Sunday, April 30, 2017

sunday & love

dancing around the house to new love from lana del rey...

dreamy. enjoy!

Saturday, April 29, 2017

have a fun weekend!

whoah to this week (again) and the fast-paced nature of it...

time to slooooooow down and enjoy a bit of down time. how was your week? do you have fun weekend plans? i have been itching to see this exhibit, though this is intriguing too. strolling museum floors, quietly, does something to me i have to tell ya, it's like a relaxation drug that stays with me a good lone while. i love that!

i hope that you have an fun weekend, whatever your plans are. and it's friday saturday: so some fun finds from around the world wide web:

another gorgeous rattan bag to die for!

how fun is this curtain tie idea?

a beautifully simple dusty rose one piece bathing suit for summer.

on the funky side, i just love this outfit.

describe yourself in two words!

a cool way to keep your bike indoors.

the most spectacular furniture line
incorporating dyed sand. just wow.

have you been reading anything good lately? i just read this (i wolfed it down!). ny times review, here. the new yorker, here.

a simple way to stay off of your phone mindlessly
. (via).

i want to be here just for those views
! (and all of that pink!).

a very good sale on a pretty leather sofa.

i want this t-shirt.

really liking these stacked triangle shelves.

more etsy love!

this rose rose cake for mother's day would be a winner!

yum, girl scout cookies are now on amazon. (via).

their before & after kitchen makeover is perfection.

this tray table.

speaking of anthropologie, i keep popping in on my lunch breaks, and keep going back to this beauty.

a fun tassel cuff.

would be fun with this rafia tote.

a seriously pretty black outfit.

wise words from laura dern

Monday, April 24, 2017

current favorites from chairish

do you guys spend tons of time perusing the pages of chairish? i go in and out of checking in, seeing what's new (it can be overwheling!)...but his vintage sofa find on chairish sent me straight back to the site, to see what new finds popped out at me...
these were a few new favorite finds of mine, all VERY random...as in i wouldn't put them all in a space together, but each one was intriguing to me while considering either commercial or residential spaces, in the right space, they are all equally special individually, they tell a story or they exist as serious wow pieces. that's what i love about chairish, it's a smattering of everything, across the board, like this post. enjoy!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

sunday & ha ha tonka

dancing around the house to new music from ha ha tonka...

dance with me! enjoy...

Friday, April 21, 2017

artist feature: lourdes sanchez

i'm pretty much mesmerized by the inky, lush lines and fluid color palettes of new york-based artist, lourdes sanchez's washes on paper pieces...
her website states that "some of her work is simply a love affair with the natural world, and a fascination with the geometric and molecular structure which is the underpinning of organic life." born in cuba, lourdes honestly writes on her "about" page of growing up awkwardly, in new york, clinging to rooms that offered up "jars of paint, paper and solitude."

there is indeed a quietness to her work, a gentle softness, despite the smashing up of line and color, the bleeding together of mediums and color filled organic liquid shapes. i love that. enjoy!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

new lighting love from atelier areti

i've posted about atelier areti in the past, the austrian/french sister design duo, each accomplished academics, students of architecture, art history, archaeology and design. today it is their new lighting line that has stopped me in my light loving tracks, the simplicity yet complexity of each piece, i just can't stop looking at them...
the design line exhibits hints at fine sculpture or a nod to a luxury jewelry line, the lights are familiar yet exotic, they are stunning in their own right. simple shape and line, the way they have forced the connectivity of natural forms into something so brilliant is perfection. just saying...enjoy!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

sunday & michael kiwanuka

i simply cannot get enough of michael kiwanuka these days. currently dancing around to this on repeat...

dance with me! & enjoy...

Saturday, April 15, 2017

happy friday (late, again)!

here's to hoping that you are on your way to an amazing weekend!
it was another veeerrrrry busy week for me, hence my lack of posts! but the weekend is here and i hope to spend my mornings sipping coffee with my feet up, perusing many of my favorite blogs & catch up.

it's also supposed to be almost 80 degrees in my part of the world tomorrow...(what!?), so that may mean my first beach day, in april of all things! sandwiches, cold beer and the binoculars to search for my seal friends. i hope that your week was productive and positive and that you have just the kind of weekend you are wishing for. and it's friday saturday so some fun finds from around the world wide web:

a great site for man stuff, manready mercantile.

the coolest pool float ever!

oh my gosh this carrot cake...

have my eyes on this red statement belt.

i felt like this at times this week!

these scribble tables
would be pretty intriguing in a bar our cocktail lounge area.

simple studs.

this fluted planter is a deal!

another fun straw handbag for spring.

heading to paris? this site will set you up to see the best architectural design in the area of your choosing. (and a wow french hotel).

speaking of architecture, this mirage installation is captivating!

another amazing installation with mirrors

it's a little pricey for a neck scarf, but i so want it anyway!

a cool yoga/exercise mat.

homemade oreos...these look delish!

this textural jewelry line is captivating.

a soft seating area (those blush chairs!).

wine reduction lollipops, yum.

i miss obama too!

Sunday, April 9, 2017

sunday & pressing strings

swinging and swaying around the house to pressing strings and most of us this sunday morning...

dance with me! & enjoy...

Friday, April 7, 2017

have a fun weekend!

happy friday friends! what are you up to this weekend? anything fun?
i have to tell you that lately i crave slow weekends at home, sleeping in and having no real plan. sometimes you need that right?! yes! also feeling like i need some pampering at the hair salon, i've let my hair grow pretty long and with little care, i need to spruce it up, thinking even a cut something like this.

and because it's friday, i'm treating myself here, (the chocolate croissants are to DIE for!). be good to yourself today too! here are some fun finds from around the world wide web to close out the week:

just a great spring handbag.

love this home tour with a texas flair.

seriously loving this new to me site, general store. especially want these clogs.

gray malin's photographic trays are stunning.

for busy people (preeeeeeetty much all of us).

just so perfect sometimes.

want so many home accessories here (those milking stools are pretty cool!).

interesting silk scarves...she hung one over her bed, very cool.

such a beautifully simple nightstand lamp.


really pretty coasters.

next on my reading list.

this origami coffee table is gorgeous.

speaking of origami...this floor lamp, etsy love...

oh, & really want this tipi lamp too.

if you love those big, bold, dramatic sleeves on blouses right now, you'll love this collection.

marbelous mirrors

how crazy beautiful is this floral garden bridal shower? (and this is how she got those flowers to float).

and it's friday, so how about a hangover terminator?

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

new pillow love

in love with these batik pillows, with their bold lines and surprising color combinations today...
the batik fabric is purchased at the kejetia market in ghana and the pillows made by a family run business in new jersey. it's amazing how connected we all in such simple ways sometimes. i love that, and i love these. see more here & enjoy!

p.s. read more about the kejetia market here.


i stumbled upon a pretty neat design source the other day and thought i'd share, it's called workof and it's chock full of bold, contemporary design choices...from wow furniture pieces, like the joojay lounge chair in the second image, to some more subtle pieces like the archromo planter down below. super eclectic and a product line covering just about everything from a to z...
what's also really fun about this one stop design shopping site is that they "empower design professionals with a new way to source and showcase their work." hence "workof". get it? pretty cool right? see more and i mean waaaaay more here, these were a few of my immediate favorites. but i had to stop. i could have posted so much more. have fun & enjoy!