Saturday, July 20, 2019

have a fun weekend!

it's a hot hot weekend in new england. so i'm planning a few indoor activities. what are you up to? anything fun?
i'd like to see this exhibit, sounds interesting! i'm plugging along on my latest sewing project and i hope to get an ocean swim in after the day cools down a bit.i'm also getting super excited about my upcoming trip here. cannot wait to take in the culture, the food, the music, just all of it.

wherever you go, whatever you do, have a fun weekend! and some fun finds from around the world wide web...

loving this beach towel.

yum, i want to make these this weekend.

just wow.

this feathers rug is another wow.

ok, one more. 👅

for fall, veeeeery into this leather shirt jacket.

for the bedroom, i'm currently in love with this line of linen bedding. & the prettiest bamboo fan.

light love.

just bought this surf's up pillow.

tile love.

this tressed palm tree lamp is flirting with me.

i hope to have a front porch soon. if so, i'd line it with these, how gorgeous on summer nights?!

fresh from france.

pretty in marigold.

and when you just want to where white.

more white gorgeousness. see it on her here.

wishing for this bamboo plant stand.

this too in bamboo.

these sconces have my heart.

and of course with the anniversary of making it to the moon, why not celebrate with these chandeliers.

in love with everything in her shop.

super inspired by all that they design.


Thursday, July 4, 2019

happy 4th of july and happy week!

it's the 4th of july, what are you up to? anything fun?
i have had a BUSY couple of weeks and so today, looking forward to plunking in the sand on the beach and being still. in between beaching it, you'll find me finishing a little painting i started, and finishing this book (toward a research project of mine) i hope that whatever you do today and towards the weekend, you have a blast!

and if you're interested, some fun finds from around the world wide web...

just booked a week here. have you ever been? i can't wait. staying here. looking to hit many of her suggested spots.

trying to decide which one of these hats to take on my trip, really loving them all but this one in particular.

just bought this little black dress. (secretly wishing for this one too!)

oh, and snapped up these shorts too.

how pretty is this wrap dress?

a genius do it yourself outdoor pool idea on a budget!

loving all of the pattern and texture in these spaces (that tub!).

in love with this rose suspension globe.

this rattan hanging planter.

it's apple pie season. this deep dish recipe looks mouth watering!

loving these jeans for summer.

a suede woven bed? yes please.

this jellyfish lamp, wow lighting.

more wow lighting.

drawn to the texture and shape (the stillness really) of this cement coffee table.

just a pretty gold ring.

over the MOON for this natural bent hand-made chair. but *cough the price...

a sweet embroidered smock dress.

i just left a job that i was very good at. i enjoyed this article as i challenge myself in a new role.

looking for sales this july 4th? she has some goodies.