Saturday, January 25, 2020

have a cozy weekend.

do you feel reflective in january? i'm taking these weekends to soak up some thoughts about the future, of my health, my wishes, my dreams and how good do i want to be...
i recently heard travis roy speak at harvard, and his talk lingered with me, and i didn't expect it. one sentence stood out as he looked over the audience from his now wheel chair bound body. he asked everyone to ask themselves "how good do you want to be?" sounds so simple right? but really, that one statement, for me anyway, was chock full of a multitude of questions to ask my inner self. how good do you want to be to yourself, to others, to your body, your mind, your career, as a mom, as a friend, as a human being. more to write on this topic soon, but passing along for food for thought if you are like me and finding yourself reflective this january.

hoping you also find yourself in cozy spaces this weekend. and some fun finds from around the world wide web:

and it's the lunar new year, what zodiac animal are you? i was born in the year of the horse.

entry way envy.


a pretty water bottle.

a pretty shelf.

just bought this coat, cause who can resist teddy material. here's another inexpensive option.

this baby knit one piece is precious.


also fun!

strangely fascinating.

a pretty tray.

loving this do-it-yourself project for the kitchen.

one for the romantics.

really like this basket weave tote. the cross body is pretty too.

i'm looking to replace most lighting fixtures in my new house. i find this company's prices very reasonable for what i'm looking for.


Sunday, January 12, 2020

sunday & chadwick stokes

dancing around the house this sunday morning to chadwick stokes and let me down easy...

come dance with me! & enjoy!

Saturday, January 11, 2020

happy new year!

happy new year friends! are you feeling like me? like january is sort of the quiet recovery time from the holidays?
i've found myself enjoying very long quiet moments, a bit of meditating and enjoying the slower pace that comes january in winter time in new england. oh, and i close on a house at the end of this month. huge step for me as i've never owned a home but cannot wait. and cannot wait to make it my own. plan to do serious before and afters to share.

just checking in to say hello and hope you are all embracing the new year as much as i am. and some fun favorites from around the world wide web lately...


pizza yum.

just a pretty water bottle.

for the dogs.

pretty wedding day hair style.

this for the end of the bed?

just bought this sound machine for sleeping. do you use one? so far i'm liking it! (the rain) :)

this spanish chair is everything. ok this one too.

a wow fireplace mantle.

considering walls in my new house, i'd love to go bold and old fashioned with wallpaper in at least one space. this kind of vibe.

i also want to eat in more, cook from scratch in the new house. soups! this one looks delish!

i seriously need these pants.

just like this.

such a pretty party dress.

and love love LOVE this one for everyday.