Tuesday, June 30, 2015

summer & airplanes.

i drove to south boston yesterday, to castle island to watch the planes...
the day started with lobster rolls at the classic landmark sullivan's (and they have the BEST grilled cheese sandwiches ever too). sullivan's is right on the property, so that's dangerous doing right there. um, all of the french fries i can have? yes, that is dangerous indeed.

but really the reason i go is my lifelong fascination with airplanes. yup, i admit it. i could watch planes take off and land ALL. DAY. LONG. and i'm not sure why really. i find the whole process captivating, enchanting and romantic. i wonder where everyone is going. are some people already sleeping? are they scared to fly? are they going somewhere because they have to, they want to, they need to?

castle island is perfect for all of that contemplation. depending on the way the wind is blowing, planes either land or take off, DIRECTLY over your head if you are just standing there or laying on the grass like i was (hence some of the crazy angles i captured). it's kind of a magical place castle island is. especially if you like laying on a beach blanket during the summer and watching the planes. like me. enjoy

Monday, June 29, 2015

summer braids.

i want to try all of these, these easy summer braids, carefree and sexy...
and i LOVE the pops of color, like that blue above, how fun?! enjoy

p.s. i posted these links on my pinterest site, here.

monday & flex lighting.

let's start out the week strong, with strong lighting, with this lighting...
this flexible lighting is called "merkur" and is designed by czech artist rony plesl for preciosa (which offers the kind of crazy, custom, you can only dream about lighting by the way). this lighting is coming at you. it's strong in material with its heavy jointed metal, and "inspired by the male form, firm, vigorous and confident in design."

the lights can be positioned upward or outward, depending on how you move them. it's sort of like taking a hunky construction worker and making a beautiful chandelier out of him. if you think like i do anyway...enjoy!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

sunday & more brandi carlile.

on a serious brandi carlile listening kick these days...

you know how some artists sound/words/everything just gets to you? just moves you in like a million ways. yeah, it's like that with her. enjoy!

Friday, June 26, 2015

cheers to the weekend!

another friday that i'm happy to see!
what about you? how was your week? sunday is supposed to be cool and rainy in my part of the world. i'm already looking forward to walking around the house in socks and having a looooong morning drinking coffee. i'm also considering getting out the paints and the GIANT canvas i've been staring at for months.

i purchased a birthday gift for someone recently and i chose a local shop, (here actually) a shop that features a variety of artists and their work. and that's it. that's all i need to become inspired, just walking into a gallery like that. boom.

surrounded by beautiful paintings, knowing that i have it in me as well to create something as well, however beautiful i suppose is subjective. but inspired i was! i'll let you know if i make nothing turn into something. have a super weekend, cheers!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

5 random spaces.

keeping it simple today...5 random spaces i could spend LOTS of time in today...

striped kenyan baskets.

i love these today, stacked, singular, in bunches on the floor or shelves, plus they are super pretty...
these "kenyan" baskets are offered up by decorators notebook, here. at first i was drawn to the pink collection but now it's all of them really. funny how that happens. enjoy!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

out with the whales.

i seem to be posting less about design this week and more about summer. if you'll indulge me, here are a few (and, ahem, i took a alot a ton more than this!) images of my day with the whales yesterday...
it was seriously one of those picture perfect days for boating, and whale watching. clear, calm, clear...so the whales were very easy to spot and to really see detail. they were known in the area to the boat's captain, he knew their names. some had calves, some were resting, some were playful. it was a perfect day on the water.

and i have to say, being out there, as cliche as it seems, with no cell phone, no computer to check, nothing but watching, listening, breathing, well man oh man it did me wonders. it was actually quite theraputic. maybe i'm in the wrong profession i thought at times, (half jokingly, half not). maybe out on the water is where it's at? well it was for me, if only for one day. enjoy!

Monday, June 22, 2015

have a great monday!

i'm off today, and so is my son. so...we are headed out on a whale watch cruise to see what we can see...
my camera battery is charging and if we (cross our fingers!) see beaucoup amounts of whales and who knows what else, i'll be sharing for sure.

to start your week, here are a few fun things from around the web i spotted over the weekend.

imagine if your hotel balcony looked like this?

i think these are pretty enough to leave on all summer.

these would make interesting coffee tables.

a cool paris apartment.

loving these high tops.

a clever storage rack.

um, now that's a skylight.

33 incredible hammocks (loving #6, and #9).

going old fashioned on bathing suit style.

a perfect summer couch.

these (at least to me!) look delish!

today life feels pretty fantastic. have a great start to your week everyone! enjoy...