Friday, May 29, 2009

tord boontje bling.

most of you probably know how unusual and interesting tord boontje's lighting is...if you're behind the 8 ball on it, like i am sometimes, his website is an absolute must run to for ethereal eye candy. his lighting has always been one of my favorites.

born in the netherlands with a concentration in industrial design, boontje founded studio tord boontje in 1996. yeah for that. it seems he may be dabbling into other design areas as vera wang has done, in his creation of a whimsical new jewelry line, now available to the masses. again...yeah for that.

i love how on the these models, most of them are in easy to come by white t-shirts and the boontje bling shows up so nicely, layered in such a fun way that no matter how you move, you cannot help but catch some eyes. happy friday everyone...it's been a grey week here on cape cod, here's hoping for a sunny weekend! enjoy!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

let there be candles.

"em & em" is a two way ceramic candle holder for 2 different candle diameters. available in white, black and red glossy ceramic. via.
"cool & fresh". designer patrik pettersson "accidently" created this candle holder while working on a table design...art by accident? via.
"magmastone". "when developing magma stone, the designer pernille vea gathered inspiration from the glowing interior of the earth." via.

"bon jour quattro" candelabra. via.

"new york" candle holder made of anodized aluminium. via.
"windbreak" made of white methacrylate. via.
beautifully simple white porcelan balls allow the candle light to peak through. via.

"candles that resemble sinuous sculptures, enclosed by a neat metal frame." via.
ok, so most of you know about my pillow problem, i always have too many and am always obsessed with seeking out new ones, unique shapes, patterns etc. i also have a bit of a candle problem. i really don't have alot of candle holders, but i do need them burning every night. their light comforts me, makes me feel at home and since we currently don't have a fireplace or a wood stove, it's my fire of sorts. whether it's primeval or very cave woman of me, i'm not sure, but i really sort of panic when i run out of candles. which i was last night, out of them that is.

so i thought i'd go in search of some unique sources for housing those delights that are candles and fire. i certainly found some intriguing ideas for placing your candles and holders in your favorite spaces. are you a candle person? tealights or votives? candelabras or small glass globes for your candles? well, i'll be sure to light a candle for you all tonight send out great warm vibes of how they make me feel. enjoy!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

installations antiques.

how unusual is this leather headboard constructed from a gym mat from the czech republic, circa 1930's-1940's? that element of texture, perhaps have it monogrammed? so interesting and a fabulous conversation piece.

this swiss army ammunition box circa 1950's would make an interesting addition not only for it's unique shape and design but the element of texture it would bring to any environment. perhaps full of fresh clean towels in the bathroom? or kids toys in a bedroom? filled with cut wood on a front porch? so many possibilities.

i adored this cute little industrial cart from the american colson corporation, circa 1970's. what could you store or stack on this cart, china? books? cookbooks in your kitchen? both? love the color for that punch of bright.

american barstools, 1960's, new upholstery in vintage grain sack fabric. these would work well in a rustic kitchen for sure.

how about one or two of these vintage, worn chairs for your kitchen table, or perhaps your screened in front porch? german, circa 1910.

this i found exceptional, a "breakfront" cabinet, german, from the 1890's.

bright yellow bench, from hungary, circa 1900.

sofa/parlour couch, american victorian period circa 1900 with new fabric.

i was drawn to installations antiques through a visit to remodelista's great blog. since its inception in 1995, installations antiques is housed in a 100+ year old warehouse in the historic heights district of houston, texas.

"owners becki and jur van der oord have drawn
on a lifetime of experience collecting, refurbishing
and styling to create this unusual space where antique and modern furniture mingle seamlessly
with highly stylized installations and imaginative industrial creations from their custom workshop.

with an exceptional collaboration of design and
style, installations antiques embodies a dynamic
and welcoming atmosphere where ever-changing environments provide a stimulating backdrop to
the comfortable showroom, making each visit a
unique experience."

keep popping by installations antiques to see what they get their hands on next...like that brightly painted worn bench seat for your entryway, or the entryway to your commercial space? a vintage storage cabinet, or an eclectic chair or two to add to your dining area, or kitchen table because you just don't want all of your chairs to match. i love that. enjoy!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

keyman design.

i stumbled gladly upon keyman's eclectic, quirky, funny and fun designs on see, hear say's beautiful blog... and they frankly just make me smile. simple, whimsical and flirty fun. ceren keyman, a native of turkey and educated both there and in france is first a violinist and is now creating her own line of jewelry. ceren designs stage decor and furniture as well, there is also a clothing line coming soon to her website.

sometimes when jewelry stands out, it's because it's so very simply designed. i just love these. hoping your tuesday is sunny like it is here and that your long weekend was as enjoyable as mine. i'll post a picture or two soon of my weekend fun! my dad ran me ragged, played the guitar, ate fabulous food with me and cried when he left, so did i. :)

Friday, May 22, 2009

the weekend.

where are you this weekend?

will you be catching up on zzzz's or heading off to work?

will you be...

will you pack one of these?

maybe you'll finally get to take one of these?

will you be here?

will you be there?

catching up on this?

will you be catching up on that book you've been meaning to start...or finish?

will you be here?

will you be baking for family & friends this weekend?

wherever you are this weekend...enjoy yourself.

i'll be with my dad!

all images via.
hey everyone, i wondered what you were all up to on this long holiday weekend? my dad is flying up from tennessee to hang out for the weekend! i haven't seen him in 2 years so i'm more than excited. tonight we'll eat at a favorite italian restaurant here on the cape since it can be difficult finding really fabulous italian food in the area he lives. we'll all listen to him play the guitar...then we'll bop around the cape this weekend, shopping, having lunch and catching up which is much needed. looks to be pretty good weather as well so that's an added bonus for us :) enjoy your weekend whatever and wherever you happened to be and do! see ya back here on monday mornin'.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

you want color? you got it.

come on in!

"this art-deco house has been renovated by a ghent-based architect, who designed it for his family, to live in. he revived the historical art-deco elements with bright colours and contemporary furniture. we choose amongst the archives of some of the best photographers and journalists for features with a contemporary look and an interesting story. in our selection we aim for top quality photography of exclusive private homes or exceptional public buildings, accompanied by sharp interviews with some of the world’s leading architects."

so this site ranks up there as a definite idea jackpot. thanks to design age for this ultra inspiration! i'm not even kidding, "office for word and image...owi", features incredible design transformations that will have you dreaming the day away with ideas. it will get you motivated, make you want to grab any number of paint brushes and begin to interpret your commercial or residential spaces in a new light. enjoy these images but be sure to check their site out...this is only one residence out of many :) (p.s...i think my final went well, here's keeping my fingers crossed! x)