Sunday, May 24, 2020

hi, how are you doing?

hoping you are coping your way through this funky fog. at the very least the summer is popping wide open and hopefully lifting all of our spirits with the sun and fresh air and promises of falling asleep on sandy towels and swimming and and yeah...
have you gone through certain withdrawals since this virus started like i have? missing going out for a drink socially, people watching, combing through the amazing racks of used clothing at my local good will (and the one near my house is seriously great) for that hidden treasure find, popping into stores spontaneously, trying food from that restaurant that you were about to try for the first time, walking slowly through aisles of nail color looking for a new tone, sitting in my hair stylists chair and talking about whatever pops up that day and leaving feeling refreshed and amazing, all of those things. and then slowly the withdrawals wane and you begin taking pleasure in other things around you, inside and outside your isolation, because, well you have to, and then that becomes enough. this must be how the waves go if you were stranded on a deserted island. and maybe we sort of are right now. and maybe i'm a bit guilty (ok alot guilty) for taking all of those silly things for granted. i promise not to do it when we get back to it. pinky swear.

and some finds from around the world wide web. stay positive and think social drinking thoughts, it will all come.

would love to be quarantined here.

just put up this light over my dining room table. thinking this pendant for my kitchen window. or maybe this one?  ok, one more here. veerrrrry into the tiki woven look at my little beach house.

currently saving for this rug for my new living room, obsessed.

pretty front porch lighting.

bathroom dreams.


this colorful home makes me happy. those red floors! looooooooove them!

a pretty pendant.

pretty raffia wallcovering for a splash of color.

just bought these shoes.

these shorts, that color.

as we look to our vintage scarves and bandanas as masks, how about a bandana dresss, or a bandana top? very cool!

i just bought these dining chairs in the black finish with cary linen seats. can't wait!

love garance, and her podcast on sex and relationships during quarantine is a great listen, especially if you want to laugh (so many truths!, ha) :)

looking for memorial day sales, she's got you covered.


Saturday, May 2, 2020

have a relaxing weekend!

happy may! i hope you are hanging in there and having a relaxing weekend (or best you can!)...
what have you been up to with all of this time on your hands at home? i've been still taking a daily beach walk. looking for sea glass and bits of chips of old plates and tea cups (yes i find alot!) has been a much needed therapy session for me. i recently put in a seashell driveway (myself!) and have been throwing the bits of weathered colored glass into the driveway when i get home. slowly creating a kaleidoscope driveway which makes me insanely happy. hey, it's the little things right now right?!

i also just ordered a bunch of different canvas sizes and brand new tubes of paint. i have some old supplies too but want to prompt myself to get back to painting and right now, i have the luxury of an open ocean right down the street with ever changing weather to put onto canvas. i'll share a few when i'm done.

i hope that you too are finding ways to check it down, focus on the positive, tiny things that make you happy. they all add up :) and some fun finds from around the world wide web, if yer interested. take care!

love this.

i've been searching for dining room chairs. if you have too, here is a clever list of 30.

this image made me happy.

this makes me happy too (and hungry).

my next purse.

loving this mini tote for summer too.

we've got this. the entire website is the sweetest! i mean these bunnies!? :)

i just like her.

i might grab this beauty for under my new deck.

a pretty tumbler.

hey and since we are all having our drinks at home these days...this bamboo bar cart is to die for.

loving this outdoor rug.

i've been burning candles EVERY night lately. are you too? these are oh so pretty (and support small business).

love these, quarantine photographs by the day.

for a color pick-me-up.