Tuesday, July 31, 2012

stockholm streetstyle baby.

in between reading, writing and preparing for a final in one of my graduate classes today, i'm daydreaming (and sort of lusting) over these put together girls on stockholm streetstyle. the fashion sense is completely taking me away this afteroon.
from edgy to vampy to sweet & sassy, stockholm streetstyle is chock full of lots of fashion envy, lots of "i must steal this idea," ideas, and lots of graduate class distraction ;) enjoy...

a storage idea. captured beautifully.

designed by bjorn jorund blikstad and for his corporation titled "by." blikstad is intrigued by the idea of taking a thought or scene or image and transforming it from a 2 dimensional idea to a 3 dimensional reality.

the imeuble storage units are multi-fascinating in that you can design them however you'd like, however many of them you'd like. and what about color? or not? how about all one color, like a vibrant red for both an exceptional wall treatment that is also functional. oh and don't forget that it also could add that complete punch of dramatic color that an otherwise drab space begs for. either residentially or commercially.
it's also so organic an idea, an organic form. rather like a nest or beehive, evocative of nature. i really love this as an office display piece but imagine it in another less corporate space. imagine a bathroom wall, with the units all one color, or all white. and holding rolled up towels? or in a living space holding books and anything else you'd fancy adding like sculpture or art work or photos? there are a ton of ideas, a ton!

i'm just back from an early morning run (and running through people's lawn sprinklers to cool off, shhhhh don't tell them). i have a long day of catching up on coursework, so i'm getting right to it. i hope your day is starting out energetic and positive. if not, go run through some sprinklers too ;) enjoy...

Monday, July 30, 2012

pretty pillows. mid~afternoon distraction.

how super sweet are these pillows, featuring pretty daffodil and folk flowers? each with a silk front and vintage fabric backing. love these i tell ya! find them over at brie harrison's site, here.
so how are you today? i started out this monday in typical fashion, a little grumpy, a little tired and a little blah. but i managed to finish the day with a tiny smile, a more positive outlook and increased energy. so that's good! plus these fabrics make me smile. so....

enjoy the rest of this monday friends!

luminaire. & happy monday!

this monday morning (and i hope your weekend was amazing!), i wanted to share with you some super interesting new options by way of lighting, offered up by luminaire.
known for their minimalistic yet clean and playful lines, luminaire draws you in with all of that.
sure they're modern, sure they might not be everyone's style? but you guys have to admit, that when you are listening to that little voice in the back of your design head, saying, hey, i really want need to do something just a little bit differently in my residential or commercial space, that any of these options would do the trick.

how was your weekend? mine was yet again busy but with spots of super relaxing. have a great start to a brand new week, enjoy!

p.s. cool new sound on my likes & listens tab.  perfect for a slow start to a monday morning!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

mut design zig zag mirror.

this is a lazy saturday for me. i feel like i could sleep the day away. it's cloudy & cool out and the couch is calling my name. bigtime! before i give in, i wanted to share with you this super cool zig zag mirror found over at mut design. i just love when people design the same old every day thing, in a very different way. it's just the best...
hey friends, what are you up to this weekened? i'm off to the couch, but later, i'm craving a summer batch of fish & chips, so who knows? the food will win out i'm sure ;) wherever you go, whatever you do, enjoy!

Friday, July 27, 2012

the embroidered artwork of izziyana suhaimi.

this mid~afternoon friday, i'm enamored with the beautifully embroidered artwork of izziyana suhaimi. suhaimi states that she is "interested in collapsing the boundaries between traditional and popular cultures and exploring the links that exist between these two." and here, in this artwork, those boundaries might also be scene as not only collapsed but then re-tied together forming a new, exciting and unique medium.
there is something very special about suhaimi's work. it's original, conceptual and rather thought provoking. and like good design, whether it be about furniture, or fashion or here, as with suhaimi's pieces of artwork, thought provoking is just about where you want your audience to be. at least i think so. happy friday friends! enjoy...

sensing summer & ocean inspired.

i don't know about you but i am overwhelmed (oh, in a really good way!) with beach/summer/ocean/waves inspiration these days. from the super soft to stormy and vibrant color palettes popping up to the patterns and style emanating from the summery season, both in the design and in the fashion world. as of late, here are a few of my favorite summer sensations...

if i could travel today, i'd land here, at the nowhere resort in japan. with such dynamic views of the ocean, it's as if you're floating away at sea. lovely...
i could absolutely live in this nautical striped sweater from h & m. featured here.
these oh~so~tropical beachy colors featured in this home on the selby have me searching for a plane ticket to some small exotic island. far away...
for a kitchen backsplash, this carribean blue is decadent. found over at the amazing rue tumblr.
how pattern pretty is this watercolor on arches artwork by cliff hengst? so pretty that's what!
this ocean wave inspired tote? it could carry all of your favorite beachy things. found here.
so how about you friends? what have you picked up lately that is summer inspired? a new pillow, a flowy summer dress? i'd love to hear. one of my new summer purchases is this denim dress from free people and some fabulous wedge shoes. oh yeah, that's what i'm talking about! i'd also love to try to make these summer sheets, for a unique set, all my own. enjoy!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

love this look. mid~day pretty.

this mid~afternoon, this almost friday, i like love the look of this polka dot ensemble. and the graffiti background, well, the entire scene is energetic, sexy and amazing.
perfect for an afternoon boost no? how is your day friends? i'd love to hear.

i'm working under grey skies but every now and then, we need a tiny break from the summer sun. it makes us get things done we wouldn't otherwise. like slowing down & reading. or sipping coffee a little bit slower. or shopping for something to boost our grey day spirits. like i said, it's needed every now and then...enjoy!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

imagining a gold hallway. mid~day fancy.

for a mid~day break, i'm sitting here, completely imagining what it would be like to have a hallway like this, swathed in gold, brass, light, shimmer. don't you think that a hallway like this in your home would just about make your day? oooh, i do.
and on that note, i'm heading outside, to read, to soak in some vitamin d. what about you? how is your day coming along? i'd love to hear! i'd also love to hear whether or not you'd attempt a hallway such as this? it would be seriously tempting for me, i have to tell ya! enjoy...

pair it, place it. leolux.

what i really like alot about leolux is the pairing possibilities. by that i mean that as you peruse their pages, their side tables, low, high, in between and otherwise, pair so perfectly, no matter the combination with any of their seating options. style, color, texture and mood, all just pair up so darn naturally and so easily. i love that!

see? can't you picture yourself having a few of these awesome options and having the ability to switch out sidetables or coffee tables with any of these seating choices. a great furniture company does that, they offer a broad variety of possibilities. it's sort of like when you buy a great outfit or two, or a great outfit or two and some amazing accessories and you can constantly mix and match them and voila! you at any given moment have another interesting combination. so great...

how are you this mid~week wednesday? i slept like a log, so i'm getting to it. ah, after my coffee that is ;) enjoy!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

kite lights. mid~day magical.

popping around on architonic, i was taken back by these floaty, dreamy, ethereal lights offered up by arturo alvarez. his website lists them as emotional lights. and they are that, aren't they?
imagine the wall treatment possibilities with these kite lights? commercially or residentially? wowzers!

i have a rare day off. i'm spending it though, catching up on coursework and revising papers. but...if the sun stays out, i'm out in the lounge chair doing it i tell ya!

how is your mid~day tuesday plugging along? i'd love to hear. and i'd love to hear your opinion on these arturo alvarez kite lights. enjoy the rest of your day...

capri suite. and all of that wonderful yellow.

so.....as i attempt to pick my jaw up from the kitchen floor this morning, my heart is racing ever so slightly too, at the mere site of this capri hotel located in well, capri, italy that is. from the foamy ocean whites to the cool blues and pops of sunshine yellow, i'm there, you're there, we all can go, whilst sipping coffee (in our imagination) this morning. come on!
yikes right? from the stitched type mirrors, to the soft stucco walls, to that sky blue pool. oooh, not a bad way to start off this tuesday morning. enjoy!