Monday, September 30, 2013

oliver fluck.

artist/photographer oliver fluck has quieted me this afternoon...
born in germany (and now based and working again in germany after time in the u.s.), oliver's work is ethereal in some respects, dreamy, quiet and a bit other worldly. just seriously cool photographs, check them out here. enjoy!

olive shoppe tights.

these are fun for a monday...
these curiously sheer tattoo tights are offered up by proef and via olive shoppe. made in japan...unexpected lines appear tattooed due to the matte sheerness of the tights. this look is bold and unique, edgy and super, super fun. i'm all over these tights! what about you? would you wear them? i'd love to hear. enjoy this start to your monday friends!

Friday, September 27, 2013

have a super weekend.

happy friday friends! i hope that you have a really great weekend!
i've been working alot, between, well, work, and graduate work. but in between all of that, i'm hoping to get a walk on the beach. one of my favorite beaches, when i walk it at low tide, reveals bits and pieces of broken china. as in plates, dishes, etc. beautiful little pieces of china. some have painted bits of scenes or flowers left on them, some have raised patterns, some are just plain, still with their smooth shiny glaze in tact.

i have fun collecting them, (right now i just have piles of them until i figure out what to actually do with them one day) i imagine or wonder where they came from, how they ended up in the sea. who threw them there? what stories they tell. i don't know why i pick them up, it just seems such a shame to leave them there. they're so beautiful...enjoy!

friday & slipping...

this friday morning, i'd so love to be slipping into these "dainty line diamond studs" and this "crosby cashmere sweater dress," each offered up by steven alan.
that my friends would make for stylish and decadently comfortable friday. enjoy!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

white, for fall.

i'm enjoying this space this afternoon, with its clean white color palette accompanied by lovely deep burgundy fall flowers, oh and a sweet little bar table...
i think that sometimes we get caught up in deeper darker tones for fall, comforting colors. but adding them softly into a white space like this, with the sun streaming in? equally as warming. just saying...enjoy!

loving la cividina.

la cividina underscores what it means to be made in italy, where design is intended to be perfect...
according to la cividina "design combines with form, materials with function, the heart with the mind." i love that!

i also love the incredible use of texture in much of la cividina's product line. smooth lines, swirling and layered lines, softly curvy and perfectly straight lines, perfect design as they say...enjoy!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

concrete and neon.

artist and sculptor esther ruiz is designing these curious concrete meets neon fixtures. for lots of reasons, these two textures, mediums, the fact that one medium seems so void of color and the other is completely saturated in it, is interesting and fascinating.
just an afternoon boost of color for ya! enjoy...

millelumen lights.

what i love about these lights by millelumen is the fact that they concentrate on simple shapes. the sphere, silhouettes, just plain simple geometry or nods to super organic shapes...
millelumen claims that they enjoy reducing "form to its essence, to the most basic geometry, the line, is the basic design principle of millelumen."

there are lots and lots of lighting design choices today, more than ever. and i love that, don't get me wrong. lighting, as i've often said, is one of my favorite elements in transforming spaces. but getting caught up in the unusual just to be unusual is where you have to be careful. whether designing for residential or commercial settings, sometimes keeping it downright simple is the way to go. enjoy!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

cardboard geometry.

i'm struck this afternoon by the super yet simple geometric wall treatments offered up by kristina dam. oh...and they're cardboard as well.
kristina suggests adding them to your walls as a single art object, or cluster them amongst other objects on your wall as a supplement or really fun addition. i just think they're great. and fun. and cardboard. enjoy!

frances may. for fall.

grandmother/granddaughter duo frances may has some fall lovelies that i'm after. have a look...
as much as i'm biting my bottom lip at the very though of summer waning away in front of me, fall fashions have me planning a closet change, pairing my long black fry boots with anything and everything.

frances may is one of those lines that you have to imagine the possibilities with. i am already envisioning edgy patterned tights with dresses like that a-line yolk dress in the first image. i love to pair unexpected styles/patterns/color palettes against opposing styles/patterns/color palettes. it's just plain fun. enjoy!

Monday, September 23, 2013

hitta hem. a blog shout out.

after staring like mad into the computer all day working on my thesis proposal, this was a refreshing break. getting lost in a new-to-me blog, hitta hem and chock full of images inside images pages...
just a blog shout out. just saying...enjoy!

gearing up for colder weather...

as i still dream of fireplaces (i've always wanted one. always!), i love this summer-toward-winter design element offered up by pennyweight goods...
created in nashville tennessee by clark heldman for pennyweight goods, this tennessee burled oak and cedar driftwood is both evocative of the left over summer feelings, memories & sensations you've stored away, but also begins to stimulate the senses to fall and winter coming along. lit candles are encouraged to drip and create their own landscape over time.

especially if you live in a city apartment where you are not in a position to actually light a fireplace, the addition of one of clark's candelabras will offer a little bit of that warm feeling you are looking for.

i hope you all had a super relaxing weekend! enjoy your monday!

Friday, September 20, 2013

happy friday!

happy friday friends! where are you going? what are you doing this weekend?

i'm getting excited lately about lots of things. i've booked a trip to tennessee next month. my father passed away last here, story here. so i've decided to head back to tennessee where he grew up and try to take in the area and appreciate it how he saw it, to understand why he loved it so much. i will be going through his treasures, and while that's not a happy time necessarily, i am excited to see his long time girlfriend and to have a different kind of experience there than last year. there will be picnics in the mountains planned, lots of wine drinking and talks around his koi pond.

i also have an interview with this teaching program this weekend. i'm excited to go through the process so far and see where it takes me. i've been in search of doing something meaningful with my degree and this is a certain start to that thought process.

plus we've been having killer summer weather in september! so.....i'm feeling lucky and excited lately. i hope you have lots to look forward to and lots to enjoy this weekend coming up!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

dana frankfort.

i'm inspired today by the color in dana frankfort's paintings...
dana incorporates widely brushed text, letters into her abstract and emotional landscapes. can you see the words "huh" or "either way"? when adding pieces of art into your residential or commercial spaces, of course you want to ask yourself, can i imagine this hanging on my wall or walls for a long time if not forever. if not, it's not for you. if it is an easy decision then go for it. and i say go large. at least sometimes. sometimes one wall, one large piece of art, hung in a very dramatic fashion is all you need.

i still dream of my wall of nothing but paintings of the ocean, in different mediums differing shapes and sizes, different frames even. all of nothing but the ocean. that will one day be a dramatic wall(scape). and i can't wait! enjoy...