Wednesday, August 31, 2011

the stable house.

for this mid~week wednesday, i'm completely head over heels for this uber white space, this converted stable to loft/carriage house~esque home (ok, i'll just keep making up words) in brussels and featured at owi, (one of my favorite sites for inspiration, hands down). i want, need and LOVE this space, for so many reasons and in so many ways.

is it all of that white? or is it all of that delicious open space? or is it because i don't have it? ;) that could be it! kidding aside, i just think utilizing a unique architecture, a layout of spaces originally used for something quite different, cannot help to lend to an amazing space, a space with a feel that gives you goose bumps all over your little design body. enjoy!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

how do you do a lightbulb?

i enjoyed this article about samuel wilkinson, and his challenge to re~design the standard low energy lightbulb, while maintaining an aesthetic, keeping a design about it, but journeying "beyond the safe and familiar".

"there are certain object types that have a kind of 'naturalness' about them, a taken-for-grantedness, so ubiquitous are they or long-standing. the incandescent light bulb is one of these. ask someone to sketch one for you and you're more than likely to end up with the familiar round glass form that narrows at the bottom (or top, depending on which way up you're visualising it) to form its metal contact."

you can read more of the article which architonic featured here and you can visit samule wilkinson's own site here. both are completely enjoyable reads.

just think, if someone asked you to re~design something as simply shaped, as utilitarian and already perfect as the standard lightbulb, just what would you come up with? it's an interesting question and it would be doubly interesting to see everyone's results. enjoy!

Monday, August 29, 2011

a sunny monday.

well, we made it through the hurricane with a days loss of power, lots of reading, enjoying sandwiches, and wind and taking a long walk, smack dab in the middle of it. (we had too, it was awesome!)


we were lucky enough to enjoy hot coffee and breakfast before the power went out for the day and night so that was bonus! today mixed in with work, a bit of cleaning, raking, picking up sticks, putting our flower pots back outside, but all of this...in the midst of a beautiful sunny day! not a cloud in the sky. amazing.

so, i'll picture spaces like this one, clean, uncluttered, sunny...(oh, and i had a pendant chandelier JUST like this one in the entry when i was growing up, wish i could find it again!) and hope that the UPS man is on the job today, i'm waiting for books for class! crossing my fingers. enjoy your day everyone, this brand new monday, this clean slate for all of us ;)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

have a flamboyant sunday!

so we are at the beginning of our hurricane. last night, we took a drive to a few of our favorite beaches, eerily calm. that calm before the storm thing, bigtime! today, the wind has kicked up, the air is fuller, not as heavy and it looks like we're in for a blow! i'm kind of excited...especially since after a good storm, i love heading back to the ocean edges to see what the sea has kicked up, goodies like driftwood, seaglass and other little treasures.

i thought that on this very grey day, i'd share with you one of my favorite new table tops, this "flamboyant" piece designed by alessandro dubini and offered up by skitsch is the bomb, the color bomb that is...

supported by a simple white metal base, this "flamboyant" table top, with its sliding colored glass pieces is your very own kaleidoscope coffee table, move it, play with it, display different pieces on it, all the while, changing the mood, the color palette going on, it's just SO fun, no?

if you too are in line for this hurricane, hunker down and enjoy it. eat all day, sip some wine later, get that book out and tomorrow, run to the ocean if you can and check out the after treasures. enjoy!

Friday, August 26, 2011

it's friday. oh, and there's a hurricane coming!


i thought this was an appropriate friday sentiment as we head into a super fun weekend, oh, and there's a hurricane coming. seriously, so why not drink champagne and dance on the table right?

i live on cape cod massachusetts so we are in the line of hurricane irene. ah, and i have a (tiny, little) fear of the wind, at least when it's the ferocious kind. as in hurricanes. so some sort of alcohol will be in order ;)

i hope you are gearing up for a terrific (non~hurricane) weekend ahead! we, needless to say are going to hunker in, brave the wind and in the end, run to the ocean edges to see what the sea has turned up. i love that! enjoy....

Thursday, August 25, 2011

pattern mixing.

lately i'm loving the mixing of pattern, whether for interior design or fashion, the use of lines, pairing stripes with florals or checks with polka dots, you name it! matching is out in my book, layer your pillows, none of them matching, layer clothing, throw your spaces off with provocative art or bold text, use art as your new pattern entered in. below are a few examples of how i'm loving mixed line, color blocks and just plain pattern mixing...









so what about you? are you a match everything i need symmetry kind of person or designer or do you like to mix it up? throw design and pattern to the wind, and see how it lands or how it falls or sits? i'm the latter of the kinds of designers, both with my fashion and with my interiors. curious to hear what you prefer! enjoy...

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

this space.


ok, so i want this space. the art, the chairs, that table, all of it. please. just saying...

anthony hartley, a jumped up joiner.

for this mid~week post, i wanted to share something cheery, like the amazingly designed pieces by anthony hartley. here's a color boost to get you going my friends!

i originally read about anthony hartley on design milk's site, and was like, "whoa", these are in your face fabulous. based out of england, anthony "joined" the leeds college of art in 2000 to study furniture design. ah, glad he did that right? so anthony became a joiner, a unique and inspiring designer (oh, and there are other pieces by anthony here). "his furniture is based on forms and colors which describe motion giving each piece a sense of force and movement tightly constrained by the strong shapes and materials." check out anthony's site for more color and line, design inspiration this wednesday, you'll have fun doing it! i promise ;) enjoy...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

falling for.

so today, i'm packing a tub of freshly picked tomatoes, sliced, with balsamic and gorgonzola and heading to the beach to plunk in a chair and read and write and eat each and every one. i'm hooked on tomatoes from a friends garden, i'm eating gobs of them these days. so good!
i also wanted to share this tuesday, things i'm falling for as we approach the fall season. moods, fashion deviations, interiors that beckon me and color palettes drawing me in. here a few favorites i've been saving...

bold text, signs that remind me to keep on doing things differently, to write, to create, to form and think in my own way. this fun sign via thomas braestrup.

falling for tweeds and plaids and rich woods and books. via ffffound.

anything with fur, faux that is. loving this WHOLE outfit by golly! find this look at haute hippie.

i want to curl up all day and night in this stonhenge seating found via constantin wortmann.

all of these layers and these boots, oh these boots! found at vogue weekend.

falling for the symmetry of this space. oh and the large amount of white too. via loft life.

i seriously want this "muse" puffy cotton mini skirt found at acne. seriously!

layers of polka dots, i'm falling for this outfit. found via vogue weekend.

this "serpent" modular shelving system offered by bashko trybec.

this ankle boot, found at coclico.

these scrunchy tall socks offered up by totokaelo.

what are you falling for currently? any new finds, or amazing pieces or designs you'd like to share with me? do tell! be happy today friends. i will be as soon as i have a mouth full of tomatoes and the sun is shining on my face. can't wait! much needed. enjoy your day...;)