Friday, December 30, 2016

cheers to the new year!

what are you wishing for in the new year?
i usually try to keep wishes or goals simple. 2016 was challenging. i found myself purposefully slowing down, opening myself up alot more, in new ways, letting things come to me, letting people, friends, interactions, come to me instead of flying around in search of everything, fast. i'm fast. so i hope to remain a bit more my slowing down self in 2017. i'm experiencing alot more at this speed. and i like that!

oh we all have more goals and wishes than that right? but in keeping with my theme, i'll keep it simple today, to that. i hope that your wishes and goals for 2017 are super positive and amazing. if you'd like to share yours, i'd love to hear! 😁and it's friday, so some fun finds from around the world wide web:

ok, this looks pretty darn delish!

a feeling of floating happiness
? yes, i want that.

has anyone else been drooling over the burberry 2016 resort line like me? gosh!

wild, but i really like them.

this too.

a WOW silicone chandelier

pretty pearl earrings.

bun cuffs, i want one!

oh! and wouldn't this star clip would be pretty for new years eve!

the cutest pillow cover.

wow, he reaaaaaally likes this pen.

a striking red clutch (and it's on sale!).

i want to climb into this black sweater and never come out.

unusual white ceramic knobs

gorgeous vases.

i'm inspired by collages lately, these are amazing.

absolutely loving this pyramid mirror. see it her bedroom, here.

this mirror would also be fun to look into each and every day (especially if you are in a bad mood!).

i've had perfectly white bath towels for a while now (problem is they don't stay perfectly white), something like this might be fun to try next.

new year's cocktail recipe.

wise words from carrie fisher.

and if you need an energy shot, and to laugh, the latest carpool karaoke with bruno mars.

and get dancing around the house more, it's almost 2017!


Thursday, December 29, 2016

pink rug co: etsy love

i had to stop, i could have posted every. single. rug. that the etsy site, pink rug co. offers up...
i'm going rug loving nuts over this site. see more, waaaaay more rugs here...and enjoy the etsy love!

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

6 sofas

the online furniture site, article is offering up so many really beautiful pieces right now. i'm really drawn to their selection of sofas, these 6 are my favorite today...
article also offers up a variety of chairs and tables (at pretty fair prices too!), check out more options here, & enjoy!

found inspiration: kate rabbit

i feel as if i'm on the cusp of being really and truly inspired in 2017. there are so many ways in which i find myself leaning artistically, and i get excited about that. i thought that, as 2016 winds down, and a fresh year begins, i'd share some found inspiration, people, works, art, architecture, design, you name it, that are pulling me toward what feels like a positive and bright year ahead, for all of us i hope!

i stumbled upon the collage works of artist kate rabbit who literally wraps the female subject in flowers, empowering them somehow, flowering them in the most soft and strong of ways and who states that collage has been her favorite medium since age 12...
on her website and etsy site, kate says that to her, "collage is one part mess, one part puzzle, gently stirred with the mood of the day." and that every day she chooses a muse or model and each collage constructed reflects her mood that day. i love that.

sometimes the best art works come from not alot of predetermined thought, it flows as you flow, as you think, and are, and feel. kate offers up other services on her website as well, like brand development and fine art. check it out & enjoy!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

pretty ways to store

sometimes it's fun to organize or reorganize spaces in a new way, to either give the space a face lift of sorts, or to just display and style things/objects/art etc that you love, in a fresh way. i've stumbled upon a variety of pretty ways to store those things, and i thought i'd share a few new favorites of mine...
storing/styling is of course practical in many ways, but it can also be about the backdrop, the housing of your things that helps to make them all shine, or shine in a new way. i love that. enjoy!

Monday, December 26, 2016

monday & samuji

the finnish womanswear collection and home line samuji (who just opened a store in new york, see more on that here) has caught my attention today for their classically timeless semblance and obvious quality materials...an elegant aesthetic highlighting hints of dramatic flair.
see more of what samuji offers up here, and if you're in new york, go! enjoy...

Sunday, December 25, 2016

sunday & muddy magnolias

i hope that everyone is celebrating the holiday weekend in all of the ways that make you happy. i'm taking a break from holiday music to dance around the house to the muddy magnolias, new to me music...


Friday, December 23, 2016

happy holiday weekend!

wishing you a (relaxing) happy holiday weekend friends!
what are your holiday plans? are you travelling or staying put? i'd love to hear! my son is staying with me this weekend and i hope to wrap up in blankets christmas eve, eat lots of cake and cookies and watch this version of a christmas carol, it's my absolute favorite! i hope that however you celebrate this weekend it is special and with those you love.

and it's friday, so some fun finds from around the world wide web:

i bought this wooden robot puzzle for my son for christmas...(secretly hoping he'll create a short animated film with him).

the 10 best books of 2016, according to the new york times book review.

etsy love.

very random, but i so want these metallic shorts.

the prettiest ruffled dress.

stained glass succulents.

a clever way to serve shots at a party.

& this cardamom cocktail looks delish!

this blush sweater is pretty, especially the way she wears it.

sweet handmade ornaments.

i want to take this walk in the woods for sure.

looking for a pretty red lipstick for the holidays? these are lovely.

are you into podcasts? the ultimate list of true crime podcasts. (via)

this i found intriguing, "on a calm life".

a sweet space.

wow, this dress.

this moon barrette is perfection.

ok, and whoa, these boots. i. need. them. that's all...

a cozy claret dressy sweater.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

this jewelry line, from the line

just loving the simplicity and lovely lines of this jewelry, from the line...
for the holidays or year round...i want one of everything. enjoy!