about me

hi! my name is robin pulsifer and i began my design blog, avant garde design about 5 years ago now and am so happy i did! i began college with a concentration in fine arts, and while my concentration has changed, i still feel drawn daily to the arts, to design of all types, from fine art to architecture to interior styling. creating my design blog not only allows me to catalog fab finds, to store them, but to write about them, to share them with everyone and anyone who will listen, as sort of a visual diary, a day to day design exploration into the unusual, the dare~to~be~different. i hope to remind readers, professional or not, that there is a world of amazing, thought provoking product out there, to visualize or conceptualize a space in different ways than you thought imaginable.

i went back to college later in life (well, later than most), i'm completing, i completed  my undergrad at harvard in 2011 and i recently completed my graduate degree, also at harvard with a concentration in international relations. i'm not sure where this education will take me yet, where i'll land, but i feel that, that's part of the fun right now. i do know one thing, design will always be there, inspiring me, prompting me to expand my views, to consider spaces again, re~evaluate them, transforming them. this blog is about revolutionary design transformation.

other important useless information: if i were on a deserted island i would need my son, jazz music, frosted flakes, mascara & red wine. no really that's it.

if i was offered the chance to get on any race track and drive a nascar car, fast. i would. i would rather run than walk. my favorite movie is rear window with jimmy stewart and grace kelly. i love people with dry senses of humor. well, i at least like them. i avoid chaos. i love watching golf on t.v. i have a legitimate fear of heights but took flying lessons. i've always wanted to dive into the atlantic ocean in the middle of winter just to see what it feels like. am i probably ever going to do it? no.