Thursday, June 30, 2011

funk line lighting, by 13 degrees.

today, this almost friday, i'm loving this lighting line named "funk" by thirteen degrees, a company out of germany, a pair of designers with a flair for exceptional design and who met by the way while studying design in dresden, on the thirteenth line of longitude, hence the fabulous name.

what did i tell you? aren't they lovely? wow. one of things i love the most is that they are not flashy, full of color or over~designed in such a way that you would tire of them. they are classically gorgeous. visit there site here to ogle their lighting just a little bit more!

what are your plans for the upcoming fourth of july weekend? well...my family has a rare day off together and the weather looks unbelievable my friends, gorgeously sunny and warm. so, because we are all total beach freaks, boogy~boarding, snoozing, reading, talking and laughing are all in order. let me know your plans, i'd love to hear! enjoy...

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

hay. ambitious appeal.

i have a new rug love affair going on. have a look...based out of denmark, hay is an amazing new company, established in 2002 and branching into furniture and other home accessories. but their rugs in particular are what stopped me. not only do you notice different, in their words, "hay is committed to nurturing and promoting the originality of young talents as well as exploring the twisted minds of established designers." i love that!

from lines to dots...so super fun!

of course i'm drawn to any piece draped in line, simple, soft lines, flowing, interrupted or continuous. lines transform a regular color palette or texture within a piece, they illuminate it, bring it to life, and hay's rugs absolutely give rugs new and improved life.

it's wednesday, what are you doing? last night i was like a little kid. i bought a new bike (nothing fancy, sort of a vintage-esque look) and slapped a new basket on the front and jumped up and down like it was christmas and i was 6 years old! hey, we all have to do that sometimes right? so, i'm off to day, to ride like the wind, collect things to put in my basket, flowers from the beach nearby maybe? enjoy your day!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

ffffound inspiration.

and no, i didn't spell it wrong. it really does have four "f"'s. in case you've never been, ffffound is an eclectic site, crammed full of not only inspiration but great new blog and tumblr finds (and some definitely bizarre stuff thrown in). bopping around, because i hadn't in a while, these are my today's favorite finds via ffffound...








worth checking out, but beware, you need time and you'll become addicted to what ffffound features next. each day it's updated with more and more artwork, graphic design inspiration and like i said, fab new finds to spruce up your favorites list on your computer. enjoy your tuesday friends! ;)

Monday, June 27, 2011

entry into the week.

another fresh start to the week friends, no doubt about it! that's always a good thing. so, with a sunny (at least in my part of the world) entry into the week, i thought i'd share some gorgeous entry/hallways that bolig magasinet recently featured...

i've always been intrigued by small spaces like entry ways and hallways and what can be and has been done with them. these spaces can be somewhat telling about the rest of any space, residential or commercial, don't you think? so, as they can be telling, they should be taken seriously (well, sort of ), design~wise anyway...after all, look at what can be achieved!

i'm off to the beach with my son (we have a rare day off together), to read, eat, swim, play a competitive round of chess and doze off hopefully. how is your entry into this week, this monday morning starting out? hoping it is all positive! enjoy...

Sunday, June 26, 2011

sunday night lights.

hey, it's sunday night! i'm about to inhale a pasta dinner with homemade red sauce, cheese bread and delish red wine. how was your weekend? mine was productive and relaxing all rolled into one small ball. love. oh, and this amazing sunday night light photo? via from me to you (a FAB new find) but, wait for it...first via the addictive rue magazine tumblr site, here. so many new design addictions, soon i'll need design rehab ;) enjoy your sunday night...

Friday, June 24, 2011

design food for thought. & happy friday to boot!

phhew! we made it friends, it's friday! yeah for all of us right? and on that happy note, i wanted to share some thoughts (and answers), and some academic perspective on just what makes good design? the fabulous design site mydeco sent over a video for me to ponder and i thought it an appropriate way to end a week full of design inspiration, have a look.

what interested me most about what mr. meier was saying was that there is truly an interrelationship between the exterior of a space as well and as importantly as the interior. and that the process of design is and should be democratic. that there are truly fundamental ways to achieving good building and good design. good meaning well done of course.

what are your weekend plans? do tell, i always love hearing what everyone is doing (or not doing!) with their weekend time. hmmm, for me, my weekend includes these ingredients: finishing my book (listed on the side bar of my blog, "the warmth of other suns"), a little bit of work, some writing (for pleasure), some sipping of wine (always so delish!), reading the new york times and getting in a walk on the beach with coffee in hand. love. enjoy! ;)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

bordbar. genius service cart design.

we've all seen them, usually gliding clumsily down our airplane isles, loaded with drinks and expensive snacks, bland, non~descript service carts. well, forget all of those, bordbar has, through a team of inventive, creative designers, come up with graphic and bright pieces for your home or office or wherever you could use them, transformed from the ordinary to the extraordinary! i love this idea...

think of the possibilities friends, from filing important files or (design ideas, clippings, themes) to drinks, or who knows what! i love that they are mobile, that they offer an industrial feel to spaces yet with choices of so many patterns, and their minimal space requirements, they are also design genius.

so what would you store in your very own, individually designed service cart? do you like the idea? where do you think they are best utilized? i'd love to hear your feedback. and with that, enjoy your day!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

about wallpaper.

i haven't featured wallpapers lately, and not just any wallpapers, the fabulous kind are what i'm talking about! here are some recent fab finds, company~wise and wallpaper~wise. if you've been contemplating (like me) of covering a wall in your residential or commercial space and are just not sure what's out there for style, choice or selection, i hope that this eclectic collection i've put together offers up some new ideas and inspiration for you...

studio ditte gives plate walls a new dynamic, a new version, by offering this porcelain wallpaper design. certainly and easy~peasy plate wall for your residential or commercial space.

clarke & clarke, based out of california offer up bold, broad designs for wallcoverings. oh, and their fabrics my friends, are completely drool~worthy!

i love cavern for their line drawing-esque black and white designs. eye catching designs that would support a number of spaces.

adrienne neff is someone whose wallpaper i'm very drawn to. linear block prints which are sort of captivating, they hold your attention, mesmerize you but are so very easy on the eyes. i cannot get enough!

studio printworks features a variety of uber talented designers such as michele oka, designing from nature and with appreciation of the natural world around us.

or this "carousel" by studio printworks, designed by given campbell, oh and here's a tip, you should see the other color patterns of this design, it would be sooo hard to choose!

and then, "journey to new frontiers" it's what studio printworks suggests, with this "blast off" wallpaper. how imaginative for a children's room!

out of portland oregon, makelike offers up designed in house, screenprinted graphic wallpapers. i love their simplicity, i love their nature-based images. see for yourself, here.

the sophistication and oh so pretty elegance of york's wallpapers simply mesmerize me. i could place york's wallpaper anywhere!

dandelions and egrets, oh, and so much more! find your favorite over at lucy rose design.

how about whimsical hand-drawn images of london? super fun. find a whole bunch of cheery designs from lizzie allen.

are you ready to take the wallpaper leap now? the hard part is, which one to choose. seriously, you could go mad just perusing the pages of these fine designers and their product. what i love about wallpaper, and it definitely agrees with my blog concept, it's about transformation, and can be absolutely revolutionary. especially when you get a bit daring, either with color, pattern or the theme of the design itself. wallpaper can face lift your spaces, it can revive them, illuminate them and create spectacular conversation areas. isn't that part of what design is about. yeah, that's right! enjoy ;)