Tuesday, November 30, 2010

let's have coffee together this morning...on any of these amazing coffee tables!

when it comes to sitting down with friends, family or loved ones, there are so many options for entertaining, even for just enjoying a simple cup of coffee. beginning here with this collection of coffee tables from rafemar, (whose logo is "as life should be" which i love!), this modern oak wood coffee table with metal tray offers up a contemporary, dramatic flare for enjoying a perfect cup of coffee!

"inspired by piles of logs resting on saw horses awaiting processing in a workshop". how fun texturally is this log pile coffee table from aprro? so fun that's what!

i had to share aprro's side table too! i just love this, almost more! if your space is in need of texture, well, there you have it.

i'm not typically a huge fan of glass tables or glass topped tables but many of these i've found are feature worthy. this organic shape, soft, the translucent colors tone down the fact that this amazing coffee table is composed of glass entirely. via established & sons.

well well, talk about doing "the coffee table" just a little bit differently. just a smidge right? exquisite. via fiam.

this coffee table design, named "cage" & designed by gordon guillaumier for tacchini is just striking. just lovely.

how about coffee served on this mouthblown tinted glass, varnished bronze oh~so~gorgeous coffee table? wowzers! via abr. (they have so many pretty things, you must check out their site!)

very petite, very glam, very pretty way of having coffee, via bonaldo.

where are you sipping your coffee or tea this tuesday? i'm at my kitchen table but you know what? i may move over to my very own coffee table which is very interesting all on it's own. we picked it up from a wonderful place on cape cod, here, which restores beautiful wood, transforms wood really. the base is the bottom of a vintage wood stove and the top is made of a pumpkin pine. really amazing. here's a picture below.

so there you have it! grab a cup of coffee. if you're in need a conversation piece coffee table, grab one from any of these amazing designers i've featured and enjoy!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

mondays and wish lists.

an oh~so~happy~monday to you! back to reality. attempting to lose the thanksgiving pounds we all put on. (i took an extra walk this weekend! i had to ;) meanwhile, with christmas coming full speed ahead, i'm dreaming of things. of really amazing things! i'll be sharing all month long some of my most dreamy of design wishes for christmas. so keep checking back. but for now, here's an exciting start!

towards the holidays we are always looking for ways of displaying flowers, branches, anything pretty like that. how about doing it differently with these movisi vases? ah, yeah.

wishing for anything that sancal makes. from pillows to furniture. lots of pattern here, textures, shapes, just so amazing!

i think i would be dreaming if this was my kitchen or dining table. wouldn't you? simply amazing design by riva.

for thanksgiving we fired up our home~made fire pit outside. our guests brought their glasses of wine outdoors to gather, get some fresh air and soak up the fire on that beautiful afternoon. i'd really love to wow guests with this pretty cool fire basket from roshults. the basket style is what is so unique.

i think that this take on the planter is just so fun. could we bring this indoors to experience a bit of nature through the winter months? oh, i would! and imagine the possibilities, what could add to this planter? how pretty plunked right in a beautiful entry~way! offered up by amos design.

wishing for any and all of the dreamy lighting offered up from brand van egmond. love!
this dreamy armchair from poliform? completely cloud~like! in my imagination i'm plunked in this chair as i type!

the house feels quiet. my two loves are back to work and back to school. as for me, i'm breaking out the french books, and beginning a final paper for another class. i'll use the quiet time to study, listen to my cat snore (he really does!) and enjoy the sunshine streaming in the window behind me. enjoy!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

sunny sundays.

happy sunny sunday (at least from where i'm sitting!) what are you all up to? still digesting thanksgiving food? me too. today i'm off to meet my sister and my mom for a belated birthday lunch. my fiance highlighted my hair today (he does an amazing job. i know right?) and later, watching my cat do crazy things, studying french, french and more french. also time with my son and perhaps a game of cards. i love sunny sundays! enjoy.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

enjoy your thanksgiving everyone!!

well, that about says it all. have a most relaxing thanksgiving friends! are you doing anything out of the ordinary? anything special? going somewhere or staying at home? running around or calmly preparing and waiting for guests? we are somewhere in between all of that. my fiance keeps showing up at the door in between work hours, dropping off random parts to the meal, a pie he picked up at our favorite pie shop, to herbs and large bags of potatoes. has been fun to watch him. we're hosting thanksgiving in our (very little) cottage, but the fun parts...preparing a large planter in autumn colors at the front door, watching my fiance prepare his menu and begin piecing together the entire meal (he's beyond talented in the kitchen, not kidding) raking the last bit of leaves that keep mocking me and by tomorrow at noon, should be enjoying a glass of cabernet and taking it all in. hope you are too! enjoy...;)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

cheery brightness from skitsch.

these super cute and super fun sofa units from skitsch are what first turned my head whilst perusing the pages of skitsch. they made me smile, they are pudgy, chunky and you can remove the cushions changing out the color, creating a fresh new look (and color palette) whenever you'd like! plus i sort of like the exposed birch wood base. kind of industrial meets soft and cozy.

how fun is the brightness yet clarity of these chairs? i'd love them sprinkled around an older kitchen table or dining table to throw it off style~wise or era~wise.

i love this dueling candelabra. both beautiful vase and candle holder all at once. which is more beautiful? flowers or candles. i suppose both then! how amazing on your table for thanksgiving or christmas?

a, to fool the eye, bookshelf/sidetable. just for fun.

wonder twin powers activate. with this super fun comic colored rug. in the right spot (a boys room?) this is just perfect.

i loved these metallic little seats. they also come in small coffee table versions.

can you say floating on a bright & cheery cloud?

ok, i need to snap out of it, get going, perhaps another cup of coffee is in order. i'm in a fog. i crept out of boston after classes last night because of road construction, seriously we all crept, could have run faster. so getting home late and now with a million (not really, but close) things to do getting ready for turkey day, i need a boost of energy! well at least this bright cheeriness from skitsch has helped me along. where's my coffee cup again? ;) enjoy!

Monday, November 22, 2010

milky skies and winter approaching.

what happened this weekend? all of the sudden i'm sitting in the stands at "the game" (harvard/yale) and realized that oh, my, gosh, it's approaching winter. i could feel it in the crisp air, the milky skies and in my lack of dress for the occasion. on that wintery note, i thought i'd feature some cool winter items, scenes, spaces and tablescapes i'm drawn to this season approaching. oh, and harvard won. yeah that's right!

curl up in very cool winter style in any of these unusual loveseats by porada. via trendir.

wintery wonderful silk and velvet pillows from toast. let's toast to that!

balancing cool winter table top blues with cheery brights uplifts the table top landscape. this pretty display via the elegant thrifter.

i strangely like these glitter beetles from flutter.
don't know why, just do. i'm drawn to the fact that bugs can be made pretty i suppose.
i just love this space, especially adding the stacked books with a pillow on top for that extra added seat, how sweet is that? that's about how my table will look this thanksgiving! ;) via emma's.

let's hang out here for the winter? with home~made hot chocolate, or sipping hot and spicy cider, or the perfect temperature red wine? ah, i'm there. iva domosfera.

enjoying this cool, yet welcoming winter space, via design shimmer.

evoking a soft, cool, wintery glow with these pillows via hviit.

a few fun snapshots of me, my love (my other love, my son, is not a big sports fan so he opted out of this game) and "the game" atmosphere.

here's the fun part! we won! fans rushing onto the field to congratulate the players. not us, you had to scale down a pretty steep concrete wall and let's just say, ah, i'm not 20 years old anymore!

this weekend was really super relaxing for me and my loves. it's a treat for me to actually get to walk around boston and harvard square without running from class to class. also the weather was just pre~winter perfect. sunday was spent raking more leaves to spruce up the little place we live and its surroundings before entertaining for thanksgiving. (there are still piles to take away, yikes.) i hope your weekend left you rested, relaxed, rejuvenated and restored. getting ready for the holidays approaching, we'll all need that! enjoy...

Friday, November 19, 2010

a pretty wild shopping experience at l'eclaireur.

this weekend, i'm tempted to hop a flight to france just to take in this amazing space constructed for l'eclaireur. guests are welcomed by each staff member to "unveil" product. it's not in your face shopping. it's weightless in surroundings, visual, tactile, and catches the first time visitor off guard. how intriguing!

"more than two tons of recycled wooden planks, cardboard, and used aluminum print-plates were delivered to shape the scenography of this haute-couture women's boutique." the entry way is intoxicating, drawing you in to the belly that is l'eclaireur. goods at l'eclaireur are exposed or deliberately not exposed, waiting for you to seek them out. a very intimate personal shopping experience. i am adoring that it's not simple, it's not typical or easy or boring. l'eclaireur puts you in touch with their product, literally, truly making this shopping experience, an experience. isn't that what it should be? oh, and you must go to their site (here) for another treat, (they even have a restaurant to be tempted by). it's just a super fun site to check out. also you can shop on line here.

happy friday and end of a hectic week. i'm still in excited it's friday mode and pondered driving 2 hours tonight to see my absolute favorite jazz musician dave brubeck, who turns 90 years old soon and is playing near me (well 2 hours away but hey that's sort of near me)(and my fiance was like "what? are you kidding?). then we have "the game" tomorrow. we are heading up to boston to take part in the craziness that is the harvard/yale football game. tailgating at harvard? should be interesting. what are you all up to? do tell, do tell! enjoy...