Friday, August 31, 2012

a weekend of comfy spaces

happy friday friends! i hope you have a weekend full of comfy spaces like these...
tell me what you're up to this weekend! i'd love to hear...i'm working but in between, i'm going to take a few more dips in the ocean, drink some red wine and suck up some of the rest of this summer. enjoy!!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

supreme sitting areas.

these, my friends are supreme sitting areas. from the natural lighting to the man~made lighting, and everything in between. they are stockpiled into the rue magazine gallery, don't you just love rue?!
ok, so just saying. enjoy the rest of your afternoon! ;)

former. straight lines, rarely bent.

i'm lately loving this line of sideboards, storage units and coffee and side tables offered up by former. italian made, former's mantra tells of straight lines and a careful selection of materials, both essential, in former's opinion, to the shape of design.
i really like the modular, very modern (almost abstract at times) form of former's product line. the simple, straight lines provide for complex and interesting views. with the amazing selection of table choices out there, like these, you cannot help but combine super cool interior combinations. and whether your space be residential or commercial, you can certainly create a very wow environment. seriously, you can!

happy almost thursday friends. do you have plans already for your weekend ahead? i'd love to hear. it's labor day weekend after all. ;) enjoy!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

i like these lines today.

from these "sputnik stools," designed by ahmet sismanoglu to this fab work/art/design space, incorporating similar desk and chair legs and lines. like i said...i like these lines today.
i'm a little late posting today, been running around. i hope this mid~week wednesday finds you feeling energetic and accomplishing everything you have set out to do...i'm almost there! enjoy...

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

nemadji pottery. such essence of summer.

ok, i'm loving this line of pottery by nemadji on etsy, here. i started off this week realizing all that i've loved and am loving about summer, and these pots exude that for me. colors of the warm and cool ocean, patterns and tones, of the sun beating down on sandy beaches and tanned skin.
i originally spied these on miss moss's fab blog, here. i, like miss moss, could also certainly have bunches of these pots sprinkled around my home, they would warm my heart in the winter. i'd love that! enjoy...

it's the way he lights stuff.

warning: you are about to ogle lighting which pushes the boundaries of normal, the boundaries of boring and typical. stefan wieland designs lighting that moves. and it moves you too. considered is line, and how line and light combined interfere with space, how they occupy it, how they alter it and how they attract you to it, to all of that.
this is mood lighting my friends. wieland's lighting stirs you, it gets you excited, it soothes you and it stimulates that curiosity factor in your design mind. this lighting reminds you to design differently, to remember that there is soooooo much out there by way of not just lighting, but by way of interesting and amazing designers. enjoy!

Monday, August 27, 2012

a floating bed.

i'm not sure if i could actually convince myself that i need a floating bed, full time or in general. but you have to admit...this is pretty cool.
as this monday nears it's end, i hope your week has begun in a creative and inspiring way.

tomorrow i head to boston with my son. to conduct some back to college shopping at some of our favorite vintage/second hand stores. oh, and some new ones too ;) enjoy...

lazy summer color palette.

as the summer winds down, i'm dreaming of summer sunsets, in all of their glory, sinking into the warm ocean every night. this color palette reminds me to notice the sunsets, to pay attention to the end of this amazing summer season we are so lucky to have.
(1, 2)
how about you? how are you enjoying these last few weeks of summer? i'd love to hear. i hope that your monday is plugging along nicely, enjoy!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

the family love tree.

have any of you visited the family love tree on line store? wow. it's chock full of colorful goodness. from rattan peacock headboards (like in the image below, oh and they have it a variety of colors! bonus!), to the fabrics, pillows and pretty little side tables. i just kept deciding one thing in particular was my favorite, until i scrolled to the next thing...
i really love when i stumble into a fab new site like the family love tree. just when you think you've discovered every pillow or fabric out there, bam, another store like this pops up. yeah for that! enjoy your sunday friends...

Saturday, August 25, 2012

saturday sweet get~away.

yeah for the weekend! i hope you are beginning your weekend relaxed & in a great space. and if not, then you gotta get to one!
how sweet would this little get~away mobile be? for snoozing in the sun, or stretched out reading a book and listening to the water and the birds and smelling the trees and flowers all around you. aaaaaahhhhhh, i just took a deep breath. now you do it. ;) enjoy...

p.s. new music find on my likes & listens tab. good old war and amazing eyes. i'm addicted.  via anne at the city sage.

Friday, August 24, 2012

worley's lighting. etsy afternoon finds.

i stumbled upon shelli worley's lighting and etsy site via design sponge, who featured her work this summer, here. and i seem to be on a upcycled and vintage kick today between both posts, so let's just go with it...!
i really love worley's cross between industrial & vintage with a bit of rustic thrown in for even more character. i could imagine any of worley's lighting, just about anywhere in my home.

have a great rest of this friday friends and i'll see you around the blogosphere this weekend, to say hi, to ogle your beautiful blogs and to become even more inspired doing it. enjoy ;)

the apartment.

happy friday friends! i wanted to share with you a fab new find, the apartment, "a new universe of design objects, furniture, antiques & art." the founders of the apartment hold a close relationship with well known auction houses such as sotheby's and christies. that means that their finds are compelling and unparalleled...and just plain beautiful. if you are in the market for gently used pieces, unique and hard to find pieces, the apartment has that. here a just a few of my recent favorites...
and see, this is what i love about designing spaces, whether they be residential or commercial. i think it's beyond important to incorporate a mix of old and new, pairing those that have weathered nicely with those brand new, awaiting experiences and events.

if you constantly pull from new pieces, whether it be art, furniture or lighting, it doesn't matter, you miss out on talented designers and artists from the past. styles, techniques and traditions from the past. old and new compliment each other (bigtime!) and make for much more interesting spaces than a stale compilation of one time period. i love that!

i hope you have interesting, exciting and amazing plans for your upcoming weekend. my son is heading back to college soon, so i'm running around a little picking up last minute things/food/clothing he needs. which is so fun for me. enjoy!