Thursday, January 31, 2013

yuhang lighting. it's pure symbiosis.

every now and then i get really, really excited about a particular line of lighting. this lighting, by the team over at yuhang has me that kind of excited.
this particular lamp, the ning lamp is one of my new favorites. made with the eclectic mixed medium of bamboo, porcelain powder and epoxy resin, yuhang describes this design as "a combination of traditional and new materials. the ancient handcraft meets a nowadays design language." i love this description!

and that's not all. yuhang offers/creates alot more. and alot more amazing lights. check out their site here, to meet the team, to see what they are doing. because what they are doing, all of it, is truly amazing. enjoy!

ironmongery. masters of their trade.

ironmongery is one of those companies you want and need if you're building or remodeling residential or commercial spaces. they offer up a variety of home hardware for everyday aspects of your home or business such as cabinets, doors, gates, shelves & signs. and while these aspects of your business or home seem everyday, ironmongery has a wide range and assortment of product to make your spaces extraordinary, such as these unique sliding doors.
i really love when a company offers up interesting, do it differently solutions. and you know what? if you can make sliding doors like these offered up by ironmongery, you are now rethinking entryways, patios and even landscaping. sometimes just one change, one amazing element, such as sliding doors done differently, can transform spaces, inside and out. leading you to experience coming and going in a whole new way. i love that! enjoy...

***this post is sponsored by ironmongery and i'm proud to promote their company & product line.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

the ear cuff trend.

i keep seeing crazy beautiful ear cuffs. from simple to straight out dominating. are you into this trend? is it something you'd entertain wearing to the right event? depending on your mood would you go bold or barely there?
(1 2 3)
honestly wtf's blog posted a great article with links to a ton of unique cuffs. in case you are interested. or feeling daring. ;) enjoy!

two designers. and cork.

i've always really enjoyed the medium of cork. in small amounts. two designers, who claim on their site that they are "somewhere between hell and paradise" (i love that by the way!) have an overall edgy~ness to their approach, their graphics and their interior design (yes, they do that too).
obviously influenced by street art, graffiti, rough and experienced spaces, spaces holding traces of life, two designers also enjoys spaces that offer a definite nod to the future.

two designers also links to a really fun blog. full of new works, works in progress and videos that let you in, allow you to experience the creative process, somewhere between hell and paradise. enjoy!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

pom pom factory.

the options & product line offered up by the pom pom factory have my imagination swirling.
from parties, to weddings to fun photo shoots to office or home fun, these pom poms, large & small are intriguing. don't you just either want to jump into a pile of them or twirl around underneath an umbrella of them? did i say that out loud? ok, so i do. there i said it. enjoy the possibilities ;)

smooncage lighting. by beau & bien.

there is some unique and interesting designing going on at beau & bien. glowing lamps, conjuring up soft sensations, provocatively ethereal. sexy and sensational.
beau & bien explains their design process like this: "smooncage is the result of designers’ dream, to catch moonlights and put them in a cage." catching moonlights? yes please! enjoy...

Monday, January 28, 2013

wallpaper pattern ideas.

the tumblr site a place for art is chock full of fun patterns, many of which i thought would make for pretty wallpaper ideas...
even if for one wall, in a bedroom as a headboard/backdrop or one dining room wall, you name it. let your imagination run wild. do you ever see patterns and think that they would make for amazing wallpapers? my son creates patterns on his laptop often, he uses them for personal laptop wallpapers, but i've told him often that he should develop them into a wallpaper line. hey, you never know...enjoy!

p.s. new music under my likes & listens tab. monday music.

coral & tusk.

coral & tusk is a cool as a cat company, incorporating tons of texture (embroidery galore!), quirky designs (the hungry whale pillow is one of my favorites!) and as stephanie housley and her business partner/husband chris lacinak explain, a "sensitive handling of color and surfaces." ok guys, coral & tusk is just plain fun...
i happened upon coral & tusk in the february issue of martha stewart living (which by the way is chock full of yummy valentine's foody ideas). another link to check out on coral & tusks's site is their "adorn" line. offering up embroidered scarves & jewelry.

happy monday friends! another fresh start to a brand new week. i hope that your weekend was amazing ;) enjoy!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

watercolor vogue.

i first saw swedish artist mats gustafson's work on wit & delight's fab blog, here. the dreamy fashion images evoke a particular sensuality, demureness and a confidence that is intoxicating. i love that.
gustafson studied costume and stage design and went on to collaborate with the likes of chanel, andy warhol & japanese fashion designer yohji yamamoto. he currently lives in new york city.

if you are so inclined...the fashion illustration gallery features gustafson's work here (price available upon request). i wish i could request. enjoy your sunday!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

a walk.

it was really cold the other afternoon/early evening. but despite the temperature, i grabbed my camera, took a drive to one of my favorites spots on cape cod and watched the sun go down on a short walk. here's what i saw...
watching the sun set is a beautiful and free show that we sometimes forget to indulge in. it's offered to us every single day and sometimes we forget that. i try to remember now and then, such as this night.

it was special. i had purchased a beautiful onion ficelle baguette from my favorite french bakery, blue cheese, red wine and then popped into a pub that has my favorite lobster bisque. i sat, i watched, i ate. it was perfect. i hope your weekend is amazing. and if not, go watch the sun go down. enjoy!

Friday, January 25, 2013

retro & graphic.

i stumbled upon this site which highlights graphic, retro posters from back in the day. i like them for their fonts, the line and color palettes. i'm not a huge fan of framing prints ( i prefer original artwork), but these two could change my mind.
see more here. particularly inspiring if you're working on an artistic project and you need a boost of inspiration. these will do that.

and happy friday friends!! i'm just back from a 4 mile run in the 25 degree cold and i have to tell you, it. was. awesome. really! i enjoy running in the winter, there is something about that cold air in your lungs. rejuvenates me beyond words. what do you have planned for this upcoming weekend?

i'm going to be searching for something special for my son's birthday coming up on feb. 1st, heading to starbucks for an afternoon with my laptop to prepare for my last graduate course and job search (sitting there for some reason allows me to focus, where if i'm home, i'll just start doing laundry or something else instead of what i really need to be doing). in between i'm hoping to sip some red wine and breathe before another crazy semester begins. i hope you have a really great weekend yourselves...enjoy!

eroded stools. by i m lab.

there's alot i like about these "eroded stools" offered up by i m lab. from the organic eroded earth design to the sustainable medium and use of cork, then, with the addition of that soft, muted fabric makes this entire design just about fabulous.
these eroded stools lend themselves to both commercial and residential spaces, places. imagine them sprinkled generously, singularly or grouped, in a swanky hotel lounge or bar area?

or in your home? how about grouping them for a unique and intriguing coffee table or stack them for an unusual/beautiful nightstand? that's what i'm talking about. enjoy!

p.s. new video under my likes & listens tab. the avett brothers. the cello gets me!