Saturday, February 13, 2021

have a happy (long) weekend!


here's to hoping you enjoy your long weekend, celebrating valentine's day and president's day all wrapped up together. 💝 what are you up to? anything fun? you will find me dancing around the house (it's been a while since broken leg), eating dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, and sleeping in. I hope that you have the best time too. 

and some fun finds from around the world wide web:

a beautiful bowl.

a beautiful pot.

and my ceramic love continues.

a pretty dress for spring.

how did i not know about this site before. 

thinking of making this, this weekend. holy cow this recipe looks delish too. 

wanting this outdoor fire pit for my back yard.

a very bold & beautiful necklace. 

this pendant.

i can't believe this is from home depot. 

just ordered this book. 

a perfect leather sofa.

vintage etsy love.

this wall piece.

valentine's day hair. 

already wishing for summer. this bathing suit line is gorgeous. & their velour line as a cover up. 

a pretty puffed sleeve top on sale. 

ooh this cinnamon incense.

i have a slight tea light candle obsession. loving this holder. 

i want to wear this shirt with these boots. 

in love with this suri vase. 


a STUNNING way to display her fall/winter 2021 line. i was mesmerized (plus want one of everything).