Thursday, December 31, 2015

happy new year friends!

i'm SO excited to see what this upcoming new year brings!
i don't really believe in setting up a particular strategy, in detail, formulating the next year. i think that life throws you waaaaaaay too many curve balls to make a strict list, and stick to it. plus it's kind of boring. i have learned alot this year, about myself, about what i want, and more importantly perhaps, what i don't want. sometimes that's the hardest to go through or let go.

sooooooooo...instead of getting all nostalgic about 2015 and making a bunch of promises for 2016, i thought i'd just leave you with some fun (or interesting) finds...

i found this interesting this year...how he flies around the world, for free.

this poignant interview tackled just a few of 2015's (and of course past years) issues. & you can buy his new york times bestselling book, here.

this winter i am loving these knit hats.

& can i please have all of these boots for 2016?

between the pool and the coastline, this place is on my travel to wishlist.

maybe sitting on this fun deck chair?

i just purchased this sweet little sponge holder. no rhyme or reason. just liked it.

going to a late christmas party? this chocolate bark recipe looks easy to make and bring.

this would be a super pretty new year's eve dress.

maybe with this tiny sparkler point ring?

and these earrings?

or these?

and last but not least, everyone needs a sweet little new calendar planner right? even if i don't want to plan my entire year up front, i like this one.

wherever you go and whatever you do this new year's eve, have a blast. and remember, the best is yet to come...enjoy!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015


jeroen van leur & thijmen van der steen of spitsberg are creating curious fixtures, built with carity, simplicity and great care...
oh, and in amsterdam! spitsberg's in house production and meticulous attention to "refined detail, craftmanship and enduring materials" allow for objects of art really, even though we are lucky enough to purchase them for functionality. lucky us. enjoy!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

in between the white...

i have been striving lately to create and maintain a minimalistic, white-driven residential space. lots of natural light, less color, less stuff in general...
but what with winter here, the craving for slippers, comfortable clothes and rugs, yes rugs, keep entering my "i will only have hardwood floors forever" mind.

these are my current cravings from baba souk. very graphic, full of energy and line, soft and comforting. when you are surrounding yourself with all of that white. in the middle of winter. enjoy!

ginger & jagger.

i thought with new year's ever approaching, i'd post about some truly decadent lighting...
ginger & jagger is a portugal based "product design brand that prides itself on creating handcrafted, high-end contemporary products inspired by nature." ginger & jagger's sculptural shapes blended with their use of exotic and sexy materials such as white marble, unusual woods and metals drawn you in, and inspire creativity, much like nature does.

ginger & jagger refers to their lighting as an aesthetic that is designed for the rebels, the travelers and the lovers of the world. is that you? then you are going to love this lighting...enjoy!

Monday, December 28, 2015

monday & atelier solarshop.

atelier solarshop, a beautiful shop out of belgium is also a "platform for designers and artists" to showcase their original pieces. one of my favorites? these hand-made (in belgium) "smyrna" cushions...
i'd have these scattered here, there and everywhere in my home. enjoy!

Sunday, December 27, 2015

sunday & one eskimo.

just because...


Wednesday, December 23, 2015

sending you holiday cheer!

happy holidays friends! & (if you celebrate it) i hope that you have the most amazing christmas ever...
does this time of year push you to be reflective at all? to consider all of the good that has occurred over the past year? (or stuff you'd rather forget?!) i go in and out of noting that the year is indeed winding down and that alot has been accomplished. yet, there is alot still on my wish list.

i am proud of this past year. i accomplished fulfilling my graduate degree at harvard (while working full-time!). so there's that. i have opened up my professional life and creative mind to amazing possibilities, even if they scare me a little. but at the same time, i will attempt to be less of a "goal digger" and separate what is truly working, and what i want to work on, on a new level. i want to embrace more current & local events and people that i care about, and environments that i absolutely love, more than i have been. back to goal digging again huh?

so that's my short reflection of 2015. it's almost in the rear view mirror. but what is exciting, is perhaps the best is yet to come. have a merry christmas and happy holidays

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

a foody christmas list.

unfortunately i'm not handy around the kitchen (if you know what i mean). thankfully there is alot of talent out there when in search of a perfect holiday recipe (styling included in all of these!)...
as i've circumnavigated the blogosphere lately, here are few recipes that stood out. to me. and hopefully to you too!

RECIPES: (peppermint white christmas, spiced christmas almonds, spiced avocado crostinis-2-ways, a boozy baked apple, buttermilk saffron buns, brown butter chocolate chip cake with bourbon caramel frosting.)


Monday, December 21, 2015

color palette love.

have you seen the upcoming pantone color palette for 2016?
(pin links)
listed as "rose quartz and serenity", you had me at each of them. i've rounded up a few favorite pins suggesting the same palette. do you like this year's tones? i'm actually LOVING them. enjoy!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

sunday & lately loving...

i know that i'm NOT supposed to be shopping for myself right now. but these beauties are pulling at my i want to buy myself presents heart strings...
this neon pink "on the sly" pillow offered up by rockferry.
this sweet peach dot linen table throw, also by rockferry.
i actually want 2 of these brass "wallace lamps" offered up by onefortythree
this screen printed cactus tea towel offered up by leah duncan's etsy site.
loving so much this geometric moroccan rug offered up by forest.
i could wear this just about anywhere, this "bias illusion dress" offered up by carleen.
and for fun, this open mouth jewelry dish, from west elm.

i will finish my christmas shopping (for others) first. after that, all bets are off ;) enjoy!