Thursday, May 31, 2012

i really like these colors today. a mid~day color love affair.

this mid~day, as i take a break from studying (out in the sun working on my tan a little, which makes studying just a little bit easier to take ;) i'm drawn to these beachy, gold & washed out colors. those sand mixed with coral and ocean kind of colors. i want to surround myself in these colors today.
1 2
how can you not love these summer colors coming at you? love i tell ya!

how is this almost friday treating you? tell me what you're up to, i'd love to hear! enjoy...

suzusan & the art of shibori.

happy almost friday friends! i wanted to share with you today, the dreamy lighting of suzusan and the japanese art of shibori. as you can see, the two go together in a magical, ethereal and incredibly unique way...
shibori features lavish craft work, finishing textiles and fibers for a sculptural, playful and exciting result. add in that this technique is applied to lighting? and you have one happy designer/blogger (me) my friends!

the contemporist featured suzusan originally and i'm happy to have found this line of lighting. suzusan offers texture to any space, residential or commercial, with those concave and convex patterns emerging everywhere. with particular parts of the surface pulled, tied off, left alone to shine or manipulated to shine in a different kind of way, this lighting offers interesting, it offers that wow factor that you should be looking for, and yes, i said you should be looking for it!

what are you up to today? ah, can you believe i still am studying for a final? with my dad becoming sick i needed to reschedule a final at harvard, so i'm preparing today for that last leg of this semester. after that, i'll breathe a little easier. it's this saturday, so not long to wait. enjoy!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

chip boxes. bright storage.

oooh, for a perfect mid~day break, i'm super drawn to these wood & brightly colored plexiglass storage boxes offered up by leif. heck, i'd even mount these puppies on a wall for a super unique storage unit and for a boost of color sculptural effect. would you?
this is one of the first summers in a while where i'm all about color. i'm intrigued by all of these over the top brights and sneaky neons popping up. have you bought anything uber bright as of late? if so, i'd love to hear...enjoy!

a new friend. and i'm back...

hi friends! i want to thank you for your patience while i was on break from my blog. my dad became sick very suddenly at the beginning of may and passed away as a result. it was, needless to say, a shock for my family and for me personally, the loss of my best friend. my father was born and raised in tennessee. i spent the month of may there taking care of him and while there on a drive, i made an unexpected new friend.
this big guy came right up to me as i stopped my car and wouldn't go to anyone else around taking photos. he is beautiful and i literally wanted to pick him up, throw him over my shoulder an take him home with me. animals are amazing. for a little while, this guy took my mind off of everything negative going on in my life, my father's illness, all of my worries and made me smile and hope for good things to come.

every time i touched him or played with is blonde hairs, he would take his left front leg and put it forward and dig it into the ground. then he'd just look at me. i wonder where he is today and what he's doing. and if he remembers our little conversation. so, i'm back, and here to stay for a while. i'm looking forward to getting back to posts about design and a sense of normality. whatever that is ;)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

time out.

hi friends, i wanted to say that my father is sick and needs me right now.  i am taking a short break from my blog for a bit, while i tend to him and be there for him. thanks for understanding...

Monday, May 7, 2012

sweet spots. fantastic frank has those...

i sort of stumbled upon this fab new~to~me site and blog, fantastic frank, chock full of amazing properties for sale and just random fantastic design~ness. (my word) ;)
i love this this bedroom space, how one wall only is papered and that the painting is hung low, acting as a mock headboard. i love it when people do things just a little bit differently, yet so simply. really great!

how are you this mid~day monday? i'm gearing up for my last course final (at least for this semester anyway) and preparing for some heavy duty essay questions. but it's also beautiful outside, so i'm off for a run to take a break! enjoy...

random monday inspiration. spaces. artwork. thoughts.

this monday morning, i wanted to share with you just some random spaces, places, thoughts and moods that sum up my thoughts today, and where i'd like to be. from rough around the edges spaces, to polished and pretty. and everywhere in between. plus, 2 fab new finds, fox on the run's tumblr and for the home's pinterest. all chock full of gobs of inspiration. perfect for a monday morning and a way to get you going!
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
somedays, having random things you like, putting them into one post, just about makes your day. these color palettes, spaces, thoughts and sensations are perfectly depicting my mood today & i love that!

i'm heading out for a run, then back to getting ready for my last final of the week! i hope this monday finds you inspired (even with random things!) and energetic and getting to it! enjoy...

Sunday, May 6, 2012

lovely little air plant pots. sunday sweet.

how super sweet are these? i would have these little babies, sprinkled just about everywhere i could. there is also something about airplants and succulents, (especially those pretty succulents) that i absolutley love. find these, as many as you like, over at sea and sander's etsy site.
and i really love them in blue. they have other colors and can custome color you a pot too. very cool.

happy sunday friends. what are you up to today? i'm heading out for a run after breakfast, then preparing for one more course final next week. after next week, i can definitely breathe for a while. looking forward to reading what i want for a change, something for pure pleasure. the weather is warming up, so one of these days soon, i'm dragging a blanket down to the beach, plunking down with my pleasure book and happiness will be. i hope that you are enjoying your day today...

Saturday, May 5, 2012

rope lights. and in this setting too.

ooh, loving these natural and dangling rope lights with the naked & exposed bulbs. find them over at another fab find, atelier 688. there is something about a single, naked bulb that can be really so interesting and so simply beautiful. well, at least to me.

(especially those tungsten bulbs. they're my favorite bulb. old school. you can find them here.) oh, and then add in the textural aspect of rope? and you have yourselves a conversation piece my friends...
and i'm loving those lights in that setting too. and how cool is that writing on the boards? so cool, that's what!

how are you this saturday? i thought i was heading for an under the weather feeling weekend, but alas i've recovered nicely and feeling rested and ready to go! gobbling down ethiopian coffee and eggs. so all is good! enjoy...

Friday, May 4, 2012

bonjour johanna pink kiwi plates. mid~day set the table.

this mid~day friday, i'm drawn to the simplicity and sheer down right prettiness of these porcelain plates offered up by bonjour johanna. i've always followed johanna's blog, and her blog sure is pretty, but so are these plates she makes. among other things...
how are you this mid~day friday? what do you have planned for your weekend? anything fun? i'd love to hear. as for me, i might just sit and stare somewhere, literally, as i've come down off of a crazy week of last minute course-work, readings, paper writing and strrrreeeeessssss. so, as i sit and stare, i might also have a glass of wine in my hand. ;) enjoy!

the genius house. & happy friday friends!

so, if you are going to call a house the genius house, then you have my attention. bates masi architects built this genius loci house in montauk new york. it was featured on the contemporist too, here. and the views? not even funny...have a look.
(click on images to enlarge the view)
there is so much about this home that i really enjoy. from the total incorporation into and around the natural environment, to the transparent nature of the interior. another words, even though areas or rooms are partitioned off, some are with slotted floating walls, and even when there are solid walls, they seem unobtrusive and out of the way. the rooms flow, from one into another, similarly to the natural environment in and surrounded by which they reside. and by the way, take a look at bates masi's website here. the slide show of their portfolio will have your jaw propped wide open for a while...

and then there's the sky. the sky outdoors seems to stretch somehow, right through the house, as if it never really ends once you're inside. i love that. and the views? can we talk about the views my friends? so, there, with those views, especially the last image's view. i want that this friday. i want so light a candle or two, pour some red wine and sit and just stare. care to join me? ;) enjoy...

Thursday, May 3, 2012

paula & paula tables. mid~day light & airy.

this mid~day, almost friday, i'm super drawn the light and airy nature that these paula & paula tables offer to any space. and the differing heights offers interest and a playful quality to any lackluster area. plus they're just plain cool.
how are you this afternoon, this almost friday and on this weekend is nearly in sight kind of day? i'm heading out for a run, even though i'm super sleepy having stayed up all week pulling together and typing last minute papers for my courses. i'm hoping for a much needed boost of fresh air to keep me going. i'm also off to boston later for one more course meeting. in between all of that, i plan on listening to some music, zoning out and indulging in some sort of coffee concoction while i drive.

i hope that this mid~day finds you energized and inspired...enjoy!