Tuesday, December 22, 2020

have a dreamy holiday week!



hi, popping on this week to wish you a happy, dreamy holiday week. we are turning the corner soon, can you feel it?! and i woke up the other day and my foot was no longer swollen, leg is healing, days are slowly starting to get longer and there is a vaccine. so many amazing things to look forward to. i hope you are feeling positive and hopeful. enjoy the heck out of your holidays!

and some fun finds from around the world wide web:

need some visual calm? it's here.

french girl lip tint.

i'll never not love clogs.

love a good classic pair of levis. i still remember getting my first pair. they were corduroys!

always keeping tabs on what they get in. especially for the paintings.

dress love. ooh this is gorgeous too!

a cozy throw.

lots of yummy christmas cookie ideas. and i want to make this for christmas morning.

the perfect red.

personalize a candle. or neon for a fun party.

these vases.

fun for a party.

a wow bathroom. 

a jazzy blouse.

a very festive over the table look.

and her toilet paper holiday diy is perfection.

really like these over the knee boots (and with that good winter sole).

i need this ornament.

yes. especially after this year!


Sunday, December 13, 2020

sunday & headphones

swirling around the house this sunday to joh bryant and headphones. well in my wheelchair i am. enjoy!

Saturday, December 12, 2020

have a lovely weekend!


i hope you are getting into the holiday spirit this weekend. i feel like i finally am. turning off the t.v. more, listening to music on my new blue tooth speaker (early xmas present. oh and the sound is GORGEOUS by the way) and taking short drives at night around our new neighborhood to see how everyone has decorated their houses. sometimes it's that simple. 

and some fun favorites from around the world wide web:

love everything about each space. 

love this!

a fun diy, for little ones indoors.

my son is a tea lover. for christmas i just ordered this beautiful vintage strainer. 

how gorgeous are these knit blankets? liking this blanket too.

so many great bodysuits to choose from lately. i just bought this one.

this just makes me smile.

loving this necklace too. all of her pieces really!

a pretty do it yourself for the holidays.

just ordered her book. how fun.

this vase and that deep gorgeous color!

just ordered these reading glasses. will let you know how i like them. 


Friday, December 4, 2020

have a relaxing weekend!


hey, have a relaxing weekend! i'm getting a liiiiiiiiiiiiiitle bit ancy with the broken leg, but hoping that december brings me good news from the doctor and my christmas present is walking again. strange, but i'll take it! i hope that you are all embracing the last month of an unusual year. could it be that we are all looking forward to a new year like never before? i'd take that bet. 

and some fun finds from around the world wide web:

a wow sequin dress.

want one of each of these blankets.

wishing for these totem candles.

really into the painterly feel of this wallpaper.

i really just like this. would make an unusual gift too. 

can we talk about how beautifully wrapped these presents are?

this place would make for a unique weekend getaway! i'll also take their veggie tacos.

windy peak vintage. a sweet small business to support. i really like this and these.

another favorite small business. want one of everything.

we will one day renovate our upstairs bathroom. this is perfection inspiration

loving this reversible fur/bomber jacket. 

this bowl has that icy look for the holidays.

just a lovely space. ok, this one too.

in design, for the love of arches.

mad for this ruby velvet jacket.

just bought this for the color.

etsy love.


rug love.

i'd love to start doing this.


liking this vuelta lamp alot. this honeymoon sconce is pretty cool too.

the open/closed concept of this "sky" storage piece is beautiful. loving the super clean lines.

this one's stunning too.

a funky pink marble coffee table. 


Saturday, November 21, 2020

have a cozy weekend!


i hope you all have a cozy weekend. what are you up to? anything fun? me and my broken leg are hold up for a bit, sadly. so i'll talk about what i'm missing right about now, beach walks, sitting outside under a blanket watching the planes, riding my bike just anywhere, and walking into my favorite pizza place. but alas this is temporary, as i hope this virus is and all of us being so detached. let's think positive thoughts this weekend, find fun and comfort in all of the small things. 

and some fun finds from around the world wide web:

how to make your two person thanksgiving feel special.

wanting this print for my living room.

a delish way to use up ripe bananas.

an interesting wall pendant light.

just bought these. just wanted them!

how beautiful is this marble wave bowl?

a lovely rattan table lamp.

a pretty little cookbook.

when you want a different rug.

this velvet puffer coat is on my wish list.

this planter in the color salt.

these velvet trays.

a holiday cheese board to die for.

this textural planter

a gorgeous bucket bag.

a serious puzzle challenge. this one too.

just bought these for christmas, how fun!

remember sweater vests? really loving this one.

add a pretty glow through the winter months.

looking for something jazzy to wear for the holidays? she has a great list.

these earrings.

everything biscuits? yes please.

this little book is just sort of fun.

a wow home.



Friday, November 13, 2020

have a beautiful weekend


are you feeling it? me too. that collective breath we all took recently. that's all i'll say about that. but what i will say on a personal level is that this week i sort of floated along, buoyant and quiet. feeling for the first time this year that things are going to be ok. i hope that you have a beautiful weekend, filled with positive thoughts and energy. 

and some fun finds from around the world wide web:

just ordered this faux leather dress. how fun right? i'd wear it with these earrings

a pretty wave bowl

this dreamy white blouse.

i made these for friends that came to dinner recently. so easy & delish (i added extra parm of course).

a yummy cake for thanksgiving (or for whenever!).


Sunday, November 8, 2020

sunday & ceramics

today feels serene and soothing. so do these beautiful ceramics by california artist julie cloutier...


Saturday, November 7, 2020

currently coveting

currently coveting these beauties. taking my mind off all of the obvious things right now!

this tile by erica tanov.

this tilden dress for new year's eve. this is pretty too!

my next read. plus really want this cookbook.

these woven lights from caravane.

this perfect pie crust mold. speaking of pie!

melanie georgacopoulos's jewelry line.

loving his confinement strategies. remember to be good to yourself!

the dream coat (without *cough, the price). enjoy!

Saturday, October 24, 2020

new bruce springsteen: letter to you. perfection really.

he just gets better and better. i will be listening to this album all weekend long. on repeat. 

Saturday, October 17, 2020

hi how are you? have a happy weekend!


i haven't posted in a while. there has been working remotely, and then working back in person, there has been a writing project that i'm getting nibbles on, there have been 3 hour walks on the beach, there has been research, there has been reading and a new boating commute, there's been painting purchases and painting with my fingers, there have been long nights looking at the stars, there have been dinners outdoors.

in between all of that, and like most of you, i'm fighting off a week of the blah's, paying attention to what it takes to make me feel less anxious, or happy or content. and then eating it or doing it or committing to it. how are you doing? i hope you are all hanging in there and finding spaces and places that make you happy. 


Saturday, August 29, 2020

currently coveting akari light sculptures

i feel like i've gone through some months now not knowing exactly what is inspiring or moving me in some way, besides nature...

but thease akari light sculptures stopped me today and i'm finding them particularly interesting and a bit dreamy. what do you think? read more about the artistic process here in creating a modern take on the traditional japanese gifu lanterns. just loving these. enjoy!

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Happy Sunday!

i hope that you are all having a fantastic weekend. my son is staying with me this weekend. he always discusses new music, and shares with me new bands or ways that musicians are communicating their music or message. so i'm sharing this with you, which he shared with me today.

and during this crazy time, the power of isolation is worth remembering now and then.


Sunday, June 21, 2020

happy weekend, happy father's day!

have a lovely weekend!
(photo: my dad)

to all of you dads out there, have the best father's day!. what are you up to anything fun? i've been beaching it like mad lately, swimming all weekend, watching the boats float or jet by and sipping some ipa's under a life is good umbrella. not bad. not bad at all. hoping your weekend is everything you want it to be. and just some fun finds from around the world wide web...

just bought this rug for my dining room. and i LOVE it. all of that color makes me happy.

remember these? just purchased a pair in white. these slides are tempting too.

i'm in search of an outdoor table to plunk summer drinks on, as combination of these instead would be so fun.

also looking for an easy outdoor fire pit, finding some great options here.

also how fun is this marshmallow twig roaster?

maybe the prettiest office chair?

a beautiful wrap vest dress. really like this too.

her dress. just wow.

how fun is this jello mold dress?

a pretty summer linen headband. this frayed denim one is pretty too.

i'm looking for a light bag to bring my paints and small canvases to the beach. this mesh baggu would work.

these vellum photo overlays are the best!

this bathing suit, one piece perfection.

for the love of ceramics. that speckled paint palette? yes please!

more ceramics love here.

this chain necklace is wow.

creole summer corn.

a pretty summer jumpsuit (and on sale!).

a gorgeous neutral couch with built-ins.

what are you reading right now? my next book purchase. this looks like a good read too.


Sunday, May 24, 2020

hi, how are you doing?

hoping you are coping your way through this funky fog. at the very least the summer is popping wide open and hopefully lifting all of our spirits with the sun and fresh air and promises of falling asleep on sandy towels and swimming and and yeah...
have you gone through certain withdrawals since this virus started like i have? missing going out for a drink socially, people watching, combing through the amazing racks of used clothing at my local good will (and the one near my house is seriously great) for that hidden treasure find, popping into stores spontaneously, trying food from that restaurant that you were about to try for the first time, walking slowly through aisles of nail color looking for a new tone, sitting in my hair stylists chair and talking about whatever pops up that day and leaving feeling refreshed and amazing, all of those things. and then slowly the withdrawals wane and you begin taking pleasure in other things around you, inside and outside your isolation, because, well you have to, and then that becomes enough. this must be how the waves go if you were stranded on a deserted island. and maybe we sort of are right now. and maybe i'm a bit guilty (ok alot guilty) for taking all of those silly things for granted. i promise not to do it when we get back to it. pinky swear.

and some finds from around the world wide web. stay positive and think social drinking thoughts, it will all come.

would love to be quarantined here.

just put up this light over my dining room table. thinking this pendant for my kitchen window. or maybe this one?  ok, one more here. veerrrrry into the tiki woven look at my little beach house.

currently saving for this rug for my new living room, obsessed.

pretty front porch lighting.

bathroom dreams.


this colorful home makes me happy. those red floors! looooooooove them!

a pretty pendant.

pretty raffia wallcovering for a splash of color.

just bought these shoes.

these shorts, that color.

as we look to our vintage scarves and bandanas as masks, how about a bandana dresss, or a bandana top? very cool!

i just bought these dining chairs in the black finish with cary linen seats. can't wait!

love garance, and her podcast on sex and relationships during quarantine is a great listen, especially if you want to laugh (so many truths!, ha) :)

looking for memorial day sales, she's got you covered.


Saturday, May 2, 2020

have a relaxing weekend!

happy may! i hope you are hanging in there and having a relaxing weekend (or best you can!)...
what have you been up to with all of this time on your hands at home? i've been still taking a daily beach walk. looking for sea glass and bits of chips of old plates and tea cups (yes i find alot!) has been a much needed therapy session for me. i recently put in a seashell driveway (myself!) and have been throwing the bits of weathered colored glass into the driveway when i get home. slowly creating a kaleidoscope driveway which makes me insanely happy. hey, it's the little things right now right?!

i also just ordered a bunch of different canvas sizes and brand new tubes of paint. i have some old supplies too but want to prompt myself to get back to painting and right now, i have the luxury of an open ocean right down the street with ever changing weather to put onto canvas. i'll share a few when i'm done.

i hope that you too are finding ways to check it down, focus on the positive, tiny things that make you happy. they all add up :) and some fun finds from around the world wide web, if yer interested. take care!

love this.

i've been searching for dining room chairs. if you have too, here is a clever list of 30.

this image made me happy.

this makes me happy too (and hungry).

my next purse.

loving this mini tote for summer too.

we've got this. the entire website is the sweetest! i mean these bunnies!? :)

i just like her.

i might grab this beauty for under my new deck.

a pretty tumbler.

hey and since we are all having our drinks at home these days...this bamboo bar cart is to die for.

loving this outdoor rug.

i've been burning candles EVERY night lately. are you too? these are oh so pretty (and support small business).

love these, quarantine photographs by the day.

for a color pick-me-up.


Saturday, April 18, 2020

have a happy weekend!

how are you? i'm on my second batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies in 2 weeks...
but the first batch i brought to my new neighbors to hopefully cheer them up during these strange days. the second batch is to cheer me up! hey it's the little things right? our comfort things.

in between making cookies, i've been getting outside waaaaaaaaaay more than i ever could (don't worry, i'm walking the beach right down the street from me, it's private and almost no on around), feeding the birds leftover bread, i created a seashell driveway and am digging up my new little lawn to put sod down. what are you doing to pass the time? i hope you are safe and sound.

and some fun finds from around the world wide web if you are interested...

very cool white loafers.

an amazing before and after.

summer earring love. (if i could afford them, ha!)

a dreamy way to add to a headboard.

been living for his live instagram tv cocktail sessions.

during my stay at home time, i get outside for fresh air every day. dreaming of breezy patio days via this post.

could you cut all of your hair off? she looks beautiful!

reeeeeeeeeally enjoying these original artworks. oh, and the tiles too!

dreaming of one of her large deer bed photographs for above my sofa in the new house.

a dreamy dress.

the coolest outdoor fire place.

so much to love at the general store. especially this ripple pillow. & these clogs.

this would make a simple textural wall treatment.

if you miss simply walking around together, watch these.

beautiful ceramics.

in LOVE with these tent lights.

this beaded bow barette
is everything.

i need this lounge/jogger set.

these shams for a beachy bed look this summer. these are kind of pretty too.

lace love.

just bought this denim dress (it's on sale!).

and finally, the best instagram site ever!


Sunday, March 22, 2020

hi, how are you?

just checking in to see how you are?
this quiet time we are all in is something that we have all probably never experienced in our lifetime. i feel like everything around me is on hold, when will i see my son next, when i can have new neighbors over for dinner, when will i get my hair cut again? some things (like trips to the hair salon) seem selfish but they were all of our little pleasures, our small luxuries during busy work months and long winter weekends. treats.

i started a large embroidery project a month ago that has sat since i moved into my new house. i'm in the middle of a large writing project that has gone untouched. i have not hung one thing on the walls of my new house. my basement is still in boxes. i think we are all in disbelief in some way that we have been forced to pause. it took me some time to understand that i HAD to. and so i literally did. i strangely put everything on pause to adjust. i've been taking long beach walks, turning off the t.v. and being quiet, listening to jazz music on repeat.

on my walks i see other people, alot of other people, though from a distance. everyone is trying to get outside, breathe in cool clean air. i see families, many more families than i ever have, walking together, staying close to each other, talking, protecting each other. when i catch certain people's eyes, we are all saying the same thing in one smile, hi, how are you? take care.

i'm getting ready to open some boxes now, to pick up my writing, to get my head back in some sort of regular routine, adjusting to this strange new existence that we are all in. how are you? if anyone would like to chat, let me know! find me on instagram and dm me to say hi. i hope you are well and finding activities that make you feel content and happy.

and some fun finds from around the world wide web if you are interested!

tote perfection.


converse perfection.

because we are all for a while, bought this spring in france jigsaw puzzle.

also just bought this gorgeous wall sculpture. made me happy :)

it's still cold in new england, this looks cozy!

plush furniture is everywhere these days. how gorgeous are these chairs?

this plush line is to die for too. that couch!

i'm feeling the itch to bring more color into my spaces, step away from so many neutrals. this rug would do the trick.

loving the color & line in this lacquered pair as well.

we are all cooking at home more these days, so this line up of winter soups is on my recipe radar.

feeling crafty? this site has some fun craft/dyi ideas, like these origami easter bunnies.

i want a pile of these for summer.

concerts here, (my favorite venue) are on hold, but their pop-up virtual concerts are a treat for now!


Tuesday, March 3, 2020

hello! i bought a house!

hi! :)
alot has happened in my world. i bought a house near the wild open ocean (not the house above but how gorgeous is that wall?!). bought this car (dream), started buying grown up furniture (just bought this leather chair and am in love) and have generally been seen walking the beach every chance i get, staying in waaaaaay more and listening to the quiet. pure love.

i hope that you are having an amazing start to your week! and some fun finds from around the world wide web for ya:

color palette heaven.

how GOOD is this new music? dancing around the house to it on repeat.

pretty to put on for a night out.

while wearing this.

just bought this rancher hat. feel like i'll wear it everywhere.

eyeballing this pendant light for my dining room. very beachy. this one is lovely too.

serious rug love.

wishing for these dining chairs.

this one
in simply wood is gorgeous as well.
this tall vase.

a perfect accent chair

cashmere love.

interesting article on work-life balance vs. work-life harmony. the idea is rooted in music.

this cake stand takes the cake.

so fun.

oh, just a beautiful leather & wood chair.

enjoying the lines & angles in this chandelier.

a wow dining piece.