Monday, February 28, 2011

to the cor.

happy monday morning friends! if any of you out there are residential~wise or commercial~wise, in the market for furniture and more specifically utterly amazing sofas, then head to the cor...

obviously contemporary but not cold or sterile. between the color palettes, the fabrics, the soft sexy shapes and curves, cor's pieces are a perfect addition either en masse for commercial use filling an amazing hotel lobby or a super sophisticated yet flirty bar or lounge, or right there in your very own living room, one piece. that would do it, it would be the mark to create the space around.

i hope you all had a relaxing or productive weekend! it was a get alot done weekend for me, but hey, sometimes those can be the best right? enjoy!!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

a saturday desk.

so, whatcha' doing? ;) i'm hunkered down at the kitchen table/my desk of choice, though i'd rather be seated in this particular chair, at this particular desk. hmmm. i'm surrounded by school work. though did take a lovely morning walk in the dusting of snow that fell last night. my love is out at his favorite commercial cooking store looking for a new pizza stone to make home~made pizza later. lucky me.

just popping in to say hey! tell me what you are doing...are you making pizza today too? that would be funny. enjoy!

Friday, February 25, 2011

miami vice.

happy friday friends! i don't want to bore you, but i wanted to share a few (of the tons, seriously tons) of the photos i took partaking in my miami vice. it truly was a vice for us on our recent get~away. i slept, i ate, i overall rested which was the goal of getting away for us this time. i got my balance back. my head cleared and my smile snuck back onto my face ;)

we stayed at turnberry isle country club/resort in miami, in the town of adventura. i highly recommend going if you are in the market for a get~away and if you consider miami. miami is fast becoming one of my favorite destinations. it does everything to tempt me. and i let it!

here is a view of one of the resort buildings. we ate breakfast behind that waterfall. the food was so fabulous that i literally sprinted out of bed to get to the breakfast table. the view. the sun. the food. breakfast was my favorite time of the day.

i was so pleased with our room. high ceilings, a warm, neutral color palette, super comfy beds and the bathroom...that was one of the best parts!

i'm a tub person so this was a dream come true!

we swam. ah yeah. the pools (there is a larger pool area such as this one and a smaller pool area nearby, both are beautiful!) were beyond amazing!

we ate like kings. i seriously need to get running to work all of the food off! ;)

we wished we were driving this. the cars parked out front of this resort were a show of their own, from Lamborghini's to Bentley's, to everything in between, to old school eye~candy such as this jaw dropper.

this pretty restaurant was straight to the right upon entering the resort. the name is bourbon, it's a steakhouse/fabulous seafood/prettiest burgers in town restaurant. oh and let's talk about the design. the feel. the mood...
first of all, the color palette of this bourbon steakhouse grabbed me. tons of clear glass, burnt oranges, wood tones, wine bottles galore! just very chic, very glam, very amazing atmosphere they created here.

my love, checking out the menu for later on. how amazing is that hostess desk that greets you as you walk in? all different length pieces of wood, all poking out in a clean, intriguing display. i kept sitting there staring at it. one of my favorite pieces in a restaurant yet.

i was drawn to the way they built the walls from wine bottles. this theme continued throughout the restaurant, as well as this warm, super sexy color palette and oh, all of that glass! love!
this view is what you see first walking into the resort. a wonderfully comfortable lobby and sitting area, perfect for cooling off, reading or sipping a glass of wine.

and one of my favorite things we did in miami...we made lots of friends...

me playing caddy. not really, i seriously just rode along in the golf cart and soaked up the sun ;)

we let out frustrations. what a way to do it huh?
view from the golf course looking at our building. our room was on the first floor, a garden/golf course view. perfect!

not even funny. this was what we returned to! ugh.

one of the other interesting aspects of turnberry isle was their walking/jogging path which completely surrounded the resort and both golf courses (they have 2). it was a great way to start the day, before eating those fabulous breakfasts! ;) i think it was about 3 miles and we enjoyed that part of the morning. also the "friends" i showed you above, they were here and there on the walking path too! so adjusted to people that you almost had to walk around them. i loved that!

i hope you have a great weekend! it's raining here, a perfect excuse to go to a movie with my son. so i will. let me know what you are doing! i'd love to hear...enjoy!

Thursday, February 24, 2011


i was poking around at upcoming design fairs around the world and this wanderlust designers fair promoting up and coming or already there dutch designers begged my (and now hopefully yours) attention. here are some of my most intriguing favorites for 2011...

are you into leather? lampshades that is! designed by pepe heykoop, these shades and this collaborative effort with tiny miracles are a perfect match. pepe's leather lampshades are made by women seeking work, a better life, a trade, in the red light district of mumbai. such an amazing project! read more about it here.

david derksen's copper pendant lights are over the moon...sexy oozy light. super lustrous, super glow. imagine a chic, sexy restaurant or bar dripping in these copper lights. i'm there. when do we go? ;)

florian gilges. get to know this name. "eccentric forms melt with functionality and flexibility without becoming arbitrary." this "moduleros" line is fast becoming one of my favorite new designs! fast i tell ya!

this sculptural bed, for those "who favor sleeping deep" is designed by stadtnomaden. held in place with the most amazing zebra wood and adjustable legs. seriously beautiful friends!

designed by felix ersig for fed. bureau/sideboard/bookcase/i love it!

agnes morguet. just when you thought you couldn't do a bookcase any other way. agnes had designed it another way. love.

these amazing natural stone pendant lamps designed by daniel stoller. i'm in jaw dropping awe.

oh to travel the globe, popping in at any or all of the year's design fairs. a dream come true. thanks goodness for the internet! we can all go! happy almost friday friends...enjoy!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

sissy little. walls...be prepared for some fun.

i love the name. i love the product. sissy little, a new sponsor as well to avant garde design, is making a name for itself in the world of wall treatments and by the way, it's removable vinyl design. have a looksy at sissy little and how their product not only changes, it transforms spaces...

this modern take on the vinyl chandelier is super chic! refined, elegant and the bright color adds a bit of play and fun to this (or your) space. this one is a must!
i live near one of the most beautiful coast line's in the world, cape cod's coast. so to see these starfish, it's like adding a little bit of the outdoors, indoors.

on sissy little's site, they offer an interesting idea for hanging these abstract wave panels. either place them together or separately in other rooms. separately i think is intriguing. to have the panels continue throughout a home or commercial space offers up a theme, a fun theme!
surf boards have become a fun tool when used in designing spaces, residential or commercial. why not a vinyl one? pretty rad man!

i love the storybook feel of this "oh my polka dots tree". just for fun!

sometimes you just want to sail away...sail away...sail away.

monograms either as the headboard or just above, to frame the entire space perfectly. really pretty for grown~ups or children alike.

one of my favorites by sissy little is this sweetness molecules. depicting the molecular structure of some of your favorite spices and flavors, such as honey, chocolate and cinnamon. how fun for a kitchen, residential or commercial? so fun, that's what i say!

so, is your imagination running wild? mine is. i'm looking at my walls this morning a little bit differently than the day before. i love the non commitment to vinyl design. unlike the commitment to wallpapers, and don't get me wrong, i'm a lover of wallpaper, you can begin slowly when transforming walls. get your feet wet or dive right in to sissy little's options. i've only scratched the surface here. sissy little has pages of options, color palettes, large, full scale designs to subtle, quieter designs. it's up to you. enjoy!!