Wednesday, November 30, 2011

a mish mash. a hodge podge.

today i thought i'd include a complete mish mash of things, designers, companies and product that i've been really loving and discovering, for so many reasons. take a look at what i'm talking about won't you?

i really like (alot!) the simplicity of color, shape and line with these rugs offered up by the lowercase, out of australia. bright and cheery. see more here.

this is a new~to~me company, dvelas, out of spain, who creates comfy pieces out of recycled boat sails, calling them "living sails" and what a fab idea?! see their collection here.

i adore these fun & quirky coat racks! they seem so animated, so friendly. well, anyway ;) find them (as well as an array of other amazing product) at blastation, here.

to further support my pillow problem, i will selfishly promote thomas eyck and his what i call "fading" pillow line. all sort of color palettes, all sorts of fading tones, brilliantly beautiful. find your favorite here.

ok, seriously, if you are in the market for a vintage anything, especially a tub? water monopoly. seriously beautiful everything. go here!

designed by robert stadler for cwg design, this "trapezoid bomb" coffee table is more than extraordinary. check it out here.

lighting, all of it, all of it exquisite, offered up by slamp. find (i mean ogle) them all here.

find this so cute badger pillow and birdy walk plate from ysp in the uk. right here!

you can tell i've been looking through some unbelievable design magazines lately. well yes i have if you must know ;) but, so glad i have because just look at what's out there!

ooh, we are mid~week, and how is your week progressing? mine has been productive, creative and as the week winds crests today and begins to wind down, will be more and more relaxing. at least that's the plan! enjoy...

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

last night's sunset.

as the day begins to wind down today, and as the sun begins to set a little bit earlier each day, i wanted to share my experience last night...as i took a sunset break from working on a paper, hopped in the shower and ran out the door with my camera, walking just down the street from my house. i'm lucky to have these views so close by. and the sky.

i think i took about 100 pictures (ah, i'm not kidding!) because as i sat in the beach grass, looking through my camera lens up toward the sky, i swear it kept changing right before my eyes. we all get so busy and forget to run out the door, just down the street and watch the show that nature puts on for us every night. i'm glad i took a much needed break, for this was my reward. enjoy!

form fjord.

i happened upon form fjord recently, drawn particularly by their amazing lighting design and i wanted to share how sweet their style is...have a look,

these are so unique to me. this "crown" series, offered up by form fjord is really intriguing to say the least. a color filter sits around the bulb, allowing for the color of light to flow from the perforated slats. really great!

love this new take on the office light. this would add a punch to a well~designed office or any commercial space really.

oh, and these stools are super sweet too! (form fjord says they're inspired by greek butcher blocks, cool.)

i think also that their color palette line is fabulous, all so soft and pastel. easy on the eyes, easy on any environment in which they're placed. form fjord says that they pursue "market gaps for innovation" and provide their clients with not only what they want, but what they think is missing in the design world. i love that!

hey hey, it's tuesday...i turned a rather large paper in yesterday, breathing a touch easier today. working on another project for class and in between that today, i might just drive myself out for a coffee treat to break up the have to do's with the want to do's. have a great day everyone! enjoy...

Monday, November 28, 2011

green, light & office inspiration.

wow, as i plug away today on final revisions of a paper for one of my classes, i thought to myself, if this was my work environment today, with all of that light, with all of that green, somehow, my head might feel a little less cluttered and filled with a little more clarity and creativity. but alas, back to my kitchen table. ;)

enjoy this space with me this afternoon. especially if you too need a boost of light and clarity. ;) enjoy!

funky multi~leg tables. monday fun.

happy monday friends! another fresh start to a new week. today i am drawn to these really fun, really funky, multi~leg tables. designed by jamie hayon for bd barcelona, they absolutely offer a new twist on the coffee & dining table, or storage cabinets and armoirs. have a look...

i think mixed into any space, modern & contemporary, or in a more vintage or traditional setting, residentially or commercially, these tables are one of those pieces that stop you, they remind you to not take design (or life) quite so seriously. and really, why can't there be multiple legs? i ask you? ;)

hope you are all relaxed from your holiday and feeling inspired, energetic and ready to do something great this week! enjoy...

Sunday, November 27, 2011

feather love.

what is it about feathers lately? from fashion, to jewelry, to patterns on fabrics and wallpapers, to decorating wrapped packages like these little beauties. i suppose it's because they are first, natural, that we really never tire of them, but also that they are completely individual, no two are alike, keeping feathers all that more interesting, age~less and timeless, especially when it comes to design. for whatever reason that we are all currently smitten with feathers, i'm all the happier for it, i have to say.

adding real feathers, plus with this very natural wrapping, makes for a soft & special package. this idea via notes on design

and recently i fell in love with this do~it~yourself~because~it's~so~darn~sweet idea, found via down and out chic's great blog. hand cut pretty paper feathers. pure love.

great holiday ideas, incorporating feathers, taken from pretty or textured holiday papers, cut, placed singularly or in bunches, making holiday gifts seem all that more special with touches of hand~made~ness. yes i made up that word ;) enjoy!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

i love these four.

today i'm loving this 4~set of artwork, seen over at aubrey road and via lonny. so simple it's perfectly perfect!

sipping coffee and eating eggs, oh and perusing fabulous blogs...enjoy your saturday friends!

Friday, November 25, 2011

kallemo:" it shall stand the wear of the eye."

i have to say, i've been stumbling upon quite a few really fabulous and new~to~me design companies lately. oh, don't get me wrong, i love when this happens. finding fabulous new designers does nothing short of make my day. to build your list of go~to resources up is the key, to log only the companies/designers that you feel, and for your clients, are truly worthy of time and attention, and promotion. kallemo is one of those companies. have a look...

one of kallemo's mantras is "the most important aspect is the visual quality. good quality means long term validity." i love that! and why? because it's true. when selecting a company or a particular piece offered up by a certain designer or brand (much in the same way you would approach or purchase a piece of artwork, another important purchase to say the least...), you really need to ask yourself if you can see yourself keeping that piece, for a duration of time, and every day, every time you view it, sit in it, turn the light on, or just plain utilize it in some way, you are continually pleased. if you are then wow, you've done it!

how was your thanksgiving friends? mine was uber relaxing, with a nice fire burning outdoors, friends, family, red wine, delicious food and the best part, tons of leftovers! i hope you relaxed, ate too much and feel energized and inspired! happy friday, enjoy...

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

happy thanksgiving friends!

hey, have a super relaxing holiday everyone! with all of your time off, take in some great pinterest and tumblr sites such as this one from the fabulously talented girls of rue, as well as inspiring blogs while you're at it! eat alot, drink delicious wine, enjoy conversations with friends and family and most of all enjoy!

bathroom wellness.

ah, i wasn't going to post about bathrooms, wellness, or sinks today. really, i wasn't. but these little beauties stopped me and i just wanted to share. if you are remodeling a bathroom or building a new home, or renovating a commercial space, just how darn cute are these? so cute that's what!

find them through villeroy & boch like i did. oh, even if you had a children's bathroom, really fun and really perfect!

ok, now i'm checking on your pre-thanksgiving stress...how are you holding up? yesterday we raked leaves, prepared our outdoor fire pit for a nice, slow burning fire all thanksgiving day for those who want to venture out to work off turkey and get some fresh air. i love having fires going. today, i'm wrapping up more class work and then waiting for my son to come home from college. a glass of red wine tonight will be just fine as i begin to simmer down and look forward to thanksgiving day. what are you doing? what are your thanksgiving day plans...i'd love to hear! enjoy...