst perusing the pages of a fabulous french interior design magazine over the weekend. ru edition takes long forgotten and abandoned windows, reclaims them for their very own, and transforms them, breathing new life into them, molding them into edgy yet sophisticated furniture. have a look...

i really love how in some ways their pieces seems finished and unfinished all at the same time. as if part of your imagination is supposed to take over and fill in the gaps. doing what windows do i suppose, tempting you to daydream & imagine. ru edition's pieces offer sculpture to your spaces, texture, interest and that quiet wow factor. just really great...

happy tuesday friends! what are you up to? are you back to work? my son is sleeping in. i'm still enjoying the christmas feel to the house. what about you? i'd love to hear...enjoy!

Monday, December 26, 2011

in a neutral zone.

while still enjoying all of the holiday color, i'm especially drawn to the quietness of this gold and neutral color palette today.

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just back from the bookstore with my son, just poured a glass of red wine and vegetarian meatball subs are being prepared. so good! enjoy your evening friends, whatever colors you are surrounded with tonight ;)

cool rug. & monday morning.

maybe you are eating cake in bed today? sounds fun! i thought this was a cool rug for a day after a holiday crammed full of delicious food and presents.

we are up and cooking yummy leftovers for breakfast. swedish nisu bread & eggs and twice baked potatoes from christmas dinner (which were incredibly fattening but oh so good!).

how was your christmas friends? i hope it was everything you imagined and more! enjoy your monday, i hope you have it off and are sleeping in ;)

Saturday, December 24, 2011

merry, merry christmas!

have yourself a merry little christmas!

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i hope that your next few days are filled with everything sparkly, delicious food and family. we are hosting a small dinner for family with an eclectic menu, something for everyone. it will be so much fun! plus, i'm excited for something i bought my son. i'll share pictures after the holiday, i don't want to ruin the surprise. enjoy these days!! & merry christmas to all my friends in the blogosphere ;)