Wednesday, October 31, 2012

happy halloween.

happy halloween friends. are you someone who really gets into the spookiness of it all? do you dress up? do you imagine yourself as someone else this holiday? and if so...who?

i think this halloween, i'd deviate from spooky and go all kinds of sexy. all kinds of starlet. all kinds of bridget bardot. (i've always loved this particular image of her) complete with heavy eyeliner, full, painted lips, hairsprayed (big) hair, cigarette and all. hey, a girl can dream right? i'd love to hear your halloween dress up stories...enjoy!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

my storm.

i was caught on the outskirts of the hurricane yesterday. it was windy beyond words. it was beautiful beyond words. this is what i saw...
i'm one of those people that if you tell me that a hurricane is coming and you tell me to stay indoors, i'm heading out. so i grabbed my camera, jumped in the car and enjoyed the whole storm, the whole day of it. i drove around, i watched people, i watched people watching the storm.

i stayed out, on the road, the whole day. i listened to the storm because it has a sound. i watched it subside and calm and everything return to normal, except it wasn't.

from my vantage point, you could see just how small we are as people, how little control we really have over events, such as these. it just had me thinking, and i found myself giving renewed respect for the wind, the ocean and the seals i saw swimming through all of it. enjoy.

Monday, October 29, 2012

a storm.

i live on cape cod and we are bracing for quite a storm today. i should be curled up with a book, under a blanket, sipping coffee. but not me.
(image credit: i forget!)
i'm off work early, i'm grabbing my camera and heading to some of the most beautiful beaches that will be affected by this wind. i'll hope to post some photos tomorrow, providing we haven't lost power ;) stay safe everyone, like me, in the storm's path...

Saturday, October 27, 2012

photographing fire.

i saw matt mckee's photographs on aluminum hung at one of my favorite bars in boston recently. all were hung against white painted brick and stood out as brilliantly as the images themselves.
i was imagining one of matt's pieces, extra large, hung in a residential dining room. i really love impact pieces in spaces. you leave that one wall or areas space in your home alone...and just wait for the right piece to take it over.

matt mckee's work is one of those impact pieces. mesmerizing, capturing everything primeval that exists in you. i love that. enjoy...

*you can also find matt mckee's work at the suzanne schultz gallery, here.

Friday, October 26, 2012

a view.

i'm not sure i've seen something quite this beautiful in some time.
(via & via)

it's a mountain lodge in sognefjorden norway. far far away. it's where i'd like to be. whose with me? ;) enjoy...

Thursday, October 25, 2012

quirky animal pillows.

how super quirky fun are these curious animal print pillows offered up by ohh deer? even just one on your couch, bed or favorite piece of furniture is enough to make you smile.
at first i thought, wow...these are kind of strange. then they grew on me. especially after seeing the gorilla with the gold watch and the smile came across my face. hey, why can't a gorilla sport a gold watch? ;) enjoy...

lightframe by herr mandel.

this almost friday, i'm enjoying the handcrafted designs of herr mandel. these lightframe shades are my favorite item herr designs. the open, abstract, window to the light vantage point is intriguing and fun. i picture these in really fabulous ways commercially and residentially.
hanging them singularly or clumping them, forming your own unique chandelier or pattern of lighting throughout the space. i love when one design conjures up so many ideas. it's a good thing. enjoy!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

plastic goods.

designer/artist phil cuttance is taking scrap plastic, from a local london plastic fabricator and hot air welding them into these really interesting geometric vases.
phil also creates faceture lightshades and vases out of water base resin. they are offered up in a variety of super soft pastel colors, check those out here.

there is always someone on this planet, each and every day, doing something differently. especially re-imagining new uses for found materials or discarded materials, such as plastic, metal, wood, you name it. that's what makes the design world so interesting, that's what i'm talking about friends!

p.s.) i'm heading last minute to a fundraising event for a local politician tonight in boston and the special guest is none other than this guy. so, i'll have a smile on my face. wouldn't you? and i need a smile today. enjoy!

the painted house.

this is a fab new find. the painted house has come up with that alternative to wallpaper, rolling on patterns, designs, images...easy peasy. oh, and there's a special roller to transform fabrics too. claire bosanquet first discovered rollers like these in romania on a hiking trip. since then she's started her own line of rollers,and i have to tell you, i love these things!
i'm imagining all of the ways in which you could use this tool. seriously! go beyond walls, to doors, or an old painted bureau, a ceiling? you could really have fun in small ways or large with this idea. enjoy!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

this dog.

morgan's (from the brick house) dog bea arthur featherfoot beepers (seriously it's her name). she cracks me up every time i see her furry face. i need this on a mid~term test day. seriously need it.

zero lighting. it's anything but...

zero lauds itself as innovative problem solvers. i'm here to laud them as interesting, diverse and a company who is offering up some amazing, fantastical choices in the world of lighting. one of my favorite worlds by the way.
this is what zero attempts to capture: that you try to imagine yourselves, surrounded by the darkest of snowy winter nights. as the clouds dissipate and the moonlight peeks finally out, the glitter of the snow is all the
more magical. what an amazing strategy, concept and goal.

personally, i love how zero utilizes an array of texture, unusual materials such as felt, cords, wire, metals, allowing for as zero describes it, "the surprisingly unexpected, the unique." enjoy!