Friday, January 30, 2009

new lovelies from wisteria.

lovely french seaside birds. made of oyster and other shells.

votive holders fit for a queen.

mercury glass.

craving anything mercury glass.

floral hand stenciled chest. pure love.

tripod stool with mango wood for the seat. crafted after the late 18th century's potters stool.

signs of spring? oh yes!

balcony railing headboard. i've always wanted to find a gorgeous old iron gate for a headboard and i love this idea of using found objects and creating a new identity and use for it. fabulous.

urn candelabra. elegant new take on the ordinary candelabra.

love this wooden cake stand. you could put just about anything on top!

taking a peek back at one of my favorite sites to wisteria. and to my happiness seeing many new selections to wish for! touches of spring permeate wisteria's site right now and as usual completely elegant, unique pieces from the new urn candelabra, to all of the mercury glass! oh...the mercury glass! love the touch and element that this material, look and feel brings to a mantle, a window sill or a tabletop, worn, shiny, old and new compressed into one. love. lots of loves at first sights on wisteria today! happy friday, it's sunny here with promise of warming temperatures so all is well! enjoy....

Thursday, January 29, 2009

rune guneriussen.

norwegian photographer rune guneriussen takes photos of inanimate objects in unlikely natural environments providing her viewer with the sense of contradiction, nature vs. material, creating somewhat surreal settings...allowing us to ponder the possibilities. a magical world where humans have disappeared and objects seemingly constructed for mere functionality take on a life of their own. how fabulous! when viewing rune's photos you wonder what might appear in a certain setting or scene next. these functional objects having been released from human captivity have freed themselves in a glorious way, basking in the nature that has been denied them. i can picture one of her photos very large in a space that cries for a touch of whimsy, a touch of nature, a touch of humor. thoughts? fun or could you do without such scenarios? i adore the photos with the light, the lamps, the darkness illuminated. they leave me wondering mysteriously how they are plugged in? but then i don't care, i just bask in their glow. maybe they never needed cords? enjoy! :)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

modern outdoor.

so here's what's going on. it's january in massachusetts and i'm watching snow plows...again. while their equipment is fabulous and we cannot do without them, i can do without the snow right about now. so i am posting about beautiful modern outdoor furniture and accessories to boost my vitamin d deficiency and live vicariously through these photographs. picturing an ice cold beer in hand or perhaps a frozen margarita? whilst sunning myself perched on any of these beauties and any where in the world right now, except maybe here.

located just north of los angeles modern outdoor's pieces are equally suited for residential or commercial spaces with wholesale opportunities for architectural and trade companies interested. "the surface of the pieces are made from ipe wood or a marine-grade high-density polyboard material, and our kenji line has a natural fiber composite top. ipe is the wood of choice for our collection because of its superior qualities to other wood species. it is more resistant to surface scratching, decay, rot, mold, insect infestation, fire and weathering than most other woods, and it achieves this without the need for toxic protective chemicals. outdoor products made with ipe can last three times longer than those made from redwood or cedar - ipe is also three times as dense as teak. our stainless steel is brushed and electro-polished for a beautiful finish and increased corrosion resistance." perfect even for the most discerning of tastes.
dream away with me unless you are the opposite and wishing to be near all of my snow? we could definitely negotiate a trade right about now! enjoy!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

hopf & wortmann.

"a product needs more than perfect funktion and ergonomics, a product needs some poetry!" well i should say so. if these lights are not completely poetic, i'm not sure how close a design could come. founded in 1998, the design studio focused on industrial, interior, lighting and design. 4 of my favorite subjects. "the red thread of the design is the perfect mixture of organic shape and geometric elements,
sometimes with a bit of humor, playing with the viewers perception." play away! in my opinion these organic shapes that are lights are dreamy, drippy, soft and pliable in appearance. they move, they are still, they shine, they glow, they resonate. they are mood, they are a sense, they are absolutely exquisite! one of the most interesting elements of this company and their lighting is the fact that theirlights appear in clumps or alone or close to a ceiling of sitting on a floor...anything goes. these lights are fragile and sturdy all at once. i adore when such materials and subjects are fun, complicated, simple and elegant. i want them all and all for different reasons. enjoy!

Monday, January 26, 2009


make a summer table statement with these octopus napkin rings.

this table, how positively feminine...beautiful.

hudson finds and offers eclectic vintage pieces from accessories to furniture.

love the unique understated look of this tuxedo cabinet.

jill goldberg created hudson out of frustration with the selection of stores in her area, namely boston. "instead of putting up with it, she did something about it."
“i want people to walk into my store and feel as if they were walking into a home- a home where they felt comfortable enough to put their feet up and, at the same time, elegant enough to want to show off!” jill was raised in wellesley massachusetts and headed out to california to fullfill her acting dreams, meanwhile soaking up the california design atmosphere and style. "finally one day, she realized it’s time to go back to school and study a subject she had loved for so long, interior design. jill attended the fashion institute of design and merchandising in los angeles, where she thrived. upon graduation she left los angeles for boston, where she dove in head first." we're glad she did. her eclectic, fresh and inviting style is modern meets vintage, refreshing and classic all at the same time. her store is not one i've had the pleasure of shopping in yet but i'm planning a trip. hudson welcomes you straight from the internet so that visiting hudson in person must be a must. beautiful monday design eye candy. enjoy!