Monday, January 31, 2011

easing back and a fab new find.

i first wanted to say to all of you, thanks beyond words for all of your sweet & kind comments regarding my mother's recent sudden passing. it was very unexpected for me and my family and the need to take this past week off from my blog was necessary and i appreciate your understanding and support! i'm easing into this new week with you and a fab new find, bolaget.

friends, this site, bolaget is chock to the brim full of wonderful spaces to ogle, enjoy and be inspired by. serious interior delicious~ness if you know what i mean! i've enjoyed, as i ease back into blogging this week, surfing through bolaget's many gorgeous scenes and i wanted to share with you. enjoy!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

a moment.

via rue.

friends, my mom died somewhat unexpectedly this weekend. my posts this week will be here and there and when they are here it will be because i need to have my mind detoured to creative spaces. i hope you understand. i'll see you this week, here and there.

Friday, January 21, 2011

green for friday.

sending some lovely greens your way this "yeah for friday" day! via a fab new tumblr find, the brick house.

how amazing is that larger than life terrarium? holy cow!

what are your weekend plans? me? i'm off and running in the a.m. to boston to meet with my college advisor, getting ready to dive into my master's degree and i need guidance i tell ya! ;) i'm hoping to make it up before the snow which is expected, so here's to crossing my fingers, for light snow for traveling, and if it must snow heavier, please let it snow enough for sledding! yeah, that's the outlook. wherever you are, whatever your plans are, enjoy!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

the weight of wood.

from painted to au natural, wood offers a certain weight to spaces, from floors to walls to wonderful pieces of well design furniture, to sculpture to frames around magnificent art. wood and the weight of wood, changes spaces, it alters their message, it accessorizes, it manipulates. wood tethers a space down, it sets it free, it adds color, it adds the outdoors, indoors. it adds fabulous.

via vanilla crash.

painted paneled wood walls, via dancing doc design.
weighted painted wood, via design sponge.


via the ever amazing, city sage.

via skona hem.

via emma's design blog.

via, one of my fav's, owi.

what wooden part of your spaces do you love most? would you like more wooden elements added or less? if so why? for me, i'm in love with my wooden vintage bureaus which i've restored and hand painted, they are a sort of canvas for me. i'm wishing for herring bone floors and lusting after antique frames suited perfectly for my photographs and paintings.

happy almost friday friends! enjoy........

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

cerruti and seating, oh my!

if you are all about seating at the moment, whether contemplating transforming a residential or commercial space, or changing out just one piece you are tired of, cerruit's seating choices are plentiful and not only that, they are extraordinary!

how amazing is this "drop" armchair/sofa which had me at indoor & outdoor. that's right, depending on the fabric choice, the "drop" can be water resistant, with "water draining foam". well you'd need that right? another interesting tid bit about the "drop", the covers come off easily and the entire piece is convertible, easy to disassemble and transport. another interesting tid bit, it's gorgeous!
these "tatoo" cuties grabbed me and i couldn't help but form a smile on my face. they are both pouf and ottoman or maybe even a foot stool, but in a new way right? imprinted with various animal images such as this cat, or they have tigers, and texture like cactus thorns, etc. talk about throwing in a conversation piece to your spaces? ah, yeah, these would do it! cerruti calls them, flexible seating that will keep you company. how completely cute?

this super soft, cotton covered "group" seating with these unusual 3 elements/spaces, grouped together, as if sewn together and being held by the fabric alone. a space to recoup and reinterpret outlooks on design.

the "emmanuelle" chair is whispering to me. inviting me, softly offering a quiet stay in it's snow white cotton cover. i'll be right there!

this chair, titled the "little big" chair conveys a fabulous cantilever design, as if the seat itself is suspended in mid air. a curved plywood seat and tubular aluminum structure, here we go with texture, here we go with amazing!
i was especially and curiously drawn to these "sumo" pieces from cerruti. they appear as an extra skin, stretched over each piece, leaving you to guess in a way what is underneath. it's a mysterious piece, absolutely offering a bit of curious glam to your residential or commercial spaces.

offered by philippe starck for cerruti, this "richard III" chair is best described by cerruit as "the very essence of stereotypical middle~class decor, the object as a mask, a technological jack~in~the~box." don't you love that description? and this chair?

this wonderful "naked" chair, welded as if you were building the eiffel tower, it's applied engineering here folks. what i enjoy most about this piece is it's cross between rigid and soft, between welcoming the human body and carrying it's weight. also this "naked" piece offers a fabulous textural element to any space.

ooh, i'm out of breath. cerruti's seating took my breath away this morning. it even made my cheerios taste a little more shall we say, upscale? ;) enjoy this mid~week dose of chair deliciousness friends. i'm off for a run (didn't get one in yesterday, i'm fighting a cold! ick.) so this run will either do me in or cure me. hoping for the cure me part. bye for now...enjoy!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

the barn. just a lovely, easy space.

while i am still so very surrounded by milky winter skies and snow, i am drawn to quiet spaces like this barn restoration project in the netherlands. easy, comforting, no distractions, sort of like what it feels like outside to me right now...with a light snow falling, still air, and how the snow sort of muffles everything. this space reminds me of all of that...

built originally in 1906 and now converted to a delicious open floor plan. airy, soft and glowingly warm. i initially discovered this wonderful space from a fab new find called architizer which you, if you are interested in ongoing architectural projects and unique structures and interiors, might want to check out for sure.

i hope your tuesday is beginning easily, softly, wonderfully. today i plan on keeping caught up with my french as new classes begin next week. getting my little cottage clean and in order and perhaps sneaking a mocha in somewhere in between ;) enjoy!!