Thursday, November 28, 2019

hey, happy thanksgiving!

happy thanksgiving everyone! i have been a bit mia, life, stuff, writing, house hunting yada yada. but wanted to pop in to say that i am wishing you all a relaxing holiday and weekend!
where are you spending your holiday? anywhere fun? i'm laying low this year, house hunting is in full force and a current time taker in my life but i'm embracing the process and hoping for just the right fit soon. when i do, i'll definitely post some before and after images as i make changes to spaces, because we have to right? :)

as you eat yourselves silly, some fun finds from around the world wide web:

we are making a charcuterie board for thanksgiving appetizers. wishing i had this beauty to display it.

also wished i had thought to add this in, i mean baked feta? yes please!


absolutely loving his artwork, just bought two pieces.

wanting this scarf.

ooh, wait, this one too.

could live in these merino wool t-shirts all day long.

coveting the textural quality of this gorgeous lamp.

i have a popcorn problem. this is the perfect time of year to use this. and a great christmas gift idea!

just bought this top in navy blue.

the prettiest bow neck blouse
(loving the red liberty print). (would wear it with this too!)

love these blouses like i do? here's another beauty.

complete and utter pillow love.

been getting waaaaaaay back into pottery pieces for the table. currently coveting these pieces.

wishing for this fleece parka.

wish i had alot of money to spend on this bag in nude. ok, this sweater too.

a sweet stocking stuffer. these too.

how fun is this?! could you do it?

been obsessed lately with wanting to spend some down time doing this. oh and have you seen this app?