Friday, January 31, 2014

and on that note...

so my son says that i have always had a celebrity crush on roberty downey jr. i haven't. what? (insert blush here) i HAVEN'T!

but could it be that it's friday, and that he just might be completely killing it, singing with sting here? could it be? what? ok, so maybe it's true. the him singing with sting part ;) happy friday friends! enjoy the heck out of this...

Thursday, January 30, 2014

hearting these...

i know, it's not even the end of january. but i'm enjoying this valentine's day neon vase idea, offered up by the third row...
and who could help it? they're bright, cheery, & add flowers and voila, romantic, thoughtful, fun, gorgeous...did i say romantic? enjoy!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

bueno bueno.

i like this blog, mucho mucho bueno bueno, and i'm having fun perusing their line of hand-cut brass rings and necklaces...
the blog is by brandi & kelli, 2 sisters living in houston texas. it's full of warmth, fun and positive style and vibes.and their store, well, it's just plain rad, isn't it? and why not? enjoy!

simple chairs. by scab design.

man oh man has my style been slowly changing over the past 2 or 3 years. and it's getting simpler and simpler...
catching my eye lately are the super simple lines of super simple chairs. chairs that are sparse in their design yet interesting and timeless in their styling. in her new studio, bri from designlovefest recently incorporated some new, easy on the eyes chairs here that i LOVE!

these in particular, these techno-polymer "zebra" seats offered up by the italian company scab design are some on my wish list.

the main body has a glossy outer finish and is scratch-proof (perfect for public spaces, schools, cafes, offices, you name it!). the legs are tubular chrome steel. and if you noticed, all of the "zebra" seats offer differing leg design combinations (and come with or without arm rests). another thing i love.

ooh and one last cool thing about these seats. scab design manufactures them in parts, and each part is labeled and easy to recycle. so if you ever tire of them (fat chance!) just do your part and recycle the parts! enjoy...

Monday, January 27, 2014

text inspired.

are you one of those people who could literally scroll through pages of text options? i am...
these, from typeverything inspire me today. similar to unique shape, color palette and pattern combinations, the ways with which text is constructed, embellished, manipulated, can also be inspiring in a sort of abstract way to whatever creative projects you have going on. at least i think so...enjoy!

monday & black and white.

designer claesson koivisto rune has designed this "soya" table for marsotto edizioni in black or white cararra marble. and i want one...
i love that it's low. i love that it's marble. i love that it's beautiful. enjoy!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

andrew gallo's iceland.

my son has always wanted to go to iceland. i've never really been sure why. but portland oregon photographer andrew gallo has me understanding why just a little bit more clearly...
why now, do i have the feeling if i went there i might not return...enjoy these this sunday morning!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

have a super weekend!

happy weekend friends!
what are you up to this wintry weekend? i'm off today to pick up a new phone (mine has been dying a sloooooow death). trying to get a run in around the snow banks and sipping a little red wine (my treat for having run ;)

i hope that you have a super weekend. fun if you want it, relaxing if you want it. make it how you want it to be...and enjoy!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

jenny pennywood.

the marks, lines, and patterns (nevermind color palette mash-ups) that jenny pennywood is displaying are interesting and inspiring to me this afternoon...

sometimes, as i've said before, there are little bursts of things you see, in nature, in art, in everyday life or by people such as jenny, super duper creative people that propel you to getting artistic in ways you've been putting off. something is brewing creatively in me lately. not sure what will come of it, but it's brewing i tell ya! enjoy...

a do it yourself crush.

ah, have you seen the incredible do it yourself project that ally is behind on her blog, from the right bank? i officially have a crush on it...
most likely the most beautifully creative wet bar i've seen. or will ever see. a truly wow kind of space. read more about her project here, and pssst, she picked up the wallpaper at lowes. yup. enjoy!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

a cleanse.

i've been wanting to try this for a while now...a juice cleanse.
i'm not overweight by any means. i run and eat a vegetarian diet. so it's not about that. but you know...we all indulge...and this time of year, between the bread, pasta and red wine i've been enjoying, i just feel the need to, whoa, take a short break and let my body breathe a little. let the buttons on my jeans feel a little bit easier to button. you know what i mean?

right now, i'm looking at these two product lines, pressed juicery and blueprint juice, lines of juice cleanses that have been used by fellow bloggers. i'm thinking of starting with just the 3 day cleanse, and see how that goes. have you ever tried a juice cleanse? have you ever tried either of these two brands? i'd love to hear! enjoy...

outdoor goodness.

why am i posting this unreal photo of outdoor goodness today? because my outdoors looks completely polar opposite. and i do mean polar...

the wind is blowing sideways at like 50 mph. the kind of icy snow in the crazy strong wind that hurts your face when it hits it. white out conditions. freeeeezing beyond words. (ah, can you tell i'm not a big fan of this particular season?) i want to be here. in this photo here. away from the winter, the wind, the snow, if only for today. how is your day looking? enjoy!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

going low.

i like these today, these low, hand-made thermo-lacquered wire tables offered up by gandia blasco. they come in a variety of colors, but i prefer the white...
super versatile, indoor or out, these "aram" low tables give you tons of options. plus there's the textural element. i really enjoy having a mixture of textures in residential or commercial spaces, indoor or out. i think it just makes the space more interesting...as your eye first examines a space, as it moves around a space, including a mixture of textures instantly creates a more dynamic space. at least i think so...enjoy!

Monday, January 20, 2014

style post inspiration...

jerry hall has it all going on here. just supreme style post inspiration...
this spring/summer i'm considering starting a style post on avant garde design. this is one of those inspiring, do it differently scenes to ponder. just saying...enjoy!