Friday, January 30, 2015

fun friday stuff.

hi! happy friday! what are you up to this coming (wintry) weekend? it's my son's birthday so we are making plans for a great night. plus i have something planned for him a few weeks for now. shhhh, it's a secret...
(via: plus she has great hair tutorials!)

so it's a birthday weekend, amongst the piles MOUNTAINS of snow in my part of the world. i bought my son this inflatable crown for christmas, i might just make him wear it to dinner. funny thing is...he would. wherever you go, whatever you do enjoy the heck out of yourself! oh...and just for a fun friday, some interesting things from around the web...enjoy!

how fun is this fingers crossed pin?

so sweet for spring...these "birdy glass tumblrs."

i'm going to one more year with long hair, (not sure if i'm a short hair person?!) but then...i might cut it like this.

valentine's day is coming, this sure is pretty cocktail.

speaking of valentine's day, this is a cute clutch to head out on a date in.

it's not pink or red, but for a valentine's date, this dress that cup of jo featured is stunning.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

winter quiet.

the storm in new england is over with. it's white, everywhere. it's quiet, everywhere. i took a walk, like only a few that i saw today did. and while there were the beautiful and beautifully ravaged areas, the beaches near me being one of them, there were also the animals, that also came out to see how their environments were affected...
(images: mine)

i walked by a cemetery and there were turkeys. everywhere. in the trees, on the ground, on the wire fencing surrounding the old headstones. they seemed to be getting sick of the snow, the cold, and they wanted to be above the fray for a while. i understood exactly how they were feeling. enjoy!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

disc tables.

today, i'm love, love, loving these "disk" side tables offered up by the german design company bower...
this is how bower describes the disc tables: "the recess and disc form a composition that invites movement and change of perspective. changing viewing perspectives reveals new sights and insights."

so interesting to the eye. the tables appear almost deconstructed. they are designed by eric degenhardt for bower. and i LOVE these! enjoy...

p.s.: blizzard update. so yes i am still in the middle of an epic nor'easter/blizzard/whiteout conditions/winter yuck. but...on a more positive note, as soon as the wind dies down, i'm heading out with my fully charged camera. i hope to show you pictures later alligator.

Monday, January 26, 2015

snow day...

ok, so, much to my dismay and the fact that i have been positively channeling warmer weather and consistently feeling lucky that i have had virtually no snow in my area this winter yet...we are getting a blizzard. ugh...
so what is one to do in such circumstances? make sure i have my camera battery charged (this is supposed to be epic. and so epic needs to be photographed), putting on extra socks and getting candles ready. red wine has been purchased...that's for later.

i hope that if you are in the line of this storm that you stay safe. and if you are in a very warm place, i wish i was you. enjoy!

thinking summer necklaces.

looking toward the seasonal future, aka summer, these necklaces offered up by the etsy site elephantine are delicate and pretty, and would go with just about everything...
dresses, t-shirts and shorts, bathing suits...a summer wardrobe deserves simple, easy, pretty little necklaces, the you don't care if you ever take them off kind of necklaces. these are those. enjoy!

Friday, January 23, 2015

hello friday!

have a relaxing weekend everyone!

how has your week been? mine has been chugging along, staving off winter blahs, (so many people i know are heading to this warm place and that warm place and i swear i'm about to jump on a plane!), and i'm finding myself reading. alot. especially since completing my graduate degree, where i was consumed by research and tons of reading that wasn't let's shall we say, leisure reading material.

so, i've, for the first time in years (no really!) been reading whatever i choose (see here). which is fun! crazy though, the last 2 books i've read leave me crying in car dealerships and my favorite burrito restaurant. i had to put one book down yesterday before i made a scene. but they are great reads. i think i'll look for a more upbeat book next?!

i hope that you have a super relaxing weekend! enjoy...

Thursday, January 22, 2015

husk chairs.

i really like these for office or conference room chairs. you know...to do it a little bit differently.
they're called "husk" chairs. they are designed by patricial urquiola for b&b italia. there are endless color combinations, material and sizes, (like you can get extra large in these and be super comfortable at work ALL day!), & you can purchase matching foot rests too. okay, that would be dangerous while trying to get work done. a little too relaxing.

but seriously, i love when companies such as b&b italia offer a new take on the traditional, functional design. even getting you to look at an office chair differently. or more comfortably! enjoy...

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

roll & hill.

ah, okay. if i were to purchase lighting right now, for ANYONE, i would start here, at roll & hill...
roll & hill is based in sunset park brooklyn, and is "committed to on-demand production, which allows for each piece to be customized to a client's needs." roll & hill explains that they deliberately draw from a rich base of materials such as brass, bronze, leather, wood, rope and hand-blown glass. incredible. roll & hill also works with independent, innovative, and very exciting designers. it shows.

my jaw remained open the entire time i was perusing their product line. like i had to remember to shut it type of open. these lights are exciting. they are dynamic, original, and their lines hearken back to nature, hence photographing them outdoors. everything roll & ball does, they do well. and let me tell ya, you can tell hand-made or custom-made, it stands out, from everyone else. everyone. i love that! enjoy...

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

california home tour.

lonny magazine recently featured the AMAZING home of designer tamara kay honey. did you see it?
and i dont' usually post so many images in one post. but i couldn't stop. and there's MORE, here. tamara captured an incredible warmth in this home with touches of shiny and brushed golds & brass throughout the entire home, hanging & leaning eclectic artwork large and small and focusing often on textural elements...then there's the intentional mixture of old and new (my favorite way to design any space) which in my opinion, keep the entire home, interesting.

tamara is from canada, and in the lonny article she states that despite now living in california, with very different temperatures than canada, "sheepskins and furry rugs remain a staple." tamara also says that it's not uncommon for her children to come home from school to find many rooms moved all around in a very "alice in wonderland" sort of way. fun. tamara's style is warm and comfortable. she likes pieces with scratches or "wrinkles" as she call them for they "reflect a well-lived life." this home is so well done. enjoy!

Monday, January 19, 2015

watercolor porcelain.

lindsay emery, the ceramacist, owner, and designer of suite one studio is creating these, these gorgeous plates & bowls in her north carolina studio...
lindsay works with high quality porcelain and inspired by watercolors, does just that, she creates her own watercolor designs, however abstract you wish to interpret them. there is a special softness about these pieces, a particular care and attention emanates from lindsay's work. you can see it and you can sort of feel it. enjoy!