Friday, June 28, 2013

happy weekend ahead.

yeah for this weekend! because this week has felt long, never ending and full of tons of work...
it was a busy week, but the one thing i'm looking forward to is a slllloooooowwww weekend. of sitting still. of noticing everything around me instead of flying around, barely breathing and not even really witnessing things i'm surrounded by on some levels.

so...with that. i will sip my coffee and my wine a touch slower this weekend. direct my attention to summer colors, flowers, the ocean, the air. maybe if i get the camera out, it will force me to look thorough that narrower lens i'm craving and see.

what about you? what are you up to? wherever you go, whatever you do, i hope that it's an amazing weekend for ya! enjoy...

Thursday, June 27, 2013

geometry. by spHaus.

i really like this line, this "foxhole" line offered up by spHaus. oozing with geometric steel powder-coated bases, the seating is topped by soft sensational fabrics and the table tops...transparent tempered crystal. ah, yeah...
unusual pieces, designed with lots of line, allowing for your eye to keep moving, about the piece, around the piece, so that every time you view it, sit on it, enjoy it, it's always an interesting and completely different experience, well...that's what it's all about. after all. enjoy!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

the minimalist.

these guys love handmade. leah and darius taylor, the buying duo behind the minimalist offers up a huge (and super interesting) array of handmade product. stuff you definitely want in your home, or on your body. and today i love this tea towel and these half circle necklaces, and this color palette to boot!
what are you loving lately? i'd love to hear....enjoy!

jelly armchair.

this mid~week wednesday, i'm loving the look of this "jelly" line of armchairs offered up by vibieffe...
no matter the material used, whether you choose leather or other cloth fabrics, vibieffe stitches contrasting cordonnet colored yarns around the raw cut edges, contrasting with the covered fabric, offering a product that evokes casual & easy breasy but at the same time adds interest and intrigue into your spaces.

i love when a designer or company produces pieces that leave you guessing. as to their intention, as to whether the piece is finished or whether they actually meant to leave that way. that to me is just plain fabulous...enjoy!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

a chair of pages.

designed by noriko hashida for 6474 design, this pages chair is, while cool looking, meant to be adjustable, flexible, to your size, your preferences, even your color affections...
just the fact that the piece is fluid, that it can change or not at all, alters the way(s) in which you react to it in any space, at any given time. if it only offered that, then that alone is amazing. but it adds more to the design world, the space and places which it is placed. this design offers originality, complexity and interest to any environment. and if you're adding any of those things, then you're cool too. ;) enjoy!

cardboard lights. no, really...

these recycled cardboard lights offered up by graypants are a super summery~y idea...
with a visual summer texture of straw, seagrass or wicker, these lights offer a nod to summer style. with their steel frames, cardboard shells and frosted tempered glass lenses, these lights are interesting in their mix of mediums as well.

i imagine them in a cottage kitchen, or a rustic bedroom even, very beachy, very simple and simply stunning. what about you? do you go for unique shades when shopping for lighting or are you more of a traditionalist? i'd love to hear! enjoy...

Monday, June 24, 2013

this port is portable.

this monday morning, i'm enjoying the portable nature of this really fun & very mod "port" light offered up by vibia...
and i also really love the idea of creating a lighting dynamic, anywhere and everywhere you'd like. that the way in which you experience lighting is not fixed. it's transformative, mobile, ever changing...and it's just plain more interesting that way. don't you think? enjoy!

Friday, June 21, 2013

party time...

how fun is this party time headband offered up by ban.do? so fun that's what!
what are you up to this weekend? do you need a party time headband to accompany your night(s)? if so, then party on my friends!

as for me...i'm working on a few projects, finishing up a thesis proposal...but in between, drinking unbelievable coffee, amazing red wine and walking the beach. not all at the same time ;) enjoy!

2 new twists on lighting. one literally...

happy friday morning! i wanted to share 2 new twists/takes on lighting that i'm currently loving...
the first line, the "ray collection" by lagranja design for fabbian is twisty sensational. to me, they are reminiscent of the spinning air duct tops that you see on restaurant rooftops. or you might say they are suggestive of blinds, and the light that peaks through the slats...

the second line, these "slope pendant lights" by skrivo for miniforms are playing with my current steel/wood fascination. the form is conical, made of beechwood and steel. and what i love most is that each material is tactile and rather raw. left mostly alone, to admire the material for what each is, for how beautiful and beautifully simple each one is...i love that! enjoy...

p.s. i located both of these lights & companies via contemporist, a really great design resource. check them out!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

of days gone by...

there is something special about remembering great design, especially when it comes to the fashion world. and today, when it comes to the bathing suit world...
summer evokes hot lazy days. but at the same time, great fashion possibilities. i swear i lived in another era, an era like these fashions suggest. the idea of wearing a days gone by style like this, in a bathing suit, just makes me smile today, in a glamorous kind of way...enjoy!

more metal & wood combinations.

my love of the metal and wood combination is no secret. these stammtisch tables designed by alfredo alberli and for quodes offer another new way to combine 2 really sensational mediums. and they do it well...
"the console and joist hangers made of plain steel have their sophisticated rebirth," so says quodes. and the designer, alfredo alberli gave the table top edges a unique angle and perspective, angling the edges outward, instead of the typical & blunt straight downward. sometimes it's the simple things, the tiny things you do or don't do that make an otherwise boring design, fabulous. enjoy!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

colonna gufram lounge.

i just thought these were super cool. as if ancient greek columns have fallen, into pieces and you pick them up, transforming them into sensational seating elements. what's cooler than that?
the italian design company gufram is doing that. with these colonna lounge seats. i first imagine them in a sexy commercial setting. but the more i consider them...they would add sexy to your residential spaces. and adding sexy can't be bad....enjoy!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

you need these trays. or at least i do!

if there is such a thing, tray love i mean, then this is it. serious crush on these trays offered up by winter bird co in sweden.
winter bird co.'s motto or philosophy is that they offer "lovely stuffs to get you through the winter, or a cold summer." and even better, everything is handmade in sweden.

but truly, my first love is the pattern detailing, the graphic and super fun nature of winter bird co.'s tray designs. talk about making entertaining even more fun that it already is? seriously fun. enjoy!

cemento lamps. inspired by the moon.

these cemento lamps, designed by ocilunam and for in-es arte & design are evocative of the moon, inspired by lunar matter...and they're meant to be.
i love the texture of them, the matte grey outer shell housing with sneak peaks of vibrant and unexpected color, especially if we are talking about the moon, right? so that's fun.

ocilunam, the designer of these cemento lamps studied aesthetics, painting and design throughout europe, receiving international recognition for his attention to natural detail, and to then moving that attention into interesting and amazing design. especially with regard to these lamps.

sorry for the lack of weekend and monday posts...i have had a crazy few days of work (and play) which took precedence, for a few days anyway. i hope that you all had an amazing weekend and father's day too! enjoy..