Thursday, March 31, 2011

starck. philippe that is.

here and there, page by page, online site by online site, my head turns, i'm doing double takes at philippe starck's unique, fresh, dramatic pieces. here are some of my recent favorites, come look with me...

these are one of my new favorite chairs for outdoor options. designed by philippe starck for dedon, this "play" chair can be taken anywhere. lightweight, with tons of material and color palette options. i want a whole stack of them!

this philippe starck designed flos light for dedon, ah, big amazing. and i mean seriously big, have a look...

here's a view of the flos light displayed on an amazing roof top apartment patio.

the prive chair, designed by philippe starck for cassina is so super inviting and visually so super sexy. from upscale hotels or nightclubs to your very own club, your home! love.

i love this take on the cafe chair. either around a traditional kitchen island, giving it a modern touch or appeal to commercial seating just about anywhere, bars, pool areas, you name it, perfectly unique! offered by cerruti.

oh, and if you want to see even more philippe starck amazing~ness, head over to the newly designed, by philippe starck of course, eastwest recording studio in hollywood california. crazy amazing!

philippe starck has said "i like to open the door to people's brains." and as you can see, he is succeeding! so, for me, philippe starck is a whole lot of wow! a whole lot of unique, drama, spice, intrigue and just plain amazing. this too, he is also now designing clothing! don't even get me going...wow again.

it's almost friday friends! i hope your day is starting of great, if not, i'm hoping that a little philippe starck has given you a wow boost, a creative boost. enjoy!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

the colors of the sea.

this is the color palette, the palette i'm drawn to not only right now as thoughts of spring and summer take over from the fog of winter, but year round. i could surround myself with this color palette through every season, non~stop. maybe i was a mermaid in another life? hmmm...
using those pops of sea blue to accent, to highlight, to break up your spaces. just lovely. (via)

small additions such as this quietly placed chair to these wallpapers evoking waves of smoky bleu ocean water. (via)

super soft painted doors and window frames, in foamy sea greens. (via)
from artwork to fabric choices, it's easy to bring the colors of the sea inside. (via)

do it with pillows. (via)
ahhhhh! so this mid~week post will hopefully leave you craving a walk on the beach, or swimming soon (if you are in my area anyway) in the crisp ocean waters, to putting your feet up, grabbing a book and plunking down in your favorite beach chair for some rest and relaxation. cannot wait! enjoy...

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

chiseled by design.

i'm not sure if it might be defined as a trend just yet, but i'm certainly seeing much in the way of sculptural, scooped, cut, and a just plain chiseled dynamic popping up within the design world, from wall treatments to accessories, to furniture, you name it, math, geometry, technology~esque, graphic influences are there. here is a round~up of some favorites i've come across recently...

cut, sliced and chiseled "nook" stools offered from vial. ok, & bonus? they're durable for indoor or outdoor use! that is bonus!

artistically chiseled vase, offered by mossi. i love this in white and i'd love it perhaps even life size, oversized for hotel lobbys, boutiques, or set in a residential seating area to throw off the space, as art, as wonderful!

chunky chiseled, "convivial seating" designed by candido de barros, for galleryr pure. composed as if strands of branches, modular and pieced together as you'd like, perfect for high commercial traffic and waiting areas. airports? hotel lobbys? hmmmmm.

softly dimpled, chiseled "showtime" chair designed by jamie hayon for b.d. (barcelona design).

"zig zag" chiseled bookcase, designed by aziz sariyer for b~line. this would be an edgy addition to any more traditional space, residential or commercial. zig zag edgy.

a chiseled figure stool, more specificaly, a "cul is cool" stool offered by abr. doesn't everyone need one? ;)

softly chiseled "rock~d" ottomans and pouffs by abstracta. commercially, gather a group together for spontaneous meetings or coffee breaks? how fun!

dramatic "starbuck" floating chiseled pendant light designed by olafur eliasson.

super chiseled wall panels,in some super fun color palettes, offered by buzzispace.

chiseled stand alone lights, designed by olivier sottas. chiseled beautifully.

i guess what i'm saying is that i'm loving the textural element any or all of these chiseled pieces offer to a space, commercially or residentially. they rock the space. get it? sorry. but they do! they transform, dull & drab, to fab & fun. so why not, seek out something chiseled, something with dimples, lines, concave, textural. spice up your spaces why don't you, and any of these amazing companies can help. enjoy!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

one collection.

hooray for mondays! i know, i know, you're saying huh? but the good thing about mondays is that we all are back into the flow, the creative, productive, energetic flow. i wanted to boost your monday spirits today with a new~to~me find, one collection. this wonderful company considers their product, design solutions with an attitude. i love that! presenting nordic designers that will wow you with their creations. expertly designed product that is warm, inviting, enveloping you, boosting you with some of their cheery bright color palettes, and yes, we sense the attitude. thankfully!

i wouldn't know what to select first. something soft and pastel or something bold and bright? i suppose it depends on your space and your mood. another element i really enjoyed whilst perusing one collection's product line was their selection of commercial influences, from those amazing barstools i've featured today to partitions, privacy screens, counters and desks. one collection has something for your every need when considering placement and color palettes of both residential and commercial product. have a look yourself, here. enjoy!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

hello this sunday!

(via owi)

hi friends! just stopping in to say hello and that i'm hoping your weekend is plugging along and as relaxing as this wonderful sun~lit space. right now, the sun is on the back of my neck as i study french for a quiz tomorrow and sip delicious ice cold orange juice. yum. tell me about your sunday, i'd love to hear what you're up to! enjoy...

Friday, March 25, 2011

abandonment. what would you do?

have you ever visited kevin bauman's 100 abandoned detroit houses site? i have it saved on "my favorites" list on my laptop and feel the need to visit it every now and then. there is something about detroit for me. i've never even been there but for some reason, if i had the good fortune of being able to afford property, i'd buy in detroit. if you can see the pretty in things, the fabulous, the interesting, the amazing in the currently not so amazing, then detroit holds a plethora of spaces, from residential to commercial. this one particular house calls to me, and this is some of what i'd do...

i'd have to enter a henzel rug into one of the main spaces. for vibrancy, for spice, even paired with some vintage pieces you could not go wrong. eclectic, eclectic, eclectic.

to walk around inside, there must be so many interesting nooks, windows, small spaces to design. keeping spaces light and airy, but comfortable is the key. bringing back a comfortable ease to this house is important. via emma's design blog.
i'd mix textures, from furs to leathers to everything in between. mod to antique. and sometimes, all in one space. how fun? don't forget, this house needs a little fun. tiny smiles will form. via rue.
i'd have art walls, lots of art, eclectic, exotic, antique, photographs, sculptural, intriguing. this space via james leland day.
i would have to buy pieces of local artist's work as well. this abstract by adrian deva would do the trick to give this wonderfully tired space some new breaths of life. a spark for sure.

i love the graphically/mechanically engineered & inspired pendant lights from melbourne based artist, james hargraves. after all, we are striving to engineer a new beginning for this home, these spaces, so hargrave's lights offer that concept but keep the idea soft and subtle.

i'd also have to incorporate (or keep, as i imagine there may already be fabulous light fixtures left behind) a more glam, vintage~esque chandelier here and there as well, mixed in, from very small to perhaps one more grand. so that even with the lighting, we are guessing at each turn, questioning what style or mood might be next. keeping this house unexpected and interesting. via rue.
i'd definitely get daring and add a subtle (or maybe even bold) wallpaper to one or more of the rooms, even if in that room, only one wall is papered and the rest painted. to add interest. this paper from elitis is the beginning of a super soft approach.

so i still don't know what it is about detroit. but it seems to be a forgotten land of stunning homes, businesses, people, all in need of attention, an overall facelift, design~wise, economy~wise, cultural~wise, and i'm left to wonder why no one is noticing? hmmm, i suppose it's friday food for thought.

with that said, what would you do differently to this home? would you go with a flowing, comprehensive color palette such as creams or whites or would you mix it up in a different way than me? i'd love to hear your thoughts. also, if you have been to or live in detroit, i'd love to hear your thoughts as well. for now, happy friday, here's to imagination and here's to hopefull creativity! enjoy...