Tuesday, September 30, 2014

crochet bangles

i love these this afternoon, these crochet bangles...
they are part of a diy project here, but seriously if she sold these, i would buy up bunches of them. just in time for big chunky sweater season too! so fun...enjoy!

short brass vases.

these are lovely, these short brass vases. and so is this short film...

gorgeous! enjoy...

Monday, September 29, 2014

be wonder woman.

this ted talk by social psychologist and harvard professor amy cuddy will have you feeling like wonder woman, if only a couple minutes at a time...hey, it's a start!

i found this talk via a cup of jo's blog over the weekend. i can think of so many situations, on a daily basis that this talk, and posing like wonder woman...could give you a boost. fake it until you become it! enjoy...

monday & 8 pins.

8 pins that get me going this monday...
(1,2,3,4,5,6,7, 8)

i'm not sure why i save particular pins. is it because of the color, the pattern, the movement or energy they exude or the statement that they make? are you 100% sure why you save certain pins? me either...but these stir my mood today. hope they stir yours too! enjoy...

Friday, September 26, 2014

have a super weekend!

what are you up to this coming weekend? anything creative?
i'm trying to snap out of a blah mood i've been in this week. could it be the seasons changing? anyway, i'm writing today, graduate work. but i plan on getting out and treating myself to something (to snap out of said mood). sometimes you just gotta do that!

sunday is supposed to be beach weather here again, near 80 degrees! crazy. i hope that you have a really great weekend, enjoy!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

black & white goodness.

london based textile designer petra green launched room 39 in 2010. her designs lend themselves in fun and interesting ways toward the abstract, toward brilliant and bold patterns. have a look...
i was super drawn to petra's designs in black and white, from her line of textiles and pillows to her tabletop accessories. they are stark, stirring and offer a ton of texture and energy to spaces...yes even from one pillow. enjoy!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


imagine having such a window?
i would dream the day away in this space, with that window. just amazing...enjoy!


recently, designlovefest's blog posted about reimagining your work spaces. considering this idea, some beautiful contemporary pieces coming out of the italian company maxdesign are certainly perfect additions to freshening up a space that you spend alot of time in...
one of maxdesign's objectives is paying attention to "the well-being of the spaces in which we live and work, more and more small, sometimes temporary, certainly in flux."

maxdesign recognizes the pace with which we work today, that we are sometimes spending long hours in work spaces & places and sometimes we are mobile or moving our spaces or moving them around. they realize that we depend on fresh & easy changes to our work atmospheres to keep our minds fresh, to keep our creativity flowing in innovative ways. did i just over analyze office furniture? maybe. maybe not...enjoy!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

things metal.

i was going to show you one thing from i heart luxe's blog, but then there was more to love...
what kept popping out were all things metallic. for some reason they appeal to me today. especially hints of it, touches and highlights. they're all just fun! enjoy...

Monday, September 22, 2014

office idea.

i love this for a creative & fun office idea...

many offices (home or otherwise) utilize dry erase boards to generate creative ideas, list projects or to sketch out future designs, but what about this never-ending roll of paper as an alternative? to actually sketch, to visually see ideas come together and then keep them as "hard copies?" i LOVE it!

plus as your ideas are never-ending so too is the roll, just keep moving it forward. brilliant! enjoy...

etel adnan.

this monday morning, the artwork of etel adnan inspires me...

etel was born in lebanon in 1925. she lives and works now between paris and california. the focus of the majority of these paintings is "the san francisco bay area's mount tamalpais." there is a quickness about etel's work, she finishes a majority of her paintings in one sitting. "their compactness, the joy of using color," all of this combined immerses you in her work, in the mountain's landscape.

you can read more about etel and her work, here. what is inspiring you today? enjoy...

Friday, September 19, 2014

have a beautiful weekend!

i'm off an running today. on my way to boston, then to visit my son at his college campus, grab him, and get him out for dinner.

what are you up to this weekend? does it feel like fall where you are yet? we are being teased by fall here, but also relishing a few last summer(y) days too! yeah! have a beautiful weekend. and for more fun, here are a few favorite finds from my searches this week...

how to make a vintage hanky panky.

or a black velvet?

been thinking of cutting my hair like this.

loving this clear bangle.

this blog makes me want to learn to surf.

the new anthropologie magazine, this bed, i die!

when you can't get the creative juices flowing, this is funny.