Friday, April 30, 2010

it's friday! so here's to contemplative spaces.

so where is your head at right now? are you in desperate need of a quiet space this friday? are you doing absolutely nothing this weekend? and if so...good for you! as for me...i'm somewhere in between wanting to throw text books out the window and go running around having fun, to sleeping in and quietly finishing the tons of work i have in front of me. hmmmm...dilemmas, dilemmas. well, here are some images to convey where my head is, where i'd like to be this weekend. and as you can see, it's all over the place :)

(all from different, but all via...)

whatever your doing, wherever you land, have a ball. get things done. do nothing. sleep in. stay up late. go to bed early. have a glass of wine. doctor's orders ;)

my son has his second round of sat's tomorrow, so he's up early, ah, which means i'm up early. hmmm. but he's preparing for college so that makes this mom happy! enjoy!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

pretty lights in pretty spaces.

when i leave boston after classes, it's late at night. what's fun about that? peering into windows. no, i'm not a peeping tom or anything. what i mean is, that when you are driving down streets of beautiful condos, brownstones etc., it's night time, lights are on and it's oh so interesting to see just how people light their spaces. every now and then, (and it's surprising i've not ended up in a fender bender), there is a window, with an eye-popping, show stopping chandelier, table light or floor light. do you ever notice lighting at night, in commercial or residential spaces? how do you light your spaces?

via,(emmas' design blog)

via, (living etc.)

via, (marie claire maison)

when i get home the first thing i do is turn down the lighting, light a candle or two, but please, it has to be soft. we work all day in bright lighting, so it also strikes me odd that i see brightly lit environments so late at night as i leave the city, peering into windows. it would drive me mad! are you like me? do you like your spaces softly lit at night? what's your favorite lamp in your home? chandelier? floor lamp? as for me, it's the pretty little amber glass chandelier over my kitchen table. softly lit of course! :) enjoy!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

more angela adams love.

there are certain companies, whose sites i frequent, to keep track, hoping for new product and being pleasantly surprised and completely amazed when i find it. angela adams is one of those companies.

i've always been drawn to the dreamy, swirly, organic designs that angela adams come up with and luckily offers to all of us to buy! now...angela adams is branching out. yeah that's right, to pillows, door mats, coasters, fabrics, wall treatments and oh yeah, bunches of new rug designs! (some are on sale right now too folks!) together with her husband and both from maine, angela adams established her design house in 1998 and "over the past decade, they have cultivated a shared visual language and launched several complementary collections of furniture, rugs and tapestries." don't you just love them? wow.

it's wednesday, we are half way to the weekend! yeah! long night tonight with 2 classes, but my semester is nearing the end. what are your mid-week plans? my let in the light post yesterday must have brought me good luck today, because it's sunny and cool, so...i'm off for a much needed run. enjoy!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

letting in the light.

this tuesday, it's about light. spaces where the light acts as an accessory, a design element, a color palette addition and pure, simple mood.

(photos courtesy of owi)

do you have a favorite space in your home which lets the light in, in just the right way, in just the right amount and from just the right angle? hmmm, for me it's my living room. we are in a small cottage, but with tons of windows, one of the things that drew us to it. i love curling up on the couch when the light is right there, warming up the space. i call it the sunny spot. i love that. where is your "sunny spot"? dreaming of sunny spots on this grey, drizzly tuesday in new england. enjoy!

Monday, April 26, 2010

mod squad seating.

there is something lately about super sleek, simple yet genius-ly complicated, crisp, clean mod squad-esque seating out there. do you remember the show "the mod squad"? i'm getting off track, but it was one of my favorite shows growing up (not sure why, and what does that say about me? :) so when i see very mod furniture, my mind wanders to the title mod squad. so that explains that!

how quickly to you want to run over to these "pumpkin" chairs designed by pierre paulin for linea los angeles. revolutionary 50's-esque style available for all of us now, in 2010. fabulous! here.
the easy quality of these "float" lounge chairs can add that much needed "relaxed" element to a well...let's say, more uptight space :) here.

lately i've been dying to transform my kitchen table and chairs to add an eclectic variety of seating and variety of materials. this "jam" dining chair from calligaris is an italian designed modern dining chair available in red, brown, green, and orange back with seat interior in white. i want one of these, i really do! here.

what a perfect textural element the la luna chair by kenneth cobonpue adds to any space in need of a different material piece, like this rattan. "rattan splits are masterfully woven into two separate patterns that morph into one another over a frame of rattan vines and wood." the very organic, round shape throws off the stiffness of the rattan material. really unique! here.

this super sleek "bbc" chair by reza feiz, a self taught designer with a philosophy of "strength in simplicity, creates pieces of uncommon character." (it also comes in a swivel model, can you imagine?) here.

i love the quiet, soft spoken nature of the design of this "mota" armchair from viesso. here.

these plump "anda" chairs by pierre paulin for ligne roset at linea. "anda" curves around to envelope its occupant." here.

the afra chair by paola lenti, who develops their designs from essential nature. here.

the luxurious simplicity of the rondi chair by viesso. here.

where do you stand on mod squad designs like these? could you at least have one fabulous piece in your favorite space? or maybe you'd enjoy a whole house very modern in design? how about you clients? if you or your clients are in the market for anything modern, anything luxurious, anything very one-of-a-kind, head over to furniture seen's website, here, for a whole bunch of ideas, options, and modern up and coming designers and product.

hoping these fun designs got you going this monday morning. i sure needed it! enjoy!