Wednesday, April 30, 2014

nowhere to land.

living on cape cod, one of the great things about it, besides the environment surrounding me, is a really great radio station located on martha's vineyard, WMVY. they are constantly promoting new and emerging artists. singer, banjo player and song writer mark whitaker, a boston based artist is one of my new current obsessions.

enjoy the sounds and words of mark whitaker this early evening. hear more of mark here. enjoy!

lamp dowood.

these geometric painted sycamore & metal shades offered up by the french company colonel have stopped me this afternoon...
they call them "dowood lamps" & aren't they super fun? enjoy...

pedrali. in pastel.

pedrali describes their line of craft wooden chairs as a "careful use of wood," and "innovation with great agility." so great. plus i love their pastel background lookbook...
sometimes it's simple. the design, or the materials used, or even the ways with which you photograph or market your design or product. but when all that is rolled together, it becomes less simple, it's much more calculated, well thought out, timeless and genuine. i love this line. pedrali's pieces are versatile classic and inventive. you can't go wrong there...enjoy!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

thatch & thistle. etsy love.

these are just fun today. & some etsy love to boot!
the sweet etsy site, thatch & thistle supply co. is offering up these paper bags, 20 to a set and for a super reasonable price tag. check out more here...don't they make you smile? enjoy!

de sede. in taupe.

"a chair for sinking back and plunging into blissful comfort." that's the way the swiss company de sede describes their ds-110 line of leather seating. does that make you want one? oh yeah....
de sede offers up this scrumptious line in a variety of earthy tones, but personally, i'm drawn to just about all of it, in taupe. for some reason the leather is somehow more dominant in this color palette, a little bit more sexy and fresh.

in fact de sede goes on to describe this line as "progressive and fresh, not loud, but gratifyingly different." so there you go. plus it's still leather-sexy. enjoy!

jardin des plantes from anthropologie.

the wallpaper is called jardin des plantes. it's offered up by anthropologie. and oh by the way, i LOVE it...
gorgeous and tempting anywhere, in your commercial or residential spaces. bathrooms, bedrooms, one hallway wall. endless possibilities with this print. just really, really pretty too. enjoy!

Monday, April 28, 2014

caftans & kimonos.

i think because i'm petite (and on the shorter side), i've never thought of wearing long or short flow-y, drape-y anything, for fear it wouldn't sit well on my frame...but these caftans and kimonos have me changing my tune for the summer...
i'm just sort of seeing them differently now, not frumpy but sexy beachy. the cerulean caftan is from emerson fry and the rio kimono is from mura. now bring on summer! enjoy...

a pretty pendant.

happy monday friends! i wanted to share this pretty pendant light with you today...
evocative of a flower and made from recycled materials, this "bloemi" flower lamp, offered up by formabilio has spring design all over it. wouldn't this also be stunning in a little girl's bedroom? yes, yes it would!

i hope that your weekend was everything you wanted it to be. i went clothes shopping at one of my favorite second hand stores in boston and picked up some goodies. i also ended up at zara in boston and grabbed a couple of essential summer white t-shirts and tank tops. can't go wrong with those! enjoy your monday...

Sunday, April 27, 2014

random sunday spaces.

i just like these today, these spaces where white retains some sort of dominant role in the space...

but in an amazing way. the white is present, & prominent but never cold or stark or even unwelcoming. in my opinion it's just the opposite. the white creates space, breathable, resting places and spaces for your eyes, for your mind. we need that sometimes. enjoy!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

april 26th.

today's not only april 26th, it's my dad's birthday. he passed away almost 2 years ago now. but even before christmas, his birthday was his favorite day...
he was born and raised in tennessee. and he died there too. one of the things i loved about going to tennessee was waking up early and seeing what the mountains looked like before the day sort of changed all that. i live near the ocean, and similarly you can get up early and look out at the edge, same thing, before the day changes things.

but for me, there is something so special about the mountains. and maybe it's because i don't have the privilege of living near them. they're mysterious, inviting and take you away to another world once you drive up into them, with wine, and sandwiches and the air changes. so that is what i'm remembering today, what i'm feeling. i took this image on one of my last trips, one of my last mornings in my dad's back yard. looking at the mountains, and missing him. enjoy...

Friday, April 25, 2014

hello friday...

and happy to see you!
sheeeeesh, this has been some week. it was busy, and now.....it's over! or at least almost ;)

are you up to anything fun this spring weekend? i have a bit of graduate work to get going on, but sunday i'm taking for myself. i'm heading to boston, going to poke around in a few of my favorite second hand stores and get a cup of my favorite hand-made coffee, here. (if you are in boston, you must try their "hand-poured", it's like a science experiment with beakers and everything, but oh. so. delish.) i'm hoping it's sunny out, that would be bonus!

wherever you go, whatever you do, i hope that your view is beautiful and that you are feeling gooooooooooooood! enjoy...

Thursday, April 24, 2014

if you want different.

if you want different in the world of lighting, take a look at what new lighting innermost is offering up
and so maybe you don't need a giant astroid-esque light, but if you are designing a unique residential or maybe more especially, commercial space, at least, when you DO want different, different is out there.

i love the choices designers have and make when it comes to interiors. you can stay safe or your can explore and test all kinds of boundaries. and that's a good thing! enjoy...

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

sunglass style.

when it comes to sunglasses, what style are you?

do you prefer modern? flirty? or a more edgy pair? or are you a bit of a classic? lately i fall into the classic category, aviators all the way. they seem to suit my face and my wardrobe.

but every now and then...i'm drawn to the latest cat eye look, or some other type of flirty pair. it's fun to experiment. don't you think? enjoy...