Friday, November 30, 2012

where are you off to?

so it's friday. and this friday, this weekend, where are you off to? i'd love to be off to somewhere exotic, somewhere fantastical, somewhere i've never been before.
but alas, i'm in my last weeks of courses, strapped at the hip to books & computers. one day soon though...i'm off!
i'd love to hear what your weekend plans are! even if they're not so exotic ;) enjoy!

chain-y things.

happy friday friends! you've done it, you've made it to the end of another week ;) i'm lately loving all things chain-y. dangl-y things, from lighting to jewelry to rug patterns, i keep seeing chains and i keep loving them. here are two recent favorites of mine.
the very impressive statement earrings are made from solid 14k gold and black chain and are offered up by blue hour design's etsy shop, here. the amazing chain link glass mosaic tiled wall is offered up by bizazza.

there is something so pure and so easy about chain link. i often wander through home depot, runnning my fingers over reels of chain link imagining what in world i could do with it all. strange? maybe. but still it's fun to do. enjoy your friday. treat yourself easy today. ;)

Thursday, November 29, 2012

my kind of space.

this is my kind of space. a gently worn leather couch, covered in pillows, artwork and fabulous lighting. i'm there. all day. seriously...
what a great space to plunk on the couch and read, watch a movie, daydream, sip wine, you name it. just a sweet space. that's all. ;) enjoy!

innovation. from designtree.

this fabulous product line designed and fabricated by duo tim & rebecca of designtree is not only fun, it's made in new zealand...and all designed to age gracefully.
"our mission is to create beautiful experiences, through objects that are well-made and well-loved." so says designtree about thier mission. how they do it? designtree selects materials that have the best social and evironmental credentials, as well as materials that "resist obsolescence." and well, resisitng obsolescence is good. right? i think we're all resisiting it. ;) enjoy!

p.s...how cute are those saddled "rocking horses?" so cute, that's what!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

pink lines.

how kind of cool is this entry way/hallway setting, with all of that white, with all of those neon pink lines? so cool, that's what....
you know what, you could tape off any kind of pattern that suits you, change it, re-make it, indulge, get creative. it's only paint after all. right? right! ;) enjoy...

michael graydon.

i spotted an image taken by photographer michael graydon here, and was intrigued to go further, to see more of his work, to read about how he sees things.
i think what i enjoyed most about michael's work is his sense of mood, of light. that he sort of stops time somehow and captures that, he nails it. i love that. michael not only takes amazing photographs he has a really fun sense of humor. (read his bio here)

michael also photographs other things, people, food. another favorite of mine is his weekend series. if you are having a tough weekend sometime, wander over to his site. it will set your mood straight. ;) enjoy...

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

a wall of sketches.

how about framing sketches, drawings, and a whole wall of them to boot? i'm in...
i love this idea. especially when there are similar mediums, tones of oil pastels, crayons, graphite and charcoal. mixed and blended, these mediums, no matter the subject, the image or study, offer a softness, a compatibility to the grouping, to the space, to your well being in the space. sooooo....the way it should be. enjoy...

hard goods.

rooted in clean lines and planted in mid-century classic modernism, this inclinare bench offered up by hard goods is thin, strong and cast from concrete...and all propped up by a caterpillar yellow steel rod frame. oh and the frame? it comes with a very cool assortment of powder coating color palettes. but the yellow, it steals my attention, and my heart.
and just when you think concrete is uncomfortable, think again. i've plunked myself all around my campus at harvard and throughout boston. concrete is surprisingly cool & comfy, offering perfection in an imperfect medium.

hard good's motto is that "life is too short to make ugly things." and so they didn't. enjoy!

Monday, November 26, 2012


these felt cushions by hey have me smiling today. the color, those sweet shapes, the texture and softness of all of that felt. you could sprinkle these little beauties, just about anywhere you please.
you know how when you are lying in bed, or on the couch, or curled up in a chair, and you need that extra something to prop up on, or to slouch down on, or to hold on to? you know...for comfort? these hit the spot for that. enjoy!

star & rain.

if these star & rain rugs were in my spaces, under my feet, under my furniture, under my eyes, i would day dream the day away. the patterns are easy on the eyes and interestingly captivating all at the same time.
rain (the top one) is designed by francesc rife and star is designed by christian ghion and both for now carpets.

and i've always found the very organic shape of the circle to be one of my favorites when it comes to artwork or design. there is something so completely pleasant and comfortable about the circle. don't you think? enjoy your start to this monday morning friends!

Friday, November 23, 2012

a cuff.

these earring cuffs by australian based jeweler ryan storer are just about putting me over the edge of beautiful today. here he incorporates swavorski crystals and pearls, pairing vintage glam with a modern edge. what an amazing take on the typical.
what about you? would you wear something like this? oh, i would in a heartbeat. even quicker. ;) ryan is getting ready to launch his own website shortly but you can find out more about him and his eye catching line of jewelry on his facebook page, here.

on ryan's facebook page he lists his mission as: "i just want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares." doesn't get much better than that. enjoy!

p.s. i hope you all had an amazing thanksgiving too!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

have a lazy day. have a fun day.

happy thanksgiving friends. i hope that you are now among family, friends, lovers, loved ones and that you are enjoying relaxing conversation in rooms filled with delicious scents.
i am enjoying my thanksgiving at my sisters, with family. there will be candles, wine, turkey (soy meats for me, i'm a vegetarian), breads, catching up, slowing down. unwinding and laughing. hopefully lots of laughing.

i've been going about a thousand miles an hour lately. for a lot of reasons i've found myself diving into coursework, forcing myself to avoid the voids (here) and new ones i've been feeling. this day will be good for me. it will be good for all of us! enjoy...really, enjoy.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

mysterio foscarini.

foscarini describes this mysterio line of lighting as "an eye of light that penetrates the room." sweet. a polycarbonate shell oozing metallic finishes, reflecting not the space but only themselves, the light, oh the light! read more about foscarini here and here.
these lights remind me of those used in a photography session. lighting beautiful people, or landscapes, or spaces & places. or lighting i'd see in a swanky vintage french bakery or cafe. plus they're just kind of cool.

how are you today? i'm heading out soon to pick my son up from college and bring him back for thanksgiving. to feed him. it's what i do. ;) i hope your day is going along at a relaxing pace. take time for yourself today. i know i've said this a few times lately, but you deserve it! enjoy...

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

a pink chaise.

this afternoon, as we are all running around, making lists for thanksgiving, cleaning our homes, preparing for guests, it's important to stop, grab a cup of coffee, get out for a walk, sip a glass of wine, whatever it is that puts you into that space that you need, to get away from the race of it all.
everything will get done, cooked, cleaned. but it's only fun, it's only relaxing and enjoyable if you can enjoy it. you might not have a pink chaise such as this to plunk in, you may not have a view such as this to look out onto. but you can find that space, that place. you know you can ;) enjoy!

a stellar doorway.

i must have lived in the desert in another life. or someplace like that because my heart races at the very site of succulents, concrete, grasses & drought resistant anything. really it does!
just saying...enjoy.

Monday, November 19, 2012

this whole scene.

i'm not sure if this scene, this space, could possibly get any more interesting, any more amazing than it is right now. dog included...
from the mixture of frames, patterns, and textures and the strategic placement of all of it, dog included, it's really complete perfection ;) enjoy!

pretty etsy.

a pretty way to start a monday. these pretty pieces of turquoise, large and small offered up by sew a song's etsy site. check it out .
i really love how the materials are paired, on gold strands or ivory rope, dangling heavy or light. depending on your mood. depending on your style. and who can resist the color of turquoise? it's a year round beautiful color. like the ocean, like the sky, like turquoise. enjoy.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

sunday light.

one of my favorite things to do is lay around in the sun. and on a sunday morning, if the sun is coming in your bedroom window, and it's cool outside and you are so warm inside? even better.
how are you this sunday morning? i hope the sun is coming in your window, that you are warm. that you are smiling. you deserve it. enjoy...

Saturday, November 17, 2012

straight line stools.

i thought these "tree rings" stools were not only jazzy and cool, they would be a really fun and sexy addition to an outdoor seating area, a commercial outdoor bar/patio/lounge area. can you hear it now? the music, the generous sensual beat of something like this playing in the background, repeating perpetually, whilst you sip your favorite concotion, your fingers tapping on your wine glass, while you stare into the eyes of someone feeling the same thing, and this light, of these stools/tables...surround you? yeah. like that...
designed by straight line design, these resin color topped stools are illuminated from within, exuding infinite perspectives and ethereal sensations. and who doesn't love that? enjoy...