Saturday, July 30, 2011

another weekend light.

just popping in to say hello and that i hope everyone's weekend is going by slowly if you have it off and quickly if you're working ;) but most of all i hope you are enjoying every single gosh darn minute!

in between all of your enjoying, have a looksy at these amazing leaning lights offered up by maigrau. aren't they just about perfect? yup, that's right, perfection my friends. ok, carry on with your weekend...enjoy!

Friday, July 29, 2011

weekend lights.

happy friday friends! sorry for the late post but it was a frenzy of a day...

(1. via 2. by me 3. via
but guess what? at this moment in time i have a glass of red wine in hand, my love is preparing an amazing meal, salad, pasta, home~made vodka sauce, and toasted garlic bread. ah, yeah. so, all's well that ends well right? right. so with that said, i hope your weekend is as relaxing and dreamy as the streaming light in these images...soft, alluring and magical! enjoy...;)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

happy almost friday friends!

oh to be staying home today, with a book list like this to read, at my leisure, a cool breeze streaming in through a vintage door, no shoes on and nothing in particular on my mind.

but screeching to reality, i'm off and running today. the bonus? today is absolutely beautiful out. so i will still enjoy the breeze, just not at home. i'll eventually kick my shoes off and perhaps i can sneak in a moment or two of reading while on a break. enjoy your almost friday! ;)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

a groovy wednesday to ya.

hey! i hope you're having as groovy a day as these fab spaces ;) i've been running my son to his college for placement tests and getting acclimated to his new campus. sheeesh! i'm tired, but it was oh so fun!

i'm wishing i had a couch like the one above, to put my feet up on, close my eyes and drift off on the cloud that it is. i hope your day is going groovy and fantastic! enjoy...

Monday, July 25, 2011

yeah for mondays! today i'm drawn to...

these spaces...




let's start the week off by clearing the cobwebs. let's gather in open, airy summer spaces. with crisp lines, minimalistic yet warm. lots of sunlight. a natural color palette surrounding us. let's all breathe, because you know what? there is a fantastic week ahead of us. a clean slate my friends. that's what mondays are all about! enjoy...

Sunday, July 24, 2011

sunday faces.

today i'm loving the faces on things, on everything, on pillows and plates and i'm loving that donna wilson has a button on her website called creatures. like the third one below. just sunday faces to share and smile about...

hoping you enjoy this glorious sunday! i'm up early, the sun is popping out nicely and as i go about my day today, i'm going to notice all of the other cool faces out there, like donna wilson's. enjoy ;)

p.s. i found donna wilson originally through the fab blog the seventy tree. for a blog shout out too today!

Friday, July 22, 2011

one sofa, seven different ways. by vitra.

ok, so i missed thursday's post. my almost friday post. but look, here we are. it's no longer almost friday. it is! it's friday! let's celebrate with seven different ways to display a sofa or a couch, whichever word you prefer! let's start with vitra and these amazing displays of sofa goodness...

and you want to know something else? they're pretty too! there i said it. they're darn, outright pretty. and who doesn't want a pretty sofa i ask you? i want pretty...

hey, have a ball this weekend, whoop it up. relax. dance. eat alot. (eat more.) read the ending or beginning to a book. eat again. ;) sip some delicious wine. or lemonade. or something cold and wet. but most of all, design in your head while you are doing all of those things. it's fun! enjoy................

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

summer softness & light.

summer is certainly about bright bold flower inspired color palettes. but we also draw design~wise, from sand, sky, water, beach grasses and the color of fish, sunsets and marshmallows. summer can be super soft, the light subtle yet amazing. summer has a softness and light, after the bold settles down. here is a small roundup of some of my current fav's...



today i'm in a soft mood, i want to jump into a gauzy linen sundress, sip on a lightly fruit toned cold drink, lay in the summer sand and stare at the sky, the birds flying by me and picture soft glowing spaces, just like the summer outdoors. are you in a bold or soft mood today? i'd love to hear...enjoy!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


(via, design-crisis)

tonight, i'm enjoying this space. the colors, the patterns, the re-framed wall fabric as art, the fantastic flooring. just all of it. enjoy...

coffee spaces & fab finds.

this tuesday morning, i'm off for coffee with a friend, a friend who has 2 beautiful little girls, one just a baby! can't wait. as i woke this morning to an early cup of coffee with my love before he left for work, i visualized perfectly amazing spaces to sip your favorite type of coffee. doing that i found some new blogs and sites to shout about. have a look...

(via the marion house book)

(via designspiration)

(via chairsmith)

(via bo bedre)

(via japanese trash)

ah. yeah. i could certainly enjoy coffee, out of my mix and match antique coffee cups in any or all of these amazing coffee spaces. i also love the lighting choices in many of them as well, i'm a lighting junkie! so, this tuesday morning, i hope you are enjoying your coffee in an amazing space, even if it's your own! ;) enjoy these spaces and check out these new sites, they all offer gobs of design inspiration!