Friday, April 29, 2011

work & rest.

happy friday friends! (and happy wedding day for will & kate!) (ah, and how amazing was her dress?, wow!) what are you doing this fine friday and upcoming weekend? for today's post, i wanted to depict similar places and spaces where i'll be working on some final papers, reading etc. for classes (aka, my kitchen table...) and then spaces i hope to also spend some time, sitting outdoors, ah, sleeping in and just plain relaxing, even if for an hour or two!

(images via bolaget)
oh, one other rather exciting something going on around me, the sun is coming (slowly) out! perhaps that is a beautiful sign that the weekend upon us all is going to be fabulous and productive. yeah, that's it! wherever you are, whatever you do...enjoy!! ;)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

brights from cinna.

so i'm not even kidding, there has been one giant, grey, foggy mess over new england for the last week it seems. there will be peeks of sun and then just as quickly as it came, it went. with that said, (and for my sanity) today i'm posting brights, from the wonderfully fun french company, cinna. have a cheery look...

i don't know about you, but right now, as i take a long look around my little cottage, i'm craving the pop of something bright, something edgy, daring, a fun focal point. i used to have this, really red chair from ikea of all places. it was small enough as to not be too overwhelming to the space with its color. i may have to make another trip to ikea and see if they still carry my little, very red chair. ;) enjoy your day!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

mid~week eye~candy.

i hope this mid~week finds you happy, inspired, energetic (it's warming up in new england so that helps me bigtime with energy!) and an all around great feeling!

i just got back from having unbelievably delish coffee and chocolate croissants (ah, yeah, that's right) with a great friend. i always leave our get~togethers feeling exhilarated, positive and feeling like i can conquer the world. do you have friends like that? isn't it the best?

so, with this fab feeling, though i may not be exactly conquering the world literally today, i am going to conquer my recycling at the landfill and the bookstore with my son. later, i'll conquer a little classwork, but today a much needed break was in store and was perfect! these amazing spaces are from one of my favorite sites for inspiration, owi. check them out and often, a great source! enjoy...

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

planter time.

it's that time of year (thankfully!) friends, it's planter time! so, here is a small smattering, a tiny line~up of some of my favorites, some off~beat, some a bit more classic, but all slightly edgy and head turning. so, while i know you can head to your local nursery or home improvement store for your planter needs, if and when you want to design with planters in a new way, whether for residential or commercial purposes, here are a few original ideas for you...

ooh, 2 of my favorite fruits in design, lighting and designing for outdoors. the perfect combination no? these glowing "vases" by vondom are elegant by day and illuminating, ambient by night. ah, talk about a conversation piece? yeah.

so, here, mix it up, different heights, shapes, sizes, add greens, flowers, small shrubs, super eclectic, super fabulous. these "green pedestals" are offered by offecct.

how fun are these slightly geometric elevated planters by flora? designed by arik levy, the concept was to be a bit more face to face with your world of plants, "giving access to nature on a different level." perfectly said.

off~set, non~traditional and oh~so~eye~catching. this bd love planter by bdbarcelona comes in a variety of cheery colors (even neon red!), oh and did i say it doubles as a seat? yeah, it does that too!
i'm seeing many versions lately of the bench style, table style planter and i love this design. closer to eye level, easy to tend to, easy to enjoy. perfect for creating an enclosed dining, lounge area whether in a residential or commercial setting. like a living privacy wall. this one via vondom.

with "irregular surfaces and asymmetrical forms" this babylon planter for dedon plays with texture, highlighting the cargo it carries. when you want to do planters a little bit differently, this will do it my friends.

i really like the clustering of these super classic yet with a modern take planters. circular, soft and all while allowing the pieces contained in them to shine. via santa & cole.

driving through boston lately, i'm seeing planters come to life on residential brownstone steps, in front of commercial buildings, florists and nurseries are overflowing with options, tempting me right out of my car on the way to class. i love the breath of fresh air that planters add to the facade of any dwelling. simple transformations. i love that! enjoy...

Monday, April 25, 2011

pillow envy.

yeah for mondays again! a fresh new start to the week and a fresh eye for all things design. today, this somewhat grey monday (but who cares right?!), as i eat my organic blueberry waffles and syrup, about to take a run and then studying my french, i'm loving first these pillows from elsie dodds. loving i tell you!...

this pillow envy leaves me desiring cushion color, the explosive scenery bestowed on each cushion to the adorable simplicity of the letters which are the backs. elsie dodds pillows offer a fresh burst of wow to any couch, chair or bed. commercial or residential. grab one or two, or six or seven! in an area in your home or commercial space, that might be looking just a little too grown up, bring it down to the playful earth that it is with these elsie dodds pillows. just for fun!

hoping you all had a restful, rejuvenating easter weekend? ah, i had tons of classwork surrounding my every move (i'm nearing not only the end of this semester but graduation!) but i did manage to sneak in an evening out to watch a hockey game, drink some wine, eat delish food and sleep in! so for me, a great weekend, enjoy!

Friday, April 22, 2011

easter colors.

the colors of easter are everywhere, they are in the spring, new lines of perky clothing, flowers, you name it. soft, soothing, a little bit bright, the colors of easter are some of my favorites...










happy friday, happy easter friends! what are your plans? are you travelling? are you staying put? for me...i have beaucoup last minute classwork to tend to, but plan on a long walk or two on the beach, sleeping in, sunday breakfast (my favorite time to eat ever!) and some time with family. all the while, i'll be taking in those many easter colors of the season. notice the colors around you too! enjoy...;)