Sunday, January 31, 2021

have a beautiful weekend

this weekend i'm prepping for my son's birthday (it's technically monday) and hanging out with him to celebrate he'll need a hair cut, we'll walk down to the beach and be seen play this game (that i'm sort of obsessed with( on repeat. can't wait!

what are you up to? anything fun? i'd love to hear. and some fun finds from around the world wide web:

love this.

literally the funniest! completely addicted.

this vase (ooh this one too, great price!)

this vase too (if i had alot of money to spend)

a favorite site to peruse (kind of in love with this pendant)

literally in love with this table lamp

eyeing this outdoor swivel chair for the summer.

just bought this book. and if you haven't listened yet, her podcast is relaxing and inspiring.

just bought this shirt dress in blue. (great price!)

this french design line at anthropologie is so fun. (loving those playful matchbox covers!)

i dream of having a table outdoors like this


Sunday, January 10, 2021

happy new year! how are you?


we are experiencing a rough start to our brand new year. no doubt about it. but tryyyyyyyy to think of it this way...it's only the beginning of many clean slate days ahead, many days to do good, to be good, to be healthy and push the reset button as many times as you want or need. there's room for all of that. so that's what i'm feeling and just going to stick to it!

i hope you are doing ok and feeling the hope, cause it's there! and some fab finds from around the world wide web:

how cool!

so much vintage goodness.

this snowdrop pendant. and i've always loved a good globe.

a tiled dining table? i think it's pretty awesome.

a splash of this stardust wallpaper in the right spot is super fun. see how they used it here.

these storage options are beyond gorgeous.

looking for a unique outdoor firepit? they have some neat options. this one is my fav.

might pick these up for my 2 small decks this summer. liking how beachy they look too.

about to pull the trigger on this woven pedestal bowl. really like this river stone bowl too.

for beatles fans.

and this candle smells like roma heirloom tomatoes? i want that.

and quarantinging makes you want to bake cakes (and a million other things). this one looks delish! um, this one too.

seriously thinking of cutting bangs. inspiration one, two and three.

i'm saving to have new wood floors put in. this first photo makes me want to paint them. and how amazing is that unfinished tile addition added to the brick fireplace?

just bought this printed smock dress and is super cute in person.

this podcast inspired me this week. but really they are all so good. a positive way to start the day! and i've decided i'm also a multi-hyphenate. gladly too.

yum, this cauliflower dish. i could eat this all day long. 

a wow couch, to say the least. wow, this one too.

a wow light. i really like this. (can't afford it, ha! but really like it).

enjoy your weekend!