Monday, May 31, 2010

happy memorial day everyone!


i hope everyone is completely and utterly enjoying this beautiful memorial day! what are you plans? good food? good drink? a fire pit and great conversation? as for us:

sipping coffee this morning slowly, check.

eating donuts from a small little coffee shop because we never eat donuts, check.

packing the cooler with coronas and lime, heading to nauset beach to boogie board and listen to the ocean, check.

stop on the way to the beach at our favorite little market for cold sandwiches (hey we need something to wash down with the coronas right?) :) check.

breathing. playing ball. taking my first swim of the year in the cold, crisp water, check.

spending time with the two loves of my lives, check. all is good, no scratch that.
all is great! enjoy........

Friday, May 28, 2010

boldly painting furniture. and happy friday!

one thing i keep seeing around the design world today is interiors with boldly painted furniture. one of my favorite things is painted furniture. i'm not personally a fan of stained furniture, i prefer to lather pieces in paint, give it that much needed face lift, changing the character of the piece, the mood, the dynamic. here are some super fun examples from out there in the painted furniture design world...

get it girl style's blog is always inspiring for painted furniture diy ideas. tamara jumps right into color and transforming furniture, making it better, making it beautiful!

another favorite blog of mine, soul pretty is doing it too! she's grabbing paint brushes and transforming pieces too, for a softer, richer look. love.

a great new-to-me blog find is "the way we are", her home is amazing and she's just finished transforming these chairs, from bland to bold and beautiful! what an amazing job!







i wanted to feature painted furniture this friday, because i'm craving it. i'm in the process of transforming a vintage bureau right now, literally it's in pieces, all sanded and ready to be put back together again. i'll post before pictures next week for a fun diy makeover on avant garde design. do you enjoy painted pieces? have you made over anything recently? if so tell me what you did, i need inspiration for my bureau!!
happy, happy friday! yeah for all of us ;) it's a long weekend too! i hope you all enjoy yourselves and also enjoy great weather in your part of your world. enjoy!

winner: the winner of the avant garde design give-away from umbra of the eco-friendly bath accessories is jen from slumber designs! yeah for her! and yeah for umbra!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

geometry in design. angles, lines and edges.

as i peruse the pages of architectural magazines, interior design magazines and the inspiring list of design websites and blogs, i am drawn to the inspiration taken from geometry. it's interesting, complicated, simple, offering texture, pattern and a little bit of life to pieces and spaces.
(just a great space, and geometric chair, via obsessilicious)

("twilight chairs", via eduardo baroni design)

(outstanding geometric interior architecture, via grego)
(amazingly amazing geometric wallpaper, via apartment therapy)

(super fun geometry inspired necklace via beth pohlman on etsy)

("cut chairs" via style crave)

(cool bookcase via vi.susalize.us)

(fabulous angular coffee table, via emma's design blog)

(via trends now)
(so much going on aesthetically in this geometrically inspired space, via aubrey road)
(this wow scene,via automatism)

do you own anything that you would consider geometrically inspired? whether for residential or commercial, i love the look of the fun lines, leading your eyes around a piece or a room, angles, edges, shapes taking place, all over the place! i love that!

enjoy your almost friday everyone :) the avant garde design give-away winner will be picked tomorrow, so there still time to enter. the post about the give-away is just down a few posts here, check it out before it's too late my wonderful blog friends!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

wednesday bliss.


i'm running off to work today, it's beautiful out, it's quite the blissful wednesday here in my part of the world! i hope it is in your area too :) enjoy these wonderful images, of which i could hang out all day in any of them! from the ever inspiring bolig magasinet.

enjoy your summer day today and i'll see you here tomorrow! oh...don't forget to enter my eco-friendly give-away which i posted, 2 posts down for monday's post. only 3 comments so far, so you stand a great chance, go ahead, be eco-friendly and win! :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

are you comfy-lined or clean-lined?

just wondering about you? your must haves? what do you consider a relaxing space? crispy or casual? what does it for you in the style of decorating?

what about color? crispy-clean-lined black and white? via emmas design blog.

or can you incorporate soothing soft, sexy color just about everywhere for comfy-lined spaces? via living etc.

do your spaces have to be airy, crisp, subdued, neutral and clean and matching? via living etc.
or can you mish-mash fabrics, patterns and colors? via mare claire.

what about the art? does it have to be hung? does it have to be hung in a row? crisp and clean-lined? via domosfera.
or can you just let them lean? can your art be just anywhere? are you casual comfy-minded and lined? via emmas design blog.

are you clean-lined and classically minded with a modern twist? via domosfera.

or are you vintage-comfy-minded? via purple area.
do you let in bold pops of color yet keep it controlled, clean-lined? ghislaine vinas interiors.
or are you bright and comfy, like this sunny scene?
marie claire.

it's funny because at home or in my interior design advice, i must have or absolutely advise eclectic, mixes of old and new, vintage and completely new, color and neutrals mixed. i want it all! but if i travel for some reason i don't mind the calm, crisp, more sparse spaces. i guess because it is really so different than what i'm used to.

so what about you? do you know what you are style-wise? are you comfy or clean-lined? come on...tell me! :) i, for the record, think both styles are completely and utterly amazing! enjoy...

Monday, May 24, 2010

kicking off the week with a monday morning {give-away!}

i love promoting eco-friendly products and i love promoting great, inventive companies contributing to your design world and designers needs. umbra provides for both of those desires and so today, to kick start the work week, umbra and avant garde design are offering an eco-friendly give-away. part of their boomba bath line, umbra is offering this exquisite bamboo waste can, bamboo soap dish and bamboo tooth brush holder, all in natural...naturally.

ok everyone, the retail value of these beauties is approx. $65.00 so i'm thinking it's a pretty darn great {eco-friendly by the way} give away!

it's pretty simple, take a visit to umbra's eclectic, affordable, contemporary site, check out anything from umbra's wallpaper line to frames to unique furniture pieces and do tell about something you could REALLY use or see in any of your spaces, residential or commercial. that's it. the winner will be picked at random this coming friday, so hurry over to umbra, you won't be disappointed, (did i mention their affordability?).

one more note about umbra: they've launched a design contest, with a prize of a $5,000 shopping spree!, ah, that's alot of product my friends :) here are the specifics:

so enjoy this give-away this fine monday morning, enjoy umbra, good luck and may the luckiest eco-friendly winner, win this friday :)